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I'll re-post it here. This are the few house rules that we applied to RtL. We find them very balanced (we're running our 2nd and 3rd campaign simultaneously now). (this post was originally a reply to another thread).

-> I don't like to win by plot or Tamalir, I like those things just as a "hurry up" effect on heroes. I like the idea of a final epic battle between the heroes and the Avatar. Problem is that by gold the heroes are too strong and the Avatar can kill them just a few times in his keep to boost up his wounds. That's why I applied these house rules:

1) SoB adaptations: Tamalir can't be razed before 4 other cities have been razed.
2) The total XP is converted to wounds for the final battle. HERE is where I apply the first house rule: I mix both systems (RtL and SoB). The heroes get 1W/2XP (just like in RtL). Because in SoB there's divine favor. I like the idea of giving the heroes and the OL a lot of HP for the final battle. So, if the divine rule works, you would get to the Avatar's Keep let's say Heroes 300 vs OL 300, right? (plus avatar's keep XP)... Just to make an example, I know that sometimes it's a lot more.

So that makes 300 total wounds for the heroes (75 each) and 600 extra wounds for the Avatar.

I really DON'T like the Divine Favour, 'cause it doesn't prevent the slaughter (copper-heroes, gol-monsters), it just lowers the "prize" for it. So I do this instead.

The BALANCE level is a 1:2 ratio (e.g. Heroes 200 vs OL 400), so in the end it is 400 wounds for the heroes and 800 for the OL (still the double)...

How do I reach this "balance"? I've seen that what really hurts the game balance (or one of the main things) is the amount of dice that you throw. Logical, isn't it? more dice = more damage = less actions = more XP.

So, I limit the OL Monster Upgrades by the number of treasures the heroes have (barring cachés and others, so just weapons/shields and armor).

Copper: no upg 'till the 4th treasure is drawn/bought.
Silver: 2nd silver upg is possibly when the heroes get theire 2nd silver treasure, 3rd - 3rd and then when the heroes get their 4th treasure, then the OL is allowed to upg one category to Gold.
Gold: Same as silver but with gold/diamond upgrades.

THEN comes in our own "Divine Favor": if the OL has double the amount of XP than the heroes, until a max, of 25 more than that, then it is "balanced". For each 25XP that the OL has over that amount, he gets one less upgrade.
Likely, when the OL has less than double the amount of XP than the heroes, until 25 less, he gets one more available upg. For every 25 he's down that number, he gets one more available upg. This applies to Gold level too (so potentially the OL could get 3 diamond categories, but that means that the game was too unbalanced against him anyway).

Example: Heroes-115 / OL-248 is balanced (double + 18). H-87/OL-161 is unbalanced in favor of the heros (OL has 13 less than double). H-110/OL-273 is unbalanced "twice" in favor of the OL (OL has 53 XP more than double).

We find this quite a good method, because it doesn't only gives you a smaller prize when you slaughter, but it actually limits the "walk in the park" or "we're down in hell" effect.

We don't see it as a competition, so it doesn't matter to us if "that's an easy way to help bad players", because we like to learn the game together and have some fun. And actually, we're quite good at it. We're almost always at 1:2, sometimes it goes slightly off the OL part, but I think that's ok =)

That actually limits another devastating event: the crushing blow. If the OL wants to use it? Ok, but next time he'll be limited as how he can upg his monsters. Yes, he can still play it in crucial times, when he has already upgraded all the categories, etc, but this situation is more likely to happen in gold level, and as far as I've seen/heard...that's a good thing =). He's limited anyway to 1 CB/deck.

We find it a very simple rule and the OL doesn't have to play limiting himself. The rule already provides a limit =). So he still has to play as good as he can...>

Opinions accepted here
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