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Lately our group has been playing only BSG. This was a six player session with a cylon leader, mostly because I like to play with CL. All players were familiar with both Galactica and Pegasus and I had done set up beforehand. Unfortunately one of the players was caught up with important matters and we were able to start about 30 minutes later than planned. Luckily my little sisters Buzz Robojam turned out to be a great success and none of us got bored while waiting. Then we set off.

Meet the crew
Our six player crew had quite a balanced combination with some predictabilities:
(Admiral) CainPlayed by Pekka who had never played military leader earlier
BoomerPlayed by Janne whose character selection became humans downfall
BaltarPlayed by Topi who picked our every-session-must-have character, I have became a bit bored to him and his Cylon detector but in this session his OPG was really worth it
CavilPlayed by me (Aleksi), although he is more like aggressive leader I had tried both Leoben and Caprica Six earlier so it was time to finish my CL test run.
Apollo - Played by Otso, who has as many BSG games under his belt as I because we have always played together.
DeePlayed by Eero who had great advantage from the turn order even while being the last player.

Loyalties and agenda were dealt out and I got “convert the infidels”. I had it earlier with Leoben and reduced resources far too much so I decided to be more careful with the resources and focus on spreading discord and confusion among everyone in order to reach my goal.

The game started pretty straightforwardly and there were no big surprises. Apollo and Boomer focused on the raiders and rest of the people supported them with whatever they got. I used human fleet to scout and build up my hand. First big decision was made when Cain took over the presidency. This wasn’t a big deal because after that there came few attacks in a row and Cain used Blind Jump to save humanity.

Then Apollo suddenly drew a crisis that, if failed, would let him to peek either President’s or Admiral’s loyalty card. It was good idea to be sure so almost no one contributed to check although surprisingly Cain wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to fail on purpose. I told Apollo that he should check president Cain but he didn’t trust me (that’s the difficulty being a Cylon Leader) and checked Admiral Cain instead. After seeing the card Apollo went dramatical and said: “It was good idea to check out, because we have a Cylon President-Admiral.”

It was Dee’s turn and without hesitation Airlock was triggered. We discussed for a while whether it was Cain or Apollo who should be given a one-way-ticket for a space travel. Dee decided it was Cain because the turn order allowed executing Apollo before his next turn if he was lying. Check passed and Cain really was a Cylon. After the standard execution procedure Apollo became Admiral, Baltar got his presidency back and I became frustrated because of my drawback. After that Cain focused on drawing Super Crises and humanity reached Sleeper phase with Mining Asteroid and 5 distance.

We had started at 2.45 pm and clock was about 5.30 pm so we decided to have something to eat. At 6.00 pm we were back around the table and started the sleeper phase.

I reminded Cain how dealing new loyalty cards should work and everyone looked at their cards. Then Boomer went to the Brig and Cain asked “what should I do with this loyalty card?” Dee told not to be so careless with the card because it ruins the point of dealing the card. I explained again and Cain gave the card to Baltar.

After my turn Apollo XOed Baltar to use his OPG. We had long discussion (again) who should be targeted and finally thought it should be Boomer because her abilities were so powerful when used pro-cylon. Baltar looked cards through and told Boomer was a Cylon. Boomer kept quiet. Then Dee activated Airlock again and targeted Boomer. Cain threw in a card, Boomer didn’t because “that would waste cards from humans”. Baltar thought really long about his contribution. At that point I told him that if he was a human, he should be executing Boomer so if he didn’t contribute, he would certainly be a cylon. Finally he put in few cards. I contributed “something” just to make people more confused about my agenda. Apollo again thought really long and finally threw in one card. Dee emptied almost her whole hand and Boomer was executed.

Then we did “Cylon or not” poll around the table before turning loyalties around. Both cards were human and roles turned around instantly. Janne returned as Zarek and then Cain played Bomb on Colonial One that failed. So a Cylon president without administration, isn’t that great? Fortunately Zarek was at least able to jail Baltar. I was able to convince Baltar to stick with the fleet although it could have been better for humanity to just get him reveal. Because resources were clearly going to hit my targets, I moved from human fleet to Caprica in order to find crises with jump icons and help humans to survive ongoing heavy cylon attack.

Then Dee executed Baltar and I kissed my 8-card-hand a sweet goodbye. Cain played Footage transmitted and Baltar, Cain and I got some treachery and one SC. Finally fleet hit 8 distance but fuel was at 1 and Baltar happened to have Massive Assault. I thought of using Aggressive tactics to draw three crises in a row to get some jump stars but both resources and skill cards were so low that it wasn’t an option. Instead Cain finished game with Inbound Nukes.

Final thoughts

After the game Pekka told that he got the second “you are a cylon” –card. His bluff was just so great that everyone thought Baltar was still human. Even though there were many clear signs that Boomer was actually human and Baltar was the cylon (most important being Baltar’s long consideration of contributing Boomer’s execution), no one noticed them before it was too late. Even though execution has some advantages I am not sure if it takes too many cards to just execute everyone who seems like a cylon. Of course Boomer can kill you even from the Brig so Airlock is certainly useful in right situation. I just think our group might be overusing it.

Fun fact is that only character ability I used was my drawback. I still liked Cavil a lot because his movement power is OPG so you don’t get frustrated missing a chance to use it as frequently. I think playing the cylon leader is interesting because you don’t play straightforwardly for one side but try to manipulate and alter the flow of the game. I can see why people have complained about the agendas but I think all of them are possible to reach even though some are really hard.

The game finished at 8.30 pm making it our longest session of Galactica ever. It seems that for our group playing Galactica is more like a social experience than a game. In addition to long in-game discussions we had long off-topics that, even though took some time, were really nice. In this session, our main star was Jacques Clouseau from original Pink Panther movies and especially his accent.
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