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Asher Thee Gravedigger
British Columbia
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(Playing Search for the Truth with 1 zombie and 4 human players.)

Sam and Mr Goddard gathered at the Well. They discover a chest at the bottom of the well. Sam, with a pair of old RUSTY KEYS, unlocks the chest and discovers a pair of CHAINSAWS. Mr. Goddard prepared for the worst.

(Because of the lack of the DINER and HIGH SCHOOL, Sam and Goddard spawn at the well, by default according to the Scenario Card. Sam gets a card from the HERO DECK and draws the RUSTY KEYS. Sam applies the rusty keys and draws two cards from the HERO DECK, drawing two CHAINSAW cards. Goddard draws a HERO EVENT card.)

Victor and the Sheriff prepared for the worst in the POLICE STATION. Because of Victor's complaints, Sheriff Anderson frees him from the jail cell and glances out the bars towards the GRAVEYARD.

(Victor and Sheriff start in the POLICE STATION by default. Victor starts near the door while Sheriff Anderson starts inside the jail cell.)

Sheriff spotted two unusual zombies coming from the graveyard. They appear to be unarmed. As they approached, the stench of death weakened him.

(Four initial zombies have GRAVE WEAPON. In total there are 9 zombies. 3 zombies at the GRAVEYARD, one with STENCH OF DEATH and another with BLOOD SPRAY. 2 at the JUNKYARD, one with PITCHFORK and another with BARBED WIRE. 2 nearby the FACTORY, and 2 at the BARN. )

Victor discovers a SHOTGUN in the sheriff's office. Reluctantly, Sheriff Anderson agrees to let him keep it.

(Victor draws from the HERO DECK by searching and miraculously discovers a SHOTGUN card.)

The Sheriff successfully barricades the back wall of the police station at the jail cell. He takes a moment to recognize that whatever is coming from the graveyard isn't alive. Following his own instincts, he shoots at one of the zombies. The zombie promptly explodes in a gory explosion of blood and guts.

(The Sheriff rolls to barricade and succeeds. He then rolls to shoot and also succeeds, targeting the zombie with BLOOD SPRAY attached.)

Meanwhile, Sam and Mr. Goddard hear the gunshots and make a run for the LIBRARY.

(Player's turn - Sam and Goddard head for the LIBRARY.)

Abruptly as he shoots the zombie, the lights to the POLICE STATION goes out. From the darkness, a lone zombie appears in the jail cell behind Sheriff Anderson. At the same time, the grounds in the office crack to reveal a menacing and glowing spawn pit.

(As part of the Zombie Master's turn, he draws from the ZOMBIE DECK. He uses LIGHTS OUT and NEW SPAWNING PIT. A zombie appears as part of the cards' effect, on the same tile as Sheriff Anderson.)

The lone zombie engages with Sheriff Anderson, taking a bite out of his arm. Victor, meanwhile, discovers RACHELLE'S POLICE VEST.

(As part of the Zombie Master's turn, Sheriff Anderson defends himself and fails. He takes a wound. Victor rolls a D6 for search and scores a 6. He rolls again and takes a card from the UNIQUE ITEMS DECK. Victor receives the RACHELLE'S POLICE VEST card.)

For some bizarre reason, having donned the police vest, Victor feels a surge of endurance. He promptly barricades the outside wall as Sheriff Anderson continues his struggle.

(As part of the rules for barricading, players are allowed to take a wound to successfully barricade. With the benefit of RACHELLE'S POLICE VEST, Victor takes two armor off from the card in place of two wounds. He barricades the wall on his turn. He also forgets to shoot)

At the LIBRARY, Sam searches and discovers a BASEBALL BAT at one of the corners. With great effort, injuring himself at the process, Sam barricades the entrance to the ANTIQUE STORE and the wall facing the FARMHOUSE and BARN. For whatever reasons he had, Sam discards one of the two CHAINSAWS he has. He quotes, "I like to tenderize my meat before I cut it."

(Sam rolls a D6 to search and scores a 1. He receives the BASEBALL BAT card from the HERO DECK pile. As part of the rules for barricading, he takes two wounds and is reduced to two wounds. Because he has full hands with melee weapons, he discards a CHAINSAW.)

Mr. Goddard rushed into the LIBRARY and quickly barricaded the wall facing the FACTORY.

(Goddard rolls to barricade and succeeds.)

Sheriff Anderson moves into the office, stumbling in the dark, and fires a shot at the zombie in the cell. He misses.

(Sheriff moves to the office. He rolls to shoot and misses. He keeps his REVOLVER.)

Due to the violence surrounding him, Sam becomes rather sullen, the carnage reminding him of a sinister chapter in his past. He grows silent despite Goddard's attempts to make small talk.


From the nearby ANTIQUE STORE, part of the LIBRARY, zombies break in and swarm the building. Fortunately, because of Sam's previous efforts, they are temporarily held back by the barricades.

(Zombies take over the ANTIQUE SHOP with the "OH MY GOD THEY'VE TAKEN THE..." card.)

Back at the police station, the lone zombie inside the prison cell breaks free and stumbles towards our two heroes. Victor valiantly fights the undead monster, startled by the determination of the creature's fighting. Elsewhere, Sheriff Anderson spots multiple humanoids moving from the barn in the darkness, some of them carrying hand weapons.

(Zombie at POLICE STATION engages Victor. Victor succeeds the combat phase. Zombie Master plays THE UNDEAD HATE THE LIVING card. He rerolls but still succeeds. Zombie Master then plays THERE'S TOO MANY card and rolls d6 to spawn new zombies. He decides to get two GRAVE WEAPONS and receives the CRAWLING TORSO and SICKLE. One of the zombies at the BARN becomes the CRAWLING TORSO card, the other one at the JUNKYARD receives the SICKLE card.)

From the barn, these new zombies approach the library relentless.

(Zombies close in towards LIBRARY.)

Successfully breaking free from the zombie, Victor makes a run for it and climbs over the barricades. With his newly discovered shotgun, his attention turns towards the incredibly foul stench closeby and fires at this particular zombie, decapitating it with the blast. Unfortunately one of the deputies had taken the opportunity to spend the shotgun's ammo hunting after work, which promptly causes the firearm to run out. The Sheriff moves in from close behind, lifting his pistol at the grotesque torso crawling at them rapidly, firing into it. The ground nearby kicks up a spot of dirt, missing it.

(Victor rolls d6 to move and lands a 2. He moves out of the POLICE STATION and fires at the zombie with STENCH OF DEATH. He rolls a 3 and kills the zombie. He rolls a d6 to check for ammo and rolls a 2, losing the SHOTGUN. Sheriff Anderson rolls d6 to move and lands a 2. He rolls d6 to shoot at the CRAWLING TORSO zombie and rolls a d6 to shoot and lands a 2. He misses the zombie.)

At the library, Goddard seizes the opportunity to pick up Sam's chainsaw from the corner and prepares to fight back the zombie onslaught with him.

(Sam and Goddard's turn. Goddard draws from the HERO DECK pile and draws the JUST WHAT I NEEDED card. Goddard picks up Sam's discarded CHAINSAW from the discard pile.)

Despite the nearby GRAVEYARD by the POLICE STATION, the concrete bearing proves too toigh for the zombies to emerge. Somewhere beneath the CHURCH, zombies burst up from the floorboards like the creatures from Hell itself. They quickly overrun the church.

(Zombie Master's turn. He draws the "OH MY GOD THEY'VE TAKEN THE..." card and rolls d6. He lands a 3 and rolls again for a 1. Because the POLICE STATION is fully barricaded, zombies overrun and take over the CHURCH.)

Briefly both Victor and the Sheriff glance over towards the barricaded door of the police station and for the first time, they both catch a glimpse of the horror that has taken over the entire town. The zombified deputy, visible in the moonlight, clawing at the air after them was only the beginning

(The lone zombie in the POLICE STATION rolls to move out of the barricades and fails. Zombie Pool depleted and Zombie Master unable to spawn new zombies.)

The horde gathered inside the antique store was also proof of this night's events the mass of hands and mouths, pushing against the barricades, overwhelmed even Sam's efforts and one zombie breaks into the library. Goddard charges forward with a yell, attacking the zombie with the chainsaw, covering himself with blood in the process. The whirling blades carve into the zombie's torso and the thrashing corpse tumbles backwards, nearly pulling the chainsaw back into the relentless horde.

(One regular zombie breaks through the barricades at the ANTIQUE STORE and enter the LIBRARY. He attacks Goddard. With the CHAINSAW card, he rolls 3D6 and lands a 3, 3 and 6. Zombie rolls a 1D6 and lands a 4. Zombie Master plays the IT'S STUCK card but Goddard succeeds and keeps the CHAINSAW card.)

As Sheriff Anderson fires again at the monstrous torso zombie, he manages to yell out, Head for the cornfield!

(Sheriff Anderson runs through the cornfield. He attempts to shoot the CRAWLING TORSO zombie. He rolls and succeeds.)

Never one to obey the law, however, by the time the Sheriff glanced back at his shoulder, Victor had already made his way into the Library, past the barricades. The initial sight of the two chainsaw wielding heroes forces him to keep his distance despite their frantic attempts to convince him to help.

(With the path cleared, Victor rolls a d6 to move and lands a 6. He runs into the LIBRARY and groups up with Goddard and Sam. Because he has the "I DON'T TRUST EM" card, Victor cannot trade with the two.)

The entire town beyond has grown deathly silent save for the noise of fighting. Everywhere the undead menace continues to pour out from the woodworks. From behind the desk of the library, the bloated corpse of the former librarian lumbers towards the three in the midst of the fighting. Hacking and sawing through the sea of arms, Goddard glances up and sees what he believes to be hand tools wielded by the undead horde.

(Zombie Master's turn. He draws the three cards and pulls TOOLS OF THE GRAVE, "MY GOD THEY'VE TAKEN THE...", and MY GOD HE'S A ZOMBIE. He rolls D6 and lands a 3. He changes three zombies into BLOATED BODY, PITCHFORK and a SICKLE zombie. He spawns a BLOATED BODY behind the group in the library. Both the PITCHFORK and SICKLE zombie are spawned inside the ANTIQUE STORE.)

Across the street from the library, more zombies continue to pour out from the factory closeby.

(With the "OH MY GOD THEY'VE TAKEN THE..." card, Zombie Master rolls and takes over the FACTORY.)

At the police station, the undead deputy watches as Sheriff Anderson disappears into the cornfield, groaning loudly after him. The chaos at the distant library spurs the creature into action, hammering its hands against the door and barricades, attracted by the sounds. They're breaking through! Sam cried, stumbling backwards from the pressure of the connecting door. From the horde reaching out for him, a zombie covered in barbed wire claws at his ankles and as if though working against our heroes, Sam's chainsaw dies down in power as he desperately attempts to start it. The barbed wire zombie menacingly moves onto its feet.

Glancing out from the stalks in the cornfield, Sheriff Anderson takes a brief moment to gather his breath, adrenaline giddy, and watches as the zombies converge towards the library. He asks a question that will undoubtedly cross everyone's mind. Jesus, how are we going to get out of this?

(Zombie Pool remains depleted. Lone zombie stuck in POLICE STATION. Three zombies attempt to attack heroes at LIBRARY. Due to zombie hunger, BLOATED BODY moves to attack. BARBED WIRE zombie moves past barricades and attack. Other zombies move towards LIBRARY, ignoring the Sheriff at the CORNFIELD.)

Back at the library, Sam catches the sight of the undead librarian just as it moves onto him. Get back! he shouted, struggling to pull up the chainsaw. Despite his efforts, however, the zombie tumbles forward and sinks its teeth against his arm, forcing him to cry out in agony.

(Sam fights against the BLOATED BODY zombie. He rolls a 4, 4, and 6. Zombie Master rolls a 6 and ties Sam. Because fight cannot be averted, Sam takes a wound and has one box of health.)

Watching the two zombies move onto Sam, the convict Victor stood up with a seething rage flowing inside his veins. Are you dense, you've got a chainsaw! he cried, flexing his knuckles and setting his sights onto the barbed wire zombie. Lemme show you how its down, c'mere punk!

Groaning out in response, the zombie instinctively moves towards Victor and as the two locked into a desperate life and death struggle, its wires tangle against the convict's vest. Stupid thing! Victor shouted, stumbling back and shifting the vest off his shoulders. You there, help us!

(Victor defends against the BARBED WIRE zombie. He rolls double 2's. Zombie Master rolls a 4. Victor applies the HERO'S RAGE event card from the beginning of the game session. Despite the extra dice, due to two zombies at the same tile, he rolls a 1 and takes a wound. Victor discards RACHELLE'S POLICE VEST in place of a wound.)

We can't hold them! Goddard replied, pressing his back against the shelves. Come on! Make a run for it, move!

(Heroes' turn. Goddard rolls a 6 and moves into FARMHOUSE. Sam and Victor rolls 3 and moves just outside the FARMHOUSE.)

As Sheriff Anderson glanced up from the stalks, he commented to himself as he watched the chemistry teacher move towards the farmhouse. Goddard, what are you doing? Before he could step from the cornfield and try to prevent Goddard from his panicked flight, Anderson stumbles forward, clutching his ankle as he does.

Closeby a lone zombie stops in its tracks and turns around, seeing the Sheriff fall out from the cornfield, closing in quickly. The distance between the two were no more than a few feet and as it descended upon the fallen hero, a single shot tears into the night, dropping it backwards. The smoking revolver held firmly in his hand, the Sheriff glanced down at the details of the creature's face. What is going on?

(Sheriff rolls a 1 for movement. Zombie Master plays TWISTED ANKLE card and reduces Sheriff's movement by -1. Sheriff successfully takes a shot at zombie nearby CORNFIELD and kills it.)

Almost immediately after he had spoken, the Sheriff glanced over his shoulder in time to see his former deputy break through the barricades the police station.

(Zombie Master's turn. Lone zombie escapes POLICE STATION barricades. Zombies converge on FARMHOUSE. No combat.)

He quickly pulls himself upwards and stumbles towards the open barn house closeby. The converging zombies notice him and shuffle at his direction, the closest one groaning as it attempted to stab our hero with a pitchfork, meters away from Anderson's path. The Sheriff instinctively raised his gun and attempted to fire, missing its head by a mere inch, the firearm clicking empty as he tried again. Goddamnit! he cursed, tossing the gun away. He manages to stumble inside the barn, shutting the door outside, watching as the horde turned its attention towards the gunfire.

(Sheriff ran into the BARN, firing his gun at a PITCHFORK zombie. He misses and also runs out of ammo, losing the REVOLVER.)

Following in quick pursuit, Sam and Victor make a run for it and sprint for the farmhouse, the undead librarian hammering at the barricades behind them; the remaining horde began pouring out of the antique store windows, shuffling towards the farmhouse.

(Zombie Master plays TIDE OF THE DEAD. The zombie hordes converge on the FARMHOUSE. The BLOATED BODY zombie is trapped inside LIBRARY.)

What do we do? Sam asked, bolting the door.

I-I-I don't know! replied Goddard hysterically.

The diner cook stepped forward and shoved him back against the farmhouse door. Yeah? You left us back there to die, at least use that head of yours to figure out a plan!

Raising his hands defensively over his face, Goddard backed away and snapped back angrily. I didn't mean to leave you guys behind! I'm sorry!

(Zombie Master plays BICKERING. Sam and Goddard lose a turn.)

From nearby, Victor had already began to barricade the door and windows with the living room furniture, shouting angrily. Will you both shut up and help me? Distracted by the argument, he painfully sprains a muscle as he shoved the refridgerator sideways against another window.

(Victor rolls to barricade and fails. He takes two wounds and barricades the FARMHOUSE wall facing the LIBRARY and the wall facing the TOWN CENTER.)

Inside the barn, Sheriff Anderson spotted the remains of the farmhand, her hands clutching what appeared to be a hunting rifle. Thanks Jenny. He quipped, checking the weapon, clicking the bolt back to chamber another shot. He glanced outside the barn towards the cornfield and open ground, immediately firing at the approaching horde.

(Sheriff Anderson attempts to search and finds the HUNTING RIFLE. He attempts to shoot one of the SICKLE zombies. He misses but succeeds his ammo check.)

Why I ought to bea- Sam raised his fist and was about to exact his revenge when Victor cried out. The horde had surrounded the farmhouse and had begun to reach in through the broken windows at them. Without warning, both Goddard and Sam simultaneously started up their chainsaws and exchanged each other a reaffirming glance.

(Zombies converge on the FARMHOUSE. Miraculously, none of the armed zombies make through the barricades.)

Valiantly they threw themselves towards the horde again, blood splattering all over their clothes and the nearby walls, the floor running red with carnage. The noise proved incredibly deafening between the frenzied yelling and the pure destructive awe of the chainsaws.

Victor glanced outside at the barn in time to see the Sheriff again. Stupid pig, he just won't give up, will he?

Firing repeatedly at the zombies closing in, the Sheriff did a double take towards Victor and shouted, Head for the sewers! There's a grate outside on the grass!

Don't tell me what to do, you idiot! Victor shouted back, already running into the open. As he pulled open the sewage grate, he reeled back from the smell.

Sam shoved him aside. Move it, kid, I ain't got all night. Disappearing into the manhole, Victor followed after him immediately.

The horde, focused on Goddard, remained vigilant and continued their assault in the farmhouse. Having bought the others time, the chemistry teacher ran back into the living room, whispering to himself, Now what do I do?

He froze as he felt a touch against his ankle. He had backed against the corpse of the farmer, the body reaching for a locked box nearby, a set of keys only inches within its reach. Mr. Goddard took the opportunity to quickly open the box and removed an old wooden torch and a rosary inside.

Looks like God won't provide us any light tonight. He commented, pocketing the items. Immediately he looked out towards the barn at the Sheriff, who continued to fire at the zombies again. Hey, Anderson, come in here, quick!

(Player's turn. SEWER card used outside FARMHOUSE. Sam escapes into the BANK. Goddard draws the KEYS from HERO DECK pile. He draws two cards and receives the ROSARY and the TORCH. He also takes a wound to barricade the FARMHOUSE wall facing the BARN.)

Spotting the familiar pitchfork zombie, the Sheriff attempted to fire at it, missing again. This thing's ancient! he thought, looking towards Goddard's direction. Hold the door open and get ready, I'm moving!

Limping out from the barn, sweat pouring from his forehead, the two briefly exchanged a pat on the shoulder as the Sheriff made his way inside. He managed a weak smile as Goddard struggled to move a cabinet over the door. Alright, professor, what on earth do we do now?

(Sheriff Anderson and Goddard team up in the FARMHOUSE. He attempts to shoot the PITCHFORK zombie and fails. He succeeds his ammo check and keeps the HUNTING RIFLE.)

I don't know, Sheriff. Goddard whispered, glancing out at the sea of undead. Pray?

The Sheriff slumped against the dresser, sinking onto the floor, his injured ankle straightened out. That's a wonderful thought, Goddard, where's God when you need him? I mean, Father Joseph could've helped but they've swarmed the church The Sheriff began to pale as he whispered, My God, Billy. Have you seen my son? Jesus, this can't be happening!

(Zombie Master's turn. He plays three cards - RELENTLESS ADVANCE, SHAMBLE and HOPELESS. Sam loses the HAUNTED BY THE PAST. Sheriff Anderson takes a wound and is down to one health box.)

The night carries on with the eternal sound of groaning, leaving the Sheriff alone to sink into the brink of total despair. Mr. Goddard struggled to start up the chainsaw again and glanced up in time to see the librarian stumble out to join the rest of the horde.

Crap, they've blocked the sewage entrance, Sheriff! He shouted, gesturing outside. The reminder spurred Anderson onto his feet, looking beyond towards the patch of grass where the sewers were.

I wonder how they're doing over at the other side of town. He commented forebodingly.

Surrounded at all sides by the horde, the Sherrif and Goddard glanced at each other again, nodding grimly. This would inevitably end in one way or another, which meant neither one of them were going anywhere without a fight. The barricades gave in and two zombies burst through in time to meet the pair.

(Zombies swarm FARMHOUSE and block SEWERS entrance. Lone SICKLE zombie adjacent to Sam and Victor at BANK. BLOATED BODY zombie escapes LIBRARY. BARBED WIRE zombie and regular zombie attack Sheriff Anderson and Goddard.)

Meanwhile at the junkyard, Sam and Victor continued to watch the library and farmhouse in grave silence. I wonder if he's still alive. Sam murmured. Sheriff's a stubborn son of a gun.

You ought to say that again. Victor replied.
Suddenly a noise behind them spun them around to come face to face with a lone zombie. With a sharp sickle in its hand, it closed in on the two, moving past the doorway at them

Back at the library, Goddard charged forward and decapitated the normal looking zombie effortlessly. In a strange twist of events, however, the rolling head flipped into the air and landed against his wrist, scratching his forearm with its teeth.

Sheriff, I've been bit! He shouted, raising his chainsaw at the next zombie. Goddard recognized the remaining zombie instantly it was the same barbed wire coated monster from before.

(Goddard defends and succeeds. With CHAINSAW card, he slays the regular zombie. Zombie Master plays the BITTEN card, which would turn Goddard into a Zombie Hero on death.)

At the bank, Victor and Sam moved back from the sickle wielding zombie's range. They quickly glanced over their surroundings as the monster closed in.

What do we do now? Sam asked, finding nothing of use.

Victor smiled slightly. He had found the corpse of another resident that held in its hand a pitchfork. We even up the odds.

(Hero's turn. Sam searches and draws from HERO DECK pile. He receives a HERO EVENT card.)

(Victor searches and draws the PITCH FORK card.)

Seeing that Mr. Goddard had froze in mid-swing as the barbed wire zombie moved in on him, the Sheriff reacted quickly and fired his hunting rifle, killing the monster yards away from contact. He spun around and aimed at the same pitchfork wielding zombie outside the main door. Stop messing around and fight! Fight for your life!

Keep them distracted, I'm going to board this place up, its coming apart! Goddard shouted back, scrambling to move the coffee table over the window.

By doing this, he bought them both valuable time the Sheriff working the bolt action lever and dropping the pitchfork zombie. Where the hell is the diner and Victor? He asked to no one in particular.

(Goddard reinforces the barricades facing the TOWN CENTER. Sheriff Anderson fires at BARBED WIRE zombie and PITCHFORK zombie. He kills them both and succeeds his ammo check, keeping his HUNTING RIFLE.)

With the fighting going strong from across the town, Sam and Victor pressed their backs against the wall of the bank. As the sickle zombie approached, it groaned suddenly and swung towards Sam without warning!

(Zombie Master's turn. Two regular zombies outside reinforced FARMHOUSE wall but over the SEWERS entrance. Zombies move to FARMHOUSE. The SICKLE zombie attacks Sam.)

Goddamn! Victor snapped, dodging aside from the swing.

At the same time, Sam reared back from the embedded sickle, dangerously near his face. Abruptly his features shifted into one of pure rage he had dropped his cigar on the floor.

Alright, first you trash my diner then you put out my cigar. he bellowed, firing up his chainsaw effortlessly. Now I'm mad!

With an angry roar, Sam laid down the whirling blades onto the zombie's shoulder and in a splatter of blood and gore, he had cleanly sliced the creature in two.

(Sam defends against SICKLE zombie. He plays the "NOW I'M MAD" card and gains an extra fight dice. He succeeds and also kills the SICKLE zombie.)

Inside the farmhouse, feelings were very much the same. Tired, weary and pushed to the brink of their limits, both men fought long and hard against the horde. Mr. Goddard spewed insults back and forth for every zombie whose arm or head he cut off. The adrenaline kicked inside his system, which frightened him at the same time. With all the killing, he had forgotten about the extent of his own injuries, bent on defeating this menace.

(Goddard plays the EAT DIRT ZOMBIE and removes one zombie as well as recovering one wound.)

Even with the adrenaline pumping through his veins, Mr. Goddard was growing tired from the effort of his fighting. One zombie narrowly crawled past the barricades only to get cleanly cut in half at the center. The Sheriff repeatedly fired into the horde, gradually running out and backing away from the windows.

(Zombie Master plays the DEADLY SURPRISE. One zombie breaks through the barricades and attacks. Goddard defends and also slays the zombie. Sheriff Anderson fires his HUNTING RIFLE and misses the first shot, killing one zombie on the other. He unfortunately runs out of ammo.)

They're gone! He said, quietly.

Goddard looked up towards him, confused. What? Who?

I think the ones outside fell down the manhole and into the sewers! The Sheriff pointed outside towards the front door. We have to get to the other side!

The distraction proved enough for the zombies to tear down the replaced barricade at the windows. Mr. Goddard returned his attention to thinning out the monsters with his chainsaw. From where he saw past the tide of undead outside the farmhouse, more and more zombies descended towards the bank.

(Zombie Master's turn. He plays SHAMBLER and moves zombie over SEWERS entrance outside BANK. Zombie breaks reinforcement facing TOWN CENTER. He spawns 3 zombie but opts to create one zombie and replaces one zombie outside BANK with RUSTY AXE.)

(Sun dial at 6.)

The hour was growing closer and closer towards dawn.

(Sam barricades wall of BANK facing SEWERS entrance and wall facing TOWN CENTER.)

More of them, kid! Sam shouted, pointing towards the approaching figures.

He moved to slide the benches strewn about over the backdoor and main entrance. The convict worked together with him, wedging registers against the frames and propping small shelves over the windows.

(Victor moves to barricade last BANK wall.)

Inside the farmhouse, the Sheriff pulled out his second revolver from his ankle holster and focused on thinning out the horde. Mr. Goddard had suddenly lowered his chainsaw, cold sweat pouring from his forehead, as if though taken by a trance.

Whatever you're doing, professor, do it fast! The Sheriff shouted, firing at a lone zombie. Inevitably his revolver ran out and he tossed it aside, facing the numerous zombies around them.

Sally spoke very fondly of Jenny in the past. I would imagine she must've came here befo- Mr. Goddard stopped momentarily and glanced towards the kitchen counter, spotting what appeared to be a familiar locket. He murmured with a smile, Eureka.

(Sheriff uses special ability and gets a REVOLVER. He shoots lone zombie outside on SEWERS entrance. Zombie Master plays RESILIENT card and forces the Sheriff to lose REVOLVER.)

(Goddard uses special ability 'QUICK THINKING' and draws a UNIQUE ITEM card and receives SALLY'S PENDANT.)

(Sun dial at 5.)

By now the zombies outside the bank moved against the barricades. One of them, a bloated zombie, squeezed through a window and attempted to fight Victor. Despite the use of his pitchfork, the weight of the zombie shoved him backwards and knocked him aside.

Victor shut his eyes in response, sheer terror gripping tight, expecting the fatal blow. Nothing. By some bizarre miracle, the zombie missed his neck and now struggled back onto its feet, buying him time to recover. When it had stood up again to attack again, Victor had long disappeared.

(Zombie Master's turn. Victor defends against BLOATED BODY zombie. He rerolls using PITCHFORK. He fails his roll and takes his final wound. Using SALLY'S PENDANT, he prevents the fatal wound.)

(Victor runs into SEWERs.)

What do you mean Sally's been here? The Sheriff shouted, watching the horde. He glanced down towards the body of the farmer and immediately noticed the audio cassette on his other hand.

Reaching down to pick it up, he pressed play on the audio cassette. A heated discussion was immediately heard between a pair of voices Jenny and Sally.

Is-Is this thing on? spoke Sally's voice, hysterically. If anybody finds this, Jenny came back from out of town. She said thatthat there's been some sort of outbreak, the military's on its way to napalm the entire area at-at dawn!

Mr. Goddard looked up, exchanging glances with the Sheriff, as Jenny spoke in the background. They've been rounding up everyone in the nearby counties. I-I heard they're playing a relay on the television to fool everyone. They'reThey're planning to kill all of us!

If anybody finds this, please alert everyone in the area! Sally interrupted suddenly. Jenny overheard that they're going to stop if

There was a sudden crash over the recording background. Both men listened as the sounds of window crashing became clearly audible followed by the sound of screaming. In the background was the ever familiar groan of the undead and the sound of a man's voice, the farmer no doubt, cursing inaudibly. The cassette then went silent.

(Sheriff Anderson searches and finds the AUDIO CASSETTE. Their main objective is to find two TOWNSPEOPLE.)

Jesus Christ, Mr. Goddard muttered, looking very pale. We have to find as many people as we can!

You're right, The Sheriff looked up rather hopefully. I'm sure somebody else must've ran into Sally at this point. Maybe they'll know what to do. If that's the case

He paused for a moment and took the torch that Mr. Goddard promptly passed over to him. Briefly he wondered how the others were doing.

(Goddard searches and passes a TORCH to Sheriff Anderson.)

The Sheriff looked beyond at the bank, adding further. we've got to hurry.

At this time, Sam reached behind one of the bank counters and withdrew a roll of duct tape. Frowning, he pocketed it and turned to face the bloated zombie, which now moved towards his direction.

(Sam searches and finds DUCT TAPE.)

Abandoned for the second time this evening, Sam was hardly in the best of spirits. Injured and weary he raised his hands to confront the bloated zombie. Though he swung out to punch his opponent, the zombie lurched forward and caught him in the throat.

Screaming in agony, Sam's final sight was that of another zombie wielding an axe that brought down upon him. When he opened his eyes again, the pain was gone, replaced by a hunger no words could possibly describe.

(Sun dial at 4.)

(Zombie Master's turn. BLOATED BODY and RUSTED AXE zombies attack Sam.)

(Sam defends against BLOATED BODY. He takes his final wound and dies, becoming a Zombie Hero.)


Hello? called out a young female voice.

Staring at the commotion at the library, Amanda, having escaped from the prom during the outbreak stared out in disbelief at the farmhouse. Her gown was now in tatters and her hands trembled against the weight of the fire extinguisher she held. Having received a phone call from Sally prior to the attack, she had returned in search of her friend.

She watched what was a human figure crawl out from the sewers and to her disbelief, made its way towards the farmhouse.

(Amanda, the Prom Queen, takes over for Sam. She starts at the TOWN CENTER and starts with FIRE EXTINGUISHER.)

(Sheriff Anderson finds a SURVIVAL TACTICS card.)

I've found another torch, Sheriff! Mr. Goddard called out from the kitchen pantry.

Passing it over to the Sheriff, they glanced outside and saw a tiny female figure wave at them, perhaps another zombie. At that same moment they shouted together in commotion as a familiar figure burst through the door.

(Goddard finds a TORCH and passes it over to Sheriff Anderson.)

Covered in blood and guts, Victor smiled weakly at the two men at the doorway. I figured you'd need an extra hand, you lazy pig.

Before Anderson could return the smile, he watched in horror as another figure raised its hand from behind the convict. Neither one of them could react in time as the zombie buried a sickle into Victor's jugular and killing him instantly. They both paled as they watched Victor shuffle onto his feet with a haunting look in his eyes.

Mr. Goddard clutched his rosary, half delirious from the bite's venom and barely containing his sanity from what he had just witnessed. The Sheriff backed against the wall, watching as Victor approached him, followed by the sickle zombie.

(Victor enters FARMHOUSE. He is attacked by SICKLE zombie. He uses the ROSARY to reroll his first roll and fails again. Victor takes his final wound and becomes a Zombie Hero.)

Amanda moved a single step towards the farmhouse, abruptly jerked by a hand on her wrist, causing her to shriek. She spun around and came face to face with her other companion, the vagabond, Jake Cartwright. In his hand, he held a menacing sledgehammer.

Where you goin' miss fancy pants? The hobo sneered at her. We gotta get outta ere! They're done for!

(Jake Cartwright, the Drifter, starts at TOWN CENTER with a SLEDGEHAMMER.)

(Sun Dial at 3.)

ButBut they're still in there! She protested, snatching her wrist from his grasp.

Forget it! I'm outta here! Jake replied, turning around moving towards the roads out of town.

(Zombie Master's turn. Zombie Victor attacks Goddard.)

With the night coming quickly to an end, Sheriff Anderson and Mr. Goddard looked grimly at each other.

You get on out of here, Sheriff, I'll hold them back. He said, weakly.

It was clear that Goddard was quickly succumbing to the infection. Even as he raised his chainsaw at the sickle wielding zombie, he had become far too weak to swing it. Instead the Sheriff watched as the newly risen Victor overpowered him and sank his teeth into his throat.

As the Sheriff slumped against the wall and watched as Goddard rose onto his feet, he closed his eyes in defeat. In his final moments he felt a tinge of pride, he would join his friends and family and companions in death and hunger.

Amanda and Jake watched from the distance as fighter jets rolled over the town and destroyed everything at the break of dawn.

(Goddard defends but fails. Because of his BITTEN card, he takes one wound and becomes a Zombie Hero. Game Ends - Zombie Victory.)


The Truth Must Be Told

In Loving Memory:

Sheriff Anderson Himself
Victor Himself
Sam Himself
Mr. Goddard Himself

Also Starring:
Amanda Herself
Jake Cartwright - Herself

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Craig Somerton
North Ryde - Sydney
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I don't play to win - I play for enjoyment and social interaction.
Great review. Talk about detailed! You must really take lots of notes?
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Asher Thee Gravedigger
British Columbia
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One of the players was taking notes rather than rolling his dice, most of which were the bracketed mechanics section. Afterward, he spent about 2 hours adding in the flavor. We discussed editing it further, cleaning it up, but decided we'd see how people reacted before throwing more effort into it.

Basically, I wanted to create something that really showcased the cinematic aspects of the game to help kick a few friends of mine off the fence.
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Pepe Le Pew
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I really enjoyed it too!
Good writing!

Please, check my experience with the Web Scenario: "We've Got To Go Back!"

Let me know what you think ;-)
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