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Subject: Trinoc-Con Gaming - Need suggestions! rss

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John Peterson
United States
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Okay, I've gotten the tentative okay from my wife that I can go to Trinoc-Con in Durham, NC in 2 weeks (the 24th, specifically). I've perused the schedule and have a list of games I've never played before but could try. Here's my list:

Get Out - Cheapass
Lunar Rails - Not a train gamer, but looks interesting to me.
Zendo - Looney Labs
Bohnanza - Rio Grande - Does this play with 2 players?
Alexandros - Rio Grande
Desert Oasis - Uberplay
Ticket to Ride
Memoir '44 - Just ordered it but it hasn't arrived yet.
Amun Re
Sunken City
King's Gate
Pirate's Cove
Ice Tower

Now, if I had to choose 5 to play, which would you recommend?
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Joe Andrews
United States
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Which I would play
Although this probably doesn't help you much, these are the ones I would play, if my wife let me go to Durham, NC in 2 weeks! (actually, I'll be at Nag's Head on vacation...hey...).

1) Oasis (just missed my last purchase...want to see if it makes the next cut),
2)Ticket To Ride (I like train games & Alan Moon games...want to see what all the fuss is about),
3)Memoir '44 (I love Battle Cry. This is said to be better.),
4)Inkognito (just looks like my kind of game, but I've never seen nor played it.), and
5)Pirate's Cove (because I have Bohnanza and the others don't interest me much or I haven't heard of them. I'd like to see the bits and a pirate game might fit well in my collection).

I have heard that Bohnanza can be played two players but that it is a much different game than the usual bidding fest.
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Michael Fitch
United States
North Carolina
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My suggestions

Here are my suggestions for the 6 games that you should play. I left one extra one in there to give you something to think about...

* Amun-Re: This is one of my favorite heavier games (along with Princes of Florence). It's in my top five. This is especially good with the full complement of 5. Auction and tight resources game.

Get Out: Don't know anything about this one.

* Lunar Rails: If you haven't tried a crayon rail game it's probably worth it to give it a whirl to see if you like them. I didn't think I would like them until I tried Empire Builder. The game plays pretty slow and its a long game so if you don't like it it will be like a slooow train ride to Hellll!

Zendo: try to figure out the pattern. I seem to have problems with this one when I am the Master. Occassionally I will accidently give the wrong response and the students freak out 3 turns later when I realize it! Everyone else seems to like it though.

Bohnanza: This is a pretty fun trading game, but I don't think it will play very well with just two.

Alexandros: Haven't played this one.

* Desert Oasis: I like this one but other people seem to have problems with it. I like the bid mechanic (flipping over cards to offer without seeing them first) because of the press-your-luck feel but other people don't like the lack of control. Also has a little bit of tile laying, too.

Ticket to Ride: I only played this once, and I didn't like it as much as everyone else. I must be missing something.

* Memoir '44: I think you would enjoy this one. Very fun light wargame-y game. This game involves rolling dice, but I don't think that you are averse to that.

Attika: This is a definite runner-up. A fun and pretty quick tile laying game. I like that you can build some things cheaper if you build them adjacent to certain other buildings. This seems to play well with 2, 3 or 4 players.

Sunken City: I played this one this weekend and I can't recommend it. It's too long for what it is. With 4 people it didn't seem like I had that much control. It seemed like Neptune could get you not matter where you moved if the other 3 players decided to get you. I really wanted to like this one, too. I might give it another chance.

Quicksand: This is a fun quick game of bluff and a tiny dash of hand management. I like it. I'd recommend this if you are looking for a short game.

Inkognito: this is the card game version of Inkognito. I haven't played it but I'll be running it. Pretty quick deduction game if you like that sort of thing. Not my favorite type of game...

Magdar: I like this. I'd recommend this if you are looking for a quick game.

* Kingdoms: This is a fun and quick game (less than 1 hour) and it still has a pretty good dose of strategy.

King's Gate: Haven't played this one but it looks interesting.

* Pirate's Cove: this is another fun light game with dice rolling. If you like Pirates you should like this, Matey! A big part of the game is trying to guess where the other players are going to move each turn so if you don't like that, this might not be for you. 3 or more player.

Ice Tower: I haven't played this one.

Most of the games that I've recommended are the longer games. If you want to play some shorter games I'd recommend the Fantasy Flight games!

Hope to see you there!
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