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Subject: August 2004 Games rss

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Bobby Warren
United States
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La cheeserie!
August Games Played

Last month I played 91 games and there is no way I will match that number unless I spend another two weeks on vacation with some of my gaming friends or go to a board gaming convention. This month was more normal for me as I played 32 different games a total of 70 times. Three of the games were new to me and I played 15 of them last month. Playing Crokinole with family members will inflate the number of games I play each month since I am having so much fun with my board.

6 Nimmt! (Amigo)
Played 1 time. I was surprised I enjoyed playing this with three players. I didn’t think there would be enough chaotic fun and groans but there were. This is just a fun, fun game. It’s now available in English as Category 5 from a new company called Pando Games.

Alexandros (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. My second playing seven months after the first. I had forgotten how to play but remembered enjoying it. I did enjoy my second play and hope to play it again soon to help lock the rules into my feeble mind.

Alhambra (Überplay)
Played 2 times. Of all the games I’ve played quite a bit this year, this one seems to attract a more diverse group of players.

Amun-Re (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. I hadn’t played this since February and boy howdy, did I play poorly. Maybe next time I will win it? Naw, I don’t believe that, either! [/b]

Attika (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. Just a really solid game which I have been in the mood to play more than the opportunities I have had to pull it out of late.

Bang (w/ & w/o High Noon) (Mayfair)
Played 3 times. One game was without High Noon. I am looking forward to trying this with eight players when Dodge City comes out.

Battle Line (GMT)
Played 6 times. The number of playings for this game surged based on playings on a single Saturday when there was just a couple of people around at any one time. I won one of the six games and really wasn’t in many of the games.

Bohnanza (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. The Thursday night playing with Mike and Hilary. It sure looked like I was going to run away with the game in the beginning, but my bean fields weren’t productive in the middle part of the game and that was enough to doom me to last place.

Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. We were playing this on one table while at the other table they were playing Mammoth Hunters, making it a prehistoric gaming session. Playing the computer version really helps see some of the developing scoring opportunities.

Carcassonne: The Castle (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. I hope the new Carcassonne game coming out at Essen is as solid an entry into the line as this is.

Crokinole (Mr. Crokinole)
Played 19 times. Finger-flickin’ fun! I realized my black discs were all flat on both sides and my tan discs were mostly concave/convex so I ordered some supreme discs from Mr. Crokinole. Exposing people to the game has caused two other people to seriously look into buying a board.

Domaine (Mayfair)
Played 1 time. I had less fun the second playing of this than I did the first time I played. It really seems to be about who gets the most build wall cards. I dropped my Geek rating from a six down to a three. (‘Likely won’t play this again although could be convinced. Bad.’)[/b]

Durch die Wüste (Kosmos)
Played 1 time. Like Amun-Re, I hadn’t played this since February, though I have played it online. I thought I was in the running, but I didn’t get the longest chain in a second color and didn’t manage to close of enough area from other players. I always seem to lose my focus and play too many different colored camels in the beginning.

Einfach Genial (Kosmos)
Played 6 times. I had the chance to play several games with two players and I believe this already really good game shines with two. There is more of a chance to block your opponent from being able to score a particular color than there is with more players. Right now I would rather play it as a two-player game, followed by four players as partners, and then three or four players. I’m really enjoying playing it no matter how many players there are.

Goa (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. My second playing. One of the players didn’t understand that the victory points listed for progress on the board was for each column. He thought you had to get every column to a level to score the listed number of victory points. At least I didn’t explain the rules.

Goldland (Goldseiber)
Played 1 time. This has gotten a fair amount of play since I picked it up. The people I’ve introduced to it have been mixed in their reactions to it.

Guillotine (WotC)
Played 1 time. The rules say this plays up to five players. We played with six and I didn’t enjoy it as much. I didn’t feel as if I had enough of a chance to modify the line and collect heads to actually feel as I had an effect on how the game turned out. I’d play with six again, but I would try to get a few more nobles out on the table for each day.

High Society (Überplay)
Played 2 times. It’s quick. It’s fun. It has occasional agonizing choices. What’s not to like? My last couple of playings have made it mostly through the deck before ending the game. That’s a bit unusual from the earlier plays which saw a lot of really quick games played..

Hive (Gen Four Two)
Played 1 time. If you haven’t had the chance to play this two-player game, I would highly recommend it. You can try it out against a computer opponent at

Keythedral (Pro Ludo)
Played 1 time. One of the three games which I hadn’t played before this month. Initially, I wasn’t that thrilled by the game because I drew nothing but forest tiles and I felt that I was out of the running from the beginning because of the placement opportunities I had. I did end up being competitive, but felt I wasn’t going to have a chance at winning because the person to my left kept bidding to go first. Since we finished playing my opinion of the game has risen and I now really want to try it again.

Mystery Rummy: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (U.S. Games Systems)
Played 1 time. Probably the easiest of the Mystery Rummy games to pick up and play after not playing for a while. It flows smoothly and the play is intuitive when matched with the theme. Not my favorite of the series, but it is well-designed and I enjoy playing it.

New England (Überplay)
Played 1 time. I won my second game! Like my other win, it was teaching two new players how to play and they were both only one VP behind me. I don’t think I will ever get this game enough to win consistently, which is odd because it seems like a pretty straight forward game. I guess my brain just doesn’t see which are the best choices to make at which time..

Power Grid (Rio Grande)
Played 2 times. I played both sides of the map one weekend. Jason S. described playing it was like surfing. Phase 1 is paddling out to wait for the wave. Phase 2 is waiting for the wave, and Phase 3 is riding the wave, which is a relatively short time considering the work put into the first couple of phases. Still, it is a very good game and I am looking forward to the expansion maps, especially Italy which could cause some interesting bottlenecks considering the shape of the country.

San Juan (Rio Grande)
Played 2 times. I doubted I would play this 11 times again this month.

Santiago (Amigo)
Played 1 time. I really enjoy playing this game and the choices which it requires. The money is tight and also the victory points. It really is too bad that it didn’t get released in the U.S. so more people on this side of the Atlantic could appreciate this fine game.

Schotten-Totten (ASS)
Played 3 times. I suggested this with the Battle Line deck (minus the tens and the Tactics Deck). Because I was tired of losing Battle Line and I won! It isn’t as forgiving of bad card placement as Battle Line is because there are no wild cards which can fill in holes. Later in the month I played a couple of games on a Thursday night with Mike and won both. Obviously, this game if far less luck dependant than Battle Line! [/b]

Sleuth (Face2Face)
Played 1 time. My second playing was with four players and it was more enjoyable. At the beginning I had forgotten how I wanted to take notes and ask questions so I really was behind the curve from the get-go. When Steve correctly guessed the missing gem I was still trying to eliminate about a third of them.

Toscana (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. New to me. A pipe game with a lightly-pasted on theme. I enjoyed playing it, I’m glad I bought it, though I don’t know how often it will get pulled out.

Vampire (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. Reiner Knizia’s rummy-like game is harmless and enjoyable and that’s probably why it doesn’t get played all that often. There are many better card games out there, but this is a decent game I wouldn’t mind playing on a more regular basis.

VelociRacers (Prototype)
Played 1 time. Okay, so I played four games which were new to me. This is a dinosaur racing game by Matthew Frederick. I liked the game, though the general consensus was the current configuration doesn’t really work well with six players.

Who’s the Ass? (Rio Grande/Phalanx)
Played 3 times. I like The Great Dalmuti and am generally pretty good at it, though I haven’t had the chance to play it in several years. I had been thinking about buying this, but hadn’t pulled the trigger. One of the Saturday guys bought it and opened it up for us to play. I really enjoyed the game and picked it up that afternoon.

Wings of War: Famous Aces (Fantasy Flight)
Played 1 time. I taught a friend to play it after I learned it when I was visiting Austin. This time, I won. It’s fun and fairly quick. Even though it comes in a small box, it isn’t that portable since you need a decent amount of (clean) table space on which to play. I dug out my Ace of Aces books and need to refresh myself on the rules.

August Online Games Played

Alhambra (Queen)
Played on 3 times on Boite à Jeux. The site does not have an English interface and the game plays only with four. It is a nice implementation and I’ve enjoyed playing it.

Auf Heller und Pfennig (Hans im Glück)
Played 1 time on the Board Game Geek.

Hare and Tortoise (Rio Grande)
Played 2 times on Ludagora.

StreetSoccer (Cwali)
Played 38 times on Little Golem. It seems like the die generator runs in streaks. For a while I get a lot of high rolls and then I will log on and have ten or more games of nothing but ones and twos. I’ll be taking a break from playing this once the games I’m playing in end.
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