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Subject: NEW Hellcats set available for playtesting online rss

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H.C. O'Neill
United States
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Lackey will run on Pc OR Mac!

The cards for Hellcats have been loaded into Lackey for playtesting. You can just drop them into decks as usual and playtest.

Directions for how to set up Lackey:

Give them a try and send in playtest reports.

Some sample cards to get you interested.

Cornered Rat
Combat Event
Limited Frenzy. Cannot be prevented. This packmember enters a limited frenzy (even if creatures of its type cannot frenzy). Draw 3 combat cards. For the rest of combat and while frenzied, whenever this creature deals 3 or more damage to the same opponent in any round it escapes during the next withdrawal step.

Feast of Fury
Gift Gnosis 5
Ajaba, Bane, HEllcat
The user focuses its Rage to strike with great precision. It may not frenzy. Whenever its Combat Actions are dodged, return them to your combat hand at the end of the round instead of discarding them.

Ghouled Bubasti Kinfolk
ally requires: Bubasti, Hellcat, Vampire
Renown 7
Rage 5
Gnosis 4
Health 6
(Regenerates.) Animal. Kinfolk. The Followers of Set enslaved all the Bubasti's feline kinfolk thousands of years ago and have kept them alive since then with foul magics. Ghouled Bubasti Kinfolk can play two combat actions a round if both are Rage 2 or less. It may use Bubasti and Feline gifts. Loyalty: Vampires

Hey, potentially broken combo! Come try it out!
Ajaba, Homid, Galliard
Renown 9
Rage 2/8
Gnosis 7
Health 6/10
Kisasi and non-Ajaba Characters in her pack gain Loyalty to each other

Cub's Cry
Combat Event
Each pack member loyal to this creature joins the combat. If any do, this creates a pack combat. Draw 2 combat cards for each creature that joined combat in this way.
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