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Subject: How a disaster can turn into a win (almost) rss

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Enrico Russo
Pomigliano D'Arco - Napoli
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This month we played another '42 scenario.

This time I was the Axis.
I'm a very conservative player, so, instead of attacking Caucasus-bound or forcing through the steppes (or crushing Moscow defenses) I spent one year grinding russian units.
This is usually a fool strategy, but I used my opponent's recklessness at my own advantage. I let him attack me in my (strong) positions, repealing his units.

"Why you acted this way ??" you're asking me ...

The problem is that in the first hour of playtime I COMPLETELY lost my Africa troops ....
I deployed in a very conservative way, expecting him to rebuild and THEN attack.
He surprised me attacking in June and (with some luck) wiping away my DAAK and German Mech.
In July '42 it was all over.

I had two chances.
Resign as German force commander and being executed, or going on, trying to let him pay for every meter he would gain.

I chose to resist.

In the east I adopted the said strategy, while in the west I furiously built up as fast as I could.
Meanwhile he took French North Africa and staged various landings in Italy and Marseille.
In march '43 Italy fell and I had his units at the door.

In may (when we ended the session) the situation was the following:
In the west he was in Rome, Marseille, Athens and had units ready to land everywhere.
In the East I was stuck in the line Rostov-Stalingrad-along the rivers 'til Moscow-forests and swamps 'til Leningrad (mine), with him attacking relentlessy.

"So you lost, isn't it ??".
No. Keep on reading, my dear reader.

The allied have (almost) no armor 'til the end of the war, so he couldn't force my Gothic line. My atlantic wall was full of fortresses, mech and armor and so was the Lyon line. In the Balkans I was full of units (statics), so I didn't feel too much overwhelmed.

In the next session he put everything into the Gothic line battle forcing me (after 6 months of bitter fighting) to retire into Trieste-alps.
Losing northern Italy reduced my income. So I had to redirect 20 of the Eastern money to the west.
This way I was even more on the defensive in Russia.
He sensed it and kept on pressing me, but without much success.

Mmmm, some success he had indeed. I slowly repositioned my lines several miles behind, threatening counterattacks if he ventured too close to me.
So he begun the steamroller improvement (and letting me breath for the final stage).

In may '44 the situation was the following:

- in the west I was firmly grasping Balkans (north of Salonicco), alps passes and Trieste. I had a strong line in Paris (north to the atlantic and south to Switzerland) and the north was covered with fortresses and strong units.

- in the east I was strongly positioned in the line Dnetropetrovsk-Kiev-Minsk, but he had some footholds beyond the rivers.

Steamroller changed everything.
The line wasn't safe anymore. I had no money to avoid being bleeded to death. So I begun the usual retreat back to the Warsaw - Odessa line.
He chased me, killing all the infantry units (in the north).
So in december '44 the session was over. In the west he had absolutely no success in forcing the Paris line.

The next day we were ready for the final battle.
Warsaw or death.
The problem is that, even with the steamroller, he couldn't force the rivers. Not because of the repulses, but due to my firepower.
The units left were ALL armors, mechs and elites.
In march '45 he proposed to end it all. With 118 points against 190-odd it wasn't enough for me to win. We called it a draw.

The initial disaster turned the game into my ground (defense at any cost is my motto).
So I could put into action all my backgruoud of excellent defender and turn a sure defeat into a draw.

It was 12,30 when we ended. So we decide to play a '41 scenario (he was the axis).
I won 6 hours after, wiping away a quarter of his units, but it's another story.
You'll get it next time ....
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Juan de Marco
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Good job man!

Yes never give up instantly if you're a bit behind, things may turn around, a few lucky dicerolls and so on.
I played a winter '43 (or was it summer '44? I don't remember) eastfront game as axis a while ago, and to my surprise and luck, I came out way better than the next scenario-setup, and we agreed that game it was a victory, although in points it was a draw.

but it all hinged on keeping rotating fresh units into the grinder, as economically as possible.
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