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Subject: Rummy-style Oriental game rss

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Tuomas Korppi
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Mah Jong is a Rummy-style game for four players, played with special tiles.

The players try to collect a hand consisting of 4 runs/sets and a pair. A run is a sequence of three consecutive tiles in one suit and a set consists of three or four identical tiles; there are four copies of each tile in a Mah Jong set. A pair is two identical tiles.

As in Rummy, the gameplay is draw and discard. In one's turn, the player draws one tile from the wall (similar to deck in draw card games) and discards one tile. The discard of the previous player can be picked up if it can be used in a set or a run, and the discard of any player can be picked up if it can be used in a set, or if it completes a winning hand (i.e. four sets/runs and a pair).

There are a lot of variants of Mah Jong; although the variants have almost the same gameplay, they differ in the details of scoring. A common feature is that the winner of the deal (i.e. the player who managed to collect four sets/runs and a pair) scores according to his winning hand. Another common feature in scoring is the existence of doubles: If the winning hand, for example, contains only one suit or it has no sets, its basic value is doubled. Since the winning player may earn several doubles, the scoring system has a flavour or exponential growth.

While novice Mah Jong players simply try to collect a winning hand, experts can also play defensively. They can infer from the opponent's discards what he is collecting and avoid giving them the winning tile. (In some variants of Mah Jong giving the winning tile for another player is heavily penalized.) Experts also can infer from their starting hand whether it is at all worthwhile to try to collect a winning hand, or if the hand should be played entirely defensively.
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Tim Seitz
United States
Glen Allen
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Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die. But God does not take away life; instead, he devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from him. 2 Sam 14:14
This sounds more like good Game description text than a review.
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