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Subject: Slick's Risk 2210 Feudal System Session Report rss

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Brett Goodrich
United States
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This is a session write-up for a game using the Feudal System Rules. It definitely enhances the social dynamics of the game because how loyal your Vassals are dramatically effects your ability to rule.

BASIC FUEDAL SYSTEM RULES: When a player loses his capital, he becomes a Vassal to the player who took his capital. Vassals have no capital and fight to serve their King/Queen. If a Vassal takes over an enemy capital, then they can turn the acquired player over to their King/Queen or declare independence. If a player loses his capital, but has a Vassal, then he turns the Vassal over to the conquering player and remains independent himself and picks a new capital. See the files section for more detail.

PLAYERS: Green (Myself), Dave (Silver), Craig (Black), Jonathan (Red), Kaleb (Yellow), Laruen (White): I bought an extra set and spray painted the pieces to allow for extra players.

START: Randomly deal out territories and then players pick a capital from their starting territories
-Yellow: Capital: Nunavut
-Black: Capital: Ukrayina
-Green: Capital: Madagascar
-Silver: Capital: Shakleton, but leaves only 1 unit there and places all his units in Southern Anarchist Control Zone
-White: Capital: Japan, but splits troops between there and South America where she holds 2 of 3 territories.
-Red: Capital: New Guinea

-Argentina: Closes South America-Antarctica Connection
-Ministry of Djibouti
-Middle East & Afghanistan: Enclave of the Bear is chokepoint into Asia from Europe

Silver announces that he wants to be a Vassal and hence not placing any units to defend his capital. His neighbor, Green, takes Silver’s capital. Silver on his turn takes Independent Kansas so Green’s empire has all of Antarctica. Red takes Austrailia in Round 1, but in Round 2, Silver takes the Indian Ocean and Austrailia. Silver does turn Red over to Green, but against Green’s wishes, he takes Red’s capital last. This ensures that Silver has his own continent, but made Red an extremely weak Lord when he lost his forces in Java Cartel. In Round 2, Green finishes his conquest of Africa, so his empire spans 3 continents and 1 water colony. Meanwhile, White took South America in Round 1, Black took Europe in Round 2, and Yellow took one of the smaller lunar continents in Round 2.

Recap: Green owns Silver & Red; White, Yellow & Black are Independent

Green withheld against Black’s invasion attempt through Africa. Then White’s Japanese army marched across Hong Kong, broke through Green’s forces in United Indiastan and easily crossed Silver’s Indian Ocean to take Green’s capital in Madagascar. Forced to give up a Vassal, Red is transferred to White. Green moves his capital to Antarctica. Green orders Silver to pull back and help defend their base, but instead he takes the Eastern Pacific Colony and White’s capital in Japan. Red is transferred again, but this time Silver declares independence instead of turning Red over to Green. Silver places his new capital in Neo Tokyo, betting on it being safer in the water.

White’s new capital is placed in Amazon Desert. On White’s turn, she goes to the moon. She initially fights with Yellow on the moon, but by Round 4 they agree that Silver cannot win so a truce is arranged where each has a 4-territory continent and the large lunar continent is empty.

In Round 4, Silver placed troops in Antarctica and easily took Green’s neighboring capital. Yellow uses his scattered territories in Asia to go on a skirmish and kill Red’s last territories reducing Silver to 1 Vassal. In Round 5, Silver traveled through the Pacific Colony into South America and took White’s capital to rise back to 2 Vassals.

At the end of Round 5, Silver’s Empire includes: Antarctica (Silver), Australia (Silver), Africa (mixed), South America (mixed), southern half of North America (mixed), half of Asia (mixed), West Pacific Colony (mixed), East Pacific Colony (Silver), Indian Ocean Colony (mixed) and a lunar continent (White). Yellow has northern half of North America, some Asian territories, and a lunar continent. Black has Europe and some Asian territories.

Recap: Red is Dead; Silver owns Green & White; Yellow & Black are Independent.

Since becoming a Vassal, Green had all of his troops stationed in Saharan Empire, but refused to fight because he wanted Black to collect on Europe, so that maybe he could take out Silver’s capital. In Round 6, Silver marched troops from Amazon Desert through the Atlantic Colony and into New Avalon to finally rob Black of his continent bonus. With the bonus gone, it was time for Black to go on the offensive. Black’s massive army marched across Asia, but got stuck in Japan because in all the excitement he forgot to buy a Naval Commander. If he reinforces back he will be unable to fight Silver next turn, but if he doesn't he'll easily lose his capital. Black made an offer to Green that he would not defend his capital if Green rebels when he takes it; Green accepted. Green kept the capital in Ukrayina where he kept all of his units for defense. White also tried to win her freedom, but failed to take Yellow’s capital.

In Round 7, Silver placed units in New Avalon and easily took Green’s capital. Black was transferred to Silver; unable to attack his king, Black’s army in Japan traveled north and took Yellow’s capital in Nunavut to win his freedom. Accepting he can’t win this game, Green placed his capital next to White’s territory so she could win her freedom. She placed her capital in Madagascar.

Recap: White owns Green; Black owns Yellow; Silver is Independent

Getting tired and feeling accomplished over winning her freedom, White appointed the deceased Red as her Viceroy to lead her army in the end game. In Round 8, Green proudly fought for the White thrown and conquered Antarctica. Meanwhile White took Black’s capital to gain Yellow as a Vassal and in Round 9, he took Black’s capital again so now everyone except Silver worked for White. Silver placed a large army in South America; he made it to Lesotho, but was unable to take the capital in Madagascar. Instead of giving up, Silver used the army defending his capital to march across Asia, through the Indian Ocean and into Madagascar. Forced to give up a Vassal, White weighed his options. The newly acquired Black had an impressive card collection. Kings and Queens can take their Vassals Command Cards, but only at the end of rounds, so White hadn’t had a chance yet to look at Black’s cards; this made Black too valuable to lose. White’s lunar continent was better defended than Green’s Antarctica, so Green was traded. However, in Round 10 White took Black’s capital and won Green back.

Black knew he could not win alone, so he moved his capital in between Green and Black and encouraged them to rebel. White was not in a position to attack, and he knew Green was disgruntled over being traded and losing his second place status. White moved his troops to co-occupy Green’s strongest territory, so if Green rebelled, his troops and White’s occupying forces would be neutralized, leaving Green with next to nothing. Green didn’t rebel, but he also refused to attack. Then Black’s turn came. He proudly conquered Silver’s capital and turned Silver over to White.

1) Silver, 2) Yellow, 3) Black, 4) Green, 5) Silver, 6) Red

Ranking for living players is based off the order they joined the winning King/Queen.

Silver’s strategy was quite brilliant. Alliances are nothing new to Risk; they provide a benefit for those in the alliance while the other players develop a bitter unjust feeling. However, the unique situation that Silver found himself in this game was that each territory he acquired made his King not himself look strong. Therefore, he suffered none of the initial consequences of spreading too thin because all hostilities were directed towards his King. However, in this scenario it is important to win the minds and hearts of your Vassals. Even though Silver’s empire covered three quarters of the map, all of his Vassals openly defied him; Green unwilling to invade Europe and White unwilling to fight Yellow on the moon. There was a strong feeling that Silver's rise to power wasn't just, so every player agreed that they wanted anyone but Silver to win and this led to his downfall.

However, it should be noted that if you want a shorter game and play with the official 5-Round limit then Silver would have easily won.
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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
Hmm... sounds like fun! Definately something to do only with lots of players.

hmm... yet another thing to try with Galactic risk.
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