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Subject: Solo games... rss

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Hi all,

My wife may be purchasing Lst Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident for me as part of our anniversary, as her grad school plus her teaching job restarting is taking away from our gaming time.
A solitaire game would at least give me something to do other than weeping quietly in a darkened room, as I have recently taken to doing.

However, I was curious if any of you have had any exposure to this game or any other solitaire systems. I'm interested in what people have to say about replayability of this type of game. I figure the randomization system might keep it fresh even though the map is static.

Another option might be Dungeoneer, as the card system seems like it might be modifiable to a solo-type experience. Since I am also a RPG player this has a certain appeal.

Any opinions on either of these?
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Jeremy Friesen
United States
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I have found that Puerto Rico is often times an enjoyable solo game. Give each of the "players" a goal (i.e. get to the wharf asap, build factory, etc) and let it play itself out.

Richochet Robots is a good solitaire puzzle game.
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United States
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Although I do not regret having purchased this game, it sits in my closet un-played. The theme and idea of the game are very good, but I will echo others in saying that the rules are overly complicated for my taste. I think that if you are able to get them all in your head you may be able to walk through the game OK. However, there is just not enough time in my life to devote to learning this game to that level. (Also, the thin, little pieces are a bit of pain as there are a lot of them to sort through and handle.) If you will have a lot of empty, lonely nights with no other responsibilities that may be perfect for you, though. On the solitaire vein, I found Battle for Endor -- the out of print West End game based on "Return of the Jedi" -- to be better choice for me. Also, that game's card based order system is one that I think could be adapted to non-solitaire games to make them more easily playable by one player.
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Devon Harmon
United States
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I'd go for...
Ambush! It is what I play the nights my wife Heidi is away on call. I usually take a couple of nights to play through a scenario, and there is enough "hidden" in each one to make a replay worthwhile after you have gone through them all, and the rules aren't too hard to grasp. It is out of print, but not too expensive, and there are three expansions with more scenarios if and when you get bored playinh the 8 (I believe) scenarios that come with it.
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Mike NZ
New Zealand
New Zealand
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Solo Games
Well I have and have not played it for sometime but it is a great game and replays well but I prefer the Aliens game ( B17 is a solo game and u fly to targets with a full crew and try to bomb targets in Europe and get u and your crew back...RPG feel it has! There's an English game Wings Over France WW1 which is a wonderful game really excellent & solo and replay is infinite! Chainsaw Warroir is another and I often play Up Front solo too which works well. U can find all these games here on Geek. Checkout this solo link here for more solo games:
Now for a game that is solo and very different is Ranger a game of modern Patrolling Operations in a jungle environment. The game has no cards or board it has a map and on it u mark with a grease pencil your progress to your target...u have no idea where the enemy is and often u can get wiped out by ambush. It's very innvative and great fun.
I play alot of games solo! Just a few and here's a short review for The Vesuvius Incident:
Vesuvius Incident:
How it plays
The Vesuvius Incident:
How It Plays Overview
Last Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident is a solitaire
boardgame. The player controls 12 UN Colonial
Marines who have boarded the crippled lab ship USS
Feynman. The object of the game is to rescue as many
surviving crew members as possible, while
collecting items that will enable the UN Marine Corps to
assess the nature of the alien threat (such) as the RAM
dump and ship security video).The marines have only a
limited time to accomplish their objective, as the
Feynman is in a decaying orbit and will soon breakup
in the atmosphere of Beta 07921.

Fluid Turn Sequence Vesuvius Incident switches between
tactical and operations turns as the marines move through
the ship exploring new areas. As long as the marines
stay in an area they have already secured, turns remain
operational. The marines may move freely through secured
areas, and may perform actions such as hacking the ship's
computer, repairing robots and guns, and so forth.
When marines move into a new area of the ship, play
shifts to tactical turns, 5 seconds long. Every time a
group of marines enters a new area,the player draws
encounter chits from a cup. These may be aliens,
surviving crew, equipment items, or random events.
Crew members are friendly or, if driven insane by their
ordeal, may be hostile to the marines. The aliens,of
course, are always hostile.

Tactically Rich Combat System Aliens and hostile crew are
controlled by a simple automated action algorithm.
When outnumbered, they will tend to flee if there are enough exits
available. Otherwise, they usually attack. The combat system
enfolds to-hit, damage, and weapon jams into two quick die
rolls. The marine units have tactical displays for
recording their status, as shown below.These tell the
player at a quick glance the equipment each marine is
carrying,medical status, and skills.

Vesuvius Incident is thus a highly tactically rich simulation
given its relative simplicity and microgame format.
Rules cover line of sight, missed shots, decompression,
and other special situations
aboard the ship. The player must also worry about leaving
single marine units by themselves,where they may panic
or be abducted by the aliens (in which case the unfortunate
marine gets put into the encounter cup).
The Situation Deteriorates . . .Combat is fast and
deadly in Vesuvius Incident, but that'snot the
only factor the marines need to worry about. Every turn,
the ship moves closer to reentry. When it hits the
atmosphere it will breakup, killing everyone aboard. But
the precise time of reentry is uncertain; the marines can
push their luck or opt for a conservative retreat. The
system handles this by having two tracks, the Orbital
Decaytrack and the Atmospheric Reentry track. At the end
of each turn (operations tactical) a reentry timer
counter advances one square along theOrbital Decay
track. At the end of the track are five Orbit counters,
turnedface down. One of these is the Reentry counter --
when that counter comes up,the ship enters the
atmosphere. Play immediately goes into tactical turns,
and the marines now have scant seconds to get safely
off the Feynman. The reentry timer moves to the
Atmospheric Reentry track, and at this pointthe player
rolls every turn to see if the ship explodes.

The ship has hit the
edge of the atmosphere and will soon break

Victory or Disaster?
Vesuivius Incident is not easy to win.
Often as not, the game ends with a final, desperate
last stand between the aliens and the tattered remains
of the marine squad. But with good tactics and a little
luck, the marines can emerge the victors.

Vesuvius Incident rules cover:
Insane Crew
Escaped Lab
Orbital Decay and Reentry
Panic Missed Shots
Jammed Weapons
Drive Overload
Human Abduction and more Game data:

Players: 1
Complexity: Medium
Playing Time: 2 hours
Scale: 2 meter squares, 5 second turns

Designers: Michael Wasson, Neal Sofge
Illustrators: Steve Buccellato,
Marc Siry
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