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Subject: Initiative Reserves - new format experiment rss

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Warning: Experimental Format!

The format is simple enough;

- Both players start with just a single Mouse Droid

- The number you roll for Initiative is also how many points Reserves you get each round.

- Points may be carried over to another round in order to bring in a higher costed character.

- Once you have chosen a character from a particular Faction you must stick to that Faction (and Fringe) and regular squad building rules.

-You MUST have a commander on the board to Attack (inlcudes any Replaces Attack abilities). If your commander is ever defeated your squad may no longer attack until you bring on another commander.

- Reserves from characters with the Reserves Special Ability may not be combined with the Initiative Reserves.

- Intitiavtie Reserves are taken from the first Initiative roll and is not affected by any Special Abilities that may alter the Initiative score eg. Recon, Tactician Broker.

Victory conditions
Deafeat all of your opponents pieces or the player who defeats the most points at the end of a set time period.

We used the fan made Mos Eisley Streets map. It’s a great looking map but with the drawback that you can forget about playing Large or Huge minis due to the one square wide alleys.

I didn’t keep any track of the exact numbers rolled, that would be too geeky even for me. But I did win the first few rounds Initiative and take a large points lead. I immediately brought in Princess Leia Rebel Hero, revealing my Faction choice from the start and the new Grievous, Kaleesh Warlord. My opponent was more coy and brought on the Twi’lek Black Sun Vigo and an Abyssyn Assassin. I tried to get a quick win and charged forward to try and get the kill, but the trek across the board was proving a problem because it was always giving your opponent more time to build up Reserves in this format.

I failed to defeat the Twi’lek Vigo and lost Grievous, but I was still getting the better Initiative rolls and over the next couple of rounds brought on General Rieekan, R2-D2 with sensorscope and Luke Skywalker Hoth Pilot Unleashed. That’s a nice little Rebel combo. My opponent eventually chose New Republic as his Faction and brought on Cade Skywalker Padawan and Anakin Solo. Luke was becomng a handful for him due to his Force Push 4, that’s instant 40 damage without a save.

As the game progressed I failed to realise Anakin could Unleash the Force and Luke was down to 10 hit points, but I rolled well for my next Initiative and had 28 points of Reserves to play. My opponent was happy knowing Luke had no Force Points left so could not defeat Anakin Solo, so I was clever. I already had a Mouse Droid near Luke, so I brought on K-3P0 and a Mon Cal Tech, and swapped out Luke so I could heal him. This move sort of demoralised my opponent and and got the fires burning at the same time. He’d now built up more reserves and was bringing in support from the likes of Garm Bel Iblis and General Wedge Antillies.

The Initiative fell back into my favour and I built up enough points for a big gun, Cade Skywalker! And with Luke back up to full hit points I went on the offensive again and brought in Bossk Bounty Hunter as well. The swap along with Evade (granted by Rieekan ) was winning me the game. My opponent brough in lots of low point activations to block my advance, mainly the advance of Cade. The introduction of Talon Karde with Disruptive (my favourite ability used against me) stopped me from swapping out Cade. Eventually though Cade fought through the swarm and got to Karde. At the same time Luke & Bossk managed to defeat Anakin Solo.

We had already gone past the time we had agreed to stop so we ended there. This was just an experiment to see if the format worked, and after one game I’d say... maybe. I won the game by way of defeating the most points hand having the most points on the board, so that does sway my decision somewhat. I want to try the format a couple more times to see if I think it works. Personally I would prefer we started on the long edge of the map, thus getting into combat quicker, but I know my opponent is dead set against that.

So for now I’ll just bask in my victory, I don’t get many in Star Wars minis.

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