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Subject: Playtest report: the playtest that wasn't rss

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H.C. O'Neill
United States
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The Darkness
Lung Burst
Feast of Fury
Spring the Trap
Madness of Crowds
Ghouled Bubasti Kinfolk

Picks: no playtest cards
Had Lamuran, Old Stormy, Diem and Amber Eyes Like Knives

I am basically trying out Harry to see if I can create a cascade effect with it when using stuff that uses multiple combat actions per round. I decided to use Hellcats so I could load the deck with everything that uses multiple actions.

Turn 1:
Out comes a Red Cap Raiding Party

Picks plays an Eye of Luna and Flame Spirit

Lamuran plays Strange Rain. Nothing happens during combat phase.

I sit there with my hand full of combat related stuff. well, maybe next turn.

Turn 2.
Oracle of Sobek comes out, I'm forced to discard a Gift to it.

Atahualpa Blood of the Incas attacks the Redcaps. Diem steps in and dies when he gets hit with Harry. Diem's Stinging wound is so feeble Ata doesn't even go to Crinos... nor was it worth using my cards in him

Turn 3
Oracle of sobek knocks out another gift.

Amber starts the Mnesis Dreams quest

Picks plays Connections to bring out an Enticer. (yes, in a Gaia deck!) He gives it an Eye of Luna and a Crystal Knife.

The Darkness plays Satyr's Wisdom on Atahualpa to make her Renown 1 for purposes of Alpha actions.

Lamuran attacks Atahualpa. Frenzies. Ata plays Feast of Fury and Clawstorm.
Picks plays Bum Rush and brings in everyone, including the Enticer.

I attempt to play Mousemaze but due to the wonky timing of Bum Rush, I actually CAN'T respond, so return to hand.

Ata dies horribly, unabale to benefit from her gifts or play any combat actions due to the enticer.

Turn 4
Picks plays Spirit Circle

I give The darkness Devilwhip and bring out Wyldkin Kami

Lamuran plays Strange Rain again. again nothing happens in combat phase as a result.

Turn 5
Picks plays2 Nexus Crawlers and his Dreamspeaker Mage.

I bring out Family of Five and give Thornclaw an Improvised Weapon.

I lose a Gift to Oracle of Sobek.

Mnesis Dreams is completed. Picks retrieves Strange Rain and shuffles it back into his deck.

He then plays another Strange Rain from his hand.

Old Storm Chaser has 11 Gnosis so can actually be Alpha.

He attacks the Nexus Crawler and plays Bum Rush. He brings in the Enticer with the Crystal Knife and the Eye of Luna so it has 9 Gnosis, meaning the Crawler does nothing. Picks does still have to play random though and makes faces at playing Sucker Punch for something that has the Rage for it, so doesn't get the damage bonus. He actually doesn't kill it because of the random play.

He finishes off the Crawler with a Gaia's Vengeance.

Fenris: 1
Picks: 25

Playtest notes:
I played one Harry. Everything else I got out and never got to use because I could never get in combat or actually play stuff once there.

I was attempting to try out how Harry worked if you got to play multiple actions and if it could create an endless cascade. Never getting into combat meant I never got to see what Harry did in multiples.

I also failed to set up the crazy scenario of Ghouled Bubasti Kinfolk +Spring the Trap. TWO Fast Striking actions = world of hurt... if only I'd got the combo set up...

Picks has used Feast of Fury in a different deck and it just doesn't seem to be cutting the mustard. (see previous playtest reports in the Rage Sessions forum)

Barring someone else testing it and going "why, yes, this is AWESOME" it's currently headed for the chopping block. Not just broken cards get axed, subpar ones get axed as well!
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