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Subject: 35 days left in army - game choice of the day! rss

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Raiko Puust
Harju Maakond
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Raiko & Agnes Forever! Feel the Love and Feel the Warmth. Happiness is 2 hugs plus 3 kisses every hour...:D (
Addicted Estonian gamer with big heart and direct winning attitude. Need any help with something, just ask. Need some GG for something, just ask. Need something to be translated, just ask. Meanwhile, behave! :D (

Hello to everyone who might happen to read this. My name is Raiko and I have a little session report here I want to write to you about. About the title - on the 18th of February I had 100 days left to serve my country in the army, so I decided to play a game every day and then write a session about them. You can read them all in the Geeklist Geeklist Project: 100 days left to serve in the army!. For my 66th game I played a little game of Crunch or as we know the game here in Estonia - MASU. The translation means economical pressure. A fun game for people who know cards sleight of hand.

The Game

I bought this game because all the media here in Estonia that talk about board games, told about this game as if it were new Estonian game, not mentioning that it is just translated into Estonian. I was thinking that we might finally have a great Estonian card game or something like that and beside the game came out the same time I had finished my conseps for my own MASU card game, which is still very very different game. After buying that I saw that the game is actually just Crunch, but since Crunch is a fun game, I regret nothing. Is it actually possible to regret buying a board game??
Well, for the game I had to take only Marko. I wanted to play this one with Rivo, who I was mentoring about the card maginc and cards sleight of hand, so this could have been like a practise or exam for him. I really like that this game has these cool rules that let you steal as much cards as you can, just as long you're not caught doing it. But I'm not sad that I had to play that game with Marko. He is very smart and honest guy, besides he and me are to only ones who have degrees from college. So we have thing to talk about.
The first game was more like teaching game for him and reminding game for me. I was too eager to steal cards in the first game and I stle from the wrong place (from my own hand) which finally led me to a place that I had no more help from the coverment and I had to declare bakrupt. Sadly I lost the first game and Marko won me quite easily, and what is even worse - he won playing fair. He didn't steal any cards, only the ones he got himself honeslty. Without more talk, the final score for the first game:
[]Makro -> High Risk (1m-1c)
Medium Risk (2m-3c)
High Risk (1m-1c)
Final score: 2+1+1+5+2+2+2+3+3(double)+3(double)=30 million

Raiko -> Medium Risk (2m-3c)
High Risk (2m-3c)
Final score: 4+7+3=14 million BANKRUPT[/b]

As can be seen from the scoreI lost bad. I stole, I cheated, I did everything that a banker must do, but I still lost. Well, actually I lost, because I was stupid and I tended to correct that mistake in the next game. Marko won, and he did got the game that well...
So, the second game I was real card shark. I used every card sleight of hand I knew and had learned since my childhood. Well, Marko saw nothing, and I stole more and more and more, while keeping the cards in my hands in a way that when needed I would be able to cover the sum needed. Marko played very carefull, always calculating and keeping his work power under control. I guess it is smart way to play and to last forever in this way, but someone has to take the risks. And I took the risks a lot and I got luck few times as well. I used all my coverment help I had until finally I decleared bankrupt, once again, but this time I had collected a pretty nice fortune for myself. And since Marko played openly and fair, I always saw his fortune and I knew exactly how much I needed to win him, but winning this time wasn't enough any more, I had to Crush him, well to Crunch him, anyways....the final scores for the second game:
Marko -> High Risk (1m-1c)
Medium Risk (3m-5c)
Low Risk (2m-3c)
High Risk (3m-5c)
Final score: 3+2+3+4+5+1+2+1+6+1+1+1+2+1+1+1+4+2+7+5+3+2+1+3=64 million

Raiko -> High Risk (5m-7c)
Medium Risk (3m-5c)
Medium Risk (2m-3c)
Low Risk (3m-5c)
Final Score: 7+7+4+3+2+1+1+1+2+3+4+9+3+3+4+2+2+2+1+2+4+6+7+4+4+4+3+2+1+1+1+3+4+4+3+1+2+5=120 million BANKRUPT

As can be seen from the final scores, that I got him good. I stole money like a real banker. I stole from the money dack, from my hand, from my investments, from his investments, from his hand, his money, well, from everwhere... This time I got the game good. I guess this is why I like this game, I don't have to do anything, just steal and hope that no one would see my great card magic...
So this was my 66th game in the series. Only 34 more games to go. Til next time.
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