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Tery Noseworthy
United States
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November 5 - November 7, 2004
Lord Wakefield Hotel, Wakefield, MA

Lobster Trap started a few years ago as a weekend-long, invitation-only game event in Gloucester, MA. Its first incarnations were held at Charbanova, Aaron Weissblum's art studio. However, despite the cool surroundings of Charbanova (funky art, water view),it needed a new home. Charbanova wasn't big enough to accomodate an
expansion, its plumbing is testy and Gloucester is really only convenient for Aaron, Mark and I. So this time 'round we ended up at the Lord Wakefield Hotel in Wakefield, MA. We still had a water view, albeit of a lake instead of the ocean, and it was generally conveniently located for all. (Especially Pitt and Craig, who chose the location. Hmmm .. . . . ) We had somewhere in the range of 70
attendees, many from outside of Massachusetts and some from as far away as Oregon! States represented included Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, N Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, Oregon and I am sure I am leaving some out. We were SUPPOSED to have representation from Colorado, but apparenly Angela was playtesting a new game called "Fence Installation". 25% of the attendees were female, or, to quote Michael Weston "gamer chicks", a term I plan to adopt - much cooler than "girl gamer"

Here are the games I played:

Game 1:Sean Donohue, David Landes, Alan Moon, Bob Scherer-Hoock, Mark Noseworthy, Tery

Game 2: Mark Noseworthy, Pitt Crandlemire, Becky Smiles, Janet Moon, Adam Smiles

This was the initial game of the con. I'd been anxious to try it since we bought it sight unseen for my 6 1/2 year old niece who loves all things frog. A light racing game, where 6 colored frogs are lined up in a row. Each player simultaneously selects a tile numbered 1 to 6; if your number is higher than that of the frog in front of you, you
move up until you hit a frog who has an equal or higher number. After all 6 tiles have been played, points are awarded based on finish. The last 3 places get a "tadpole"; tadpoles are worth nothing unless, over the course of the 3 races that comprise the game, you can get at least 2. In the 3rd round, there is one spot that is the frying pan; if you end the game there, you are disqualified.

There are always 6 frogs in the game; those not assigned to a player have their tiles flipped over at random. Later in the weekend, Kurt lost to one of these unassigned frogs . . .

We had fun with this, but it was definitely light - a good filler. I cannot remember who won - it might have been Alan.

CODA: Sean Donohue, David Landes, Radonna Crandlemire, Tery

Still a good, short deduction game. Sean won.


Game 1:Alan Moon, Bob Sherer Hoock, Sean Donohue, David Landes, Pitt Crandlemire, Tery

Game 2: Becky Smiles, Mikael Sheikh, Steffan O'Sullivan, Tery

Game 3: Bobby Warren (sans hat), Mark Noseworthy, Rob Simon, Radonna Crandlemire, Tery

This was probably the most-played game of the weekend. A board gameversion of 6 Nimmt, with a few key changes. There are no bull heads;instead, rows are assigned varying lengths; if you play the tile, you finish the row and get the points listed. Low numbers that cannot be played no longer clear a row of the player's choice; they are now
played at the end of the row with the highest number. There are some rows where everyone plays 2 tiles and some rows with happy cows; when these happy cows are in play, points are good and send you backwards along the scoring track. There is also a nice catch-up feature in which, the first time a player passes a mad cow on the scoring track,
tiles are played face up,one at a time in order starting with the leader, giving the person in last complete information before they play a tile. It's light, it's heavy on the luck, but it is fun. Pitt won the first game, Becky won the second and Bobby won the third.

CARCASSONE THE CITY: Bob Sherer Hoock, Sean Donohue, Jessica Robert, Tery

The latest Carc. It comes in a lovely wooden box. Was it different? It was, although I am not sure it was different enough to send me running out to get a copy. It starts in much the same way as all the Carcs, although there are no farms. Tiles can be played just about anywhere;
the only thing that needs to match are the roads. You can play your conehead meeples (I think they are called guards) on roads, markets (which work like cities in the previous versions) or city areas. Roads and markets score as you're used to, and cities work like farms, scoring for the number of markets.

Tiles are divided into 3 piles; after the first pile has been depleted, the wall comes into play. After the first scoring occurs, each player starting with the person who caused the scoring places a section of wall around the city (the first time this happens, the player who cause the scoring places the gate piece); the player may also place a meeple on the wall - the meeple will score for anything
he can see. The person who caused the scoring may also place a tower, which scores for the number of wall sections it is away from the gate.

Every time scoring occurs, the wall happens again. In the 3rd round, you place 2 wall pieces. Once there are 5 or fewer spaces with no wall, the game ends.

It was fun, and I liked it about as much as I like Carc (good game that I am not likely to suggest often but will play if others want to). Sean dented Bob and crushed Jess and I for the win.

POWER GRID: Jessica Robert, Mark Noseworthy, Richard Spoonts, Sean Donohue, Tery Gaudet

This continues to rank in my top 5 games. The power plants came out very strangely, with only one of the larger ones coming out before the game was coming to a close. In the end, Sean and I both had 15 cities, but he could power 13 and I could only power 12 - I knew this was going to happen, but I had no options for increasing my power plant.

LA CITTA: Kurt Adam, Marion Adam, Mark Noseworthy, Tery Gaudet

Another one of my favorites. Food was tight, and I kept hoping Mark wouldn't be able to feed his people, but he managed to do so exactly for the victory.

The Friday night dinner game: At the Thai restaurant, my food was served in a giant ceramic chicken, much to our amusement.

JOHNNY CONTROLETTI: Mark Noseworthy, Mikael Sheikh, Craig Massey, Steffan O'Sullivan, Allison Hansel, Tery

A good little game that doesn't seem to get any respect. Each player starts with the same distribution of cards adding up to $13K. On your turn, you role the colored die; the player whose color came up makes you a face-down offer of one or more cards. You can choose to accept the offer, or you can choose to role the 6-sided die. Once the die is
rolled the card(s) played are revealed. If the number rolled is higher than what was offered, the offerer must make another offer. If the number rolled is the same, the player just takes it. If the number rolled is lower, the offerer takes the card(s) back into their hand, and the person whose turn it is must pay them the same amount. The
game ends as soon as someone has $25K. Mark won.

CELEBRITIES: Janet Moon and Tery Gaudet, Becky Smiles and Pitt Crandlemire, Mark Noseworthy and Lucia Schultz, Michael Robert and Jessica Robert

Another one of my favorite games! A genius invention of Peter Sarrett that I have yet to play in his marketed version of Time's Up as it is so much fun when people put in their own choices. For example, I now know all about Jem, the pink-haired cartoon rock star. My SO put in
Gary Geiger-something, inventor of D&D. NOT a good move, since the 3 players who knew who he was were the 3 who kept pulling it out of the bag. Pitt and Becky took an early lead, but Janet and I had amazing 2nd and 3rd rounds and pulled out the victory.

CORSARI: Michael Weston, Evan Tannheimer, Mark Noseworthy,Tery
I was really tired when we played this, but I liked it. I definitely want to play it again, perhaps when I am actually awake.

TABOO: Michael Robert, Evan Tannheimer and Tery vs.Michael Weston, Mark Nosworthy and Jessica Robert

Hey look! Another one of my favorite games! I was supposedly on my way to bed, when this got waved under my nose and I couldn't resist. We won, although it was close.

CATCH PHRASE:Michael Robert, Evan Tannheimer and Tery vs.Michael Weston, Mark Nosworthy and Jessica Robert

What better way to annoy your fellow late-night gamers? We won.

PUERTO RICO:Dawn McNeill, Rich Harding, Mark Noseworthy, Tery

We went old school. The final scores were 54, 53, 51, 61 - a tense game. Mark won.

WIZARD: Radonna Crandlemire, Anthony Sciola, Dawn McNeill, Richard Harding, Mark Nosweorthy, Tery

BANG WITH DODGE CITY AND HIGH NOON EXPANSIONS: Jessica Robert, Dawn McNeill, Anthony Sciola, Richard Harding, Mark Noseworthy, Radonna Crandlemire, Ricardo Sedan, Tery

After we finally figured out the expansion rules (Da Vinci could use some rules-writing help) the freakin' outlaws won.

WYATT ERP: Radonna Crandlemire, Marion Adam, Becky Smiles, Tery

Becky won handily.

SMARTY PARTY, GAMERS EDITION: A whole bunch of people. My team was Aaron Bass and Tami Whitsett.

Pitt ran this group event, which worked just like regular Smarty Party except that you had a team and every question was about games. It was great. We were in the lead for most of the game, but we tanked on a couple of questions and Craig Massey, Maion Adam and Berna Torr pulled out the victory. This was great. It was especially fun watching Alan's team tank during "Areas of the San Marco Board". Luckily his team was the reader for the "Designers Alan Moon has worked with" question! Kudos to Pitt for putting this together.

POUNCE: Radonna Crandlemire, Becky Smiles. Micchael Weston, Richard Spoonts, Berna Torr

Fun with plungers.

TUCHULCHA: Bobby Warren, David Landes, Bruce Whitehill, Tery

After we got through the very confusing rules (oh look, it's a Da Vinci game), we finally figured out that we were essentially playing Parcheesi - a fun verion of Parcheesi, though. Your goal is to get all of your pieces from your home area to the temple. The person with the most pieces in there one player is out of pieces wins. You can knock
other players' pieces off the board by landing one or more of your pieces on the same spot (you must have equal to or more pawns as there are on the spot); these pieces are knocked to the forest and are out of play.

However, if you can manage to have 3 pieces in the forest on your turn, you can invoke Tuchlucha. At this point, your goal is to prevent even one more piece from reaching the temple. Only one player can invoke Tuchlucha, but another player can invoke another god for another path to victory. A nice idea so that you are never completely out of the game, even if you are really behind, but we couldn't see
how often invoking Tuchlucha would come into play. I should have won, but I am a total bonehead and David won.

EINFACH GENIAL: Bobby Warren, David Landes, Bruce Whitehill, Tery

VICTORY AND HONOR: Richard Spoonts and Tery vs Michael Weston and Adam Smiles

Another game that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Richard and I are pretty much unbeatable when we play together, but Adam and Michael gave us a good run.

GOLDBRAU: Adam Smiles, Michael Weston, Mark Noseworthy, Tery

A good game that seems to have gotten lost in the Essen shuffle. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, based on previous reviews, but I did. I like that choosing the same option as another player didn't shut you out. It was clear towards the end that Michael and I were in contention for the victory. At the end of the last round, Adam played
several share cards, but it wasn't enough. I squeaked out a win with $2 more than Michael. Final scores: Tery $84, Michael $82, Mark $46 and Adam $64. It helped that the slutty, er I mean pretty waitress spent most of her time in my beer garden.

Another fun Lobster trap -can't wait until next year!

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United States
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Just a great concept
This sounds like a terrififc event. So cool in fact that I think I will start one of my own. I'm certain I could get at least 20 Geeks to show up. There is a motel in the little town about 4 miles from my place and the Boise International Airport is a mere 40 miles distant. I think we could rent the local Moose Lodge or maybe the Grange Building and the rural setting pretty much assures there will be few distractions from the joy of gaming.

For the more adventurous Geeks we could always do a little late night cow-tipping and there's a bar/pool hall joint in town.

Anyone interested in combining scenic Idaho and gaming for a week-end email me and I'll start a list.

Lobster Trap huh? A very, very cool idea.
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Randy Cox
United States
South Carolina
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1024x768 works just fine - Don't Wide the Site!
Missing old BGG
Tery, I believe Michael Weston is from SOUTH Carolina, not North.

Was Aaron there? I didn't see his name in the game writeups.
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Scott Henshaw
United States
East Bridgewater
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Aaron W. was there as was Aaron Bass.
Aaron W. did win the 1st nights Texas Holdem Tourney in a showdown vs. Pat O'Brien.
I was only there Friday, so can't speak for the rest of the weekend.
I will note that I played Pitts position in Terry's 1st game of TANZ DER HORNOCHSEN, while he answered an important phone call, this lead directly to his victory against Tery.
I felt dirty! Made up for it later by eliminating Pitt in the Poker Tourney!
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