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Dear readers, this is the fifteenth part of a series of article from me on the minis that I have collected. If you are reading this series of article for the first time, I do suggest that you try to read articles I posted earlier for a much better feel and understanding about these minis here:


I love minis and use them frequently in my board games session, RPG session and in my own miniature board game setting. This series of article concerns with the list of my Top 20 Most Treasured Minis of all time, in no particular order. All these minis were chosen based on my personal preference and evaluation. This article is a way of me sharing my views and enthusiasm on minis with other mini collectors and gamers no matter who and where they are. There will be more articles coming up, as soon as I can take some time to write it and post it here. These articles are strictly my personal views and I welcome any constructive feedback or opinion. I am not sure how much readers value such reviews but I'm writing this more of my passion in mini collection. Thanks for taking your time reading and hope you enjoy them.

Note: I have also added stars rating for each category that I use to evaluate minis, just for readers to understand how the minis were rated according to my standard. Five stars rating is the best.

Minis and Learning in Life
Having played so many mini board games and having a stock pile of minis as my collection, I notice sometimes I don’t play for just the sake of playing it as a game. The minis that come with an intriguing background story (though sometimes can be slightly too dramatic) are the ones that really make me think, and learn. I always subconsciously check and see what I learn from such stories. For example, Artemis Entreri is a fantastic dark character, created to demonstrate just how evil a person may become and how this ruthless assassin lives and suffers from his own weakness, and the defective or inferior personality of some human beings, because he showed how it caused more harm than good to others and to the world.

Perhaps I have this instinct and a habit of learning mainly as a person who works in academic industry, it is like a second nature to me to explore and discover what can be learned in a human perspective. I fully understand that these mini characters are fictional characters, but it has all the thoughts and ideas from its creators, where there is always something to learn and appreciate from the minis we play. By doing this, looking deeper than normal, I gain more value from the minis and the game too. That’s really nice as not only minis give me hell lots of fun time, it is also another avenue for learning about life itself. Having this thoughts in mind, I love minis even more.. laugh

Some personal thoughts about minis and I must stop myself from bragging too much. Back to my mini review, the fifteenth Top 20 Most Treasured Mini of all time. She is one of my most anticipated mini when I opened every box of Angelfire D&D mini expansion. She is my next Top 20 Most Treasured Mini of all time:

Fifteenth Most Treasured Mini

Mina Dark Cleric

Mina is a character from the Dragonlance universe’s series of story where she went through extreme hardship in life, where through that process, lost her sense of living direction and even went through a painful life of committing evil deeds. This is a story about a lost soul who was unsure of her own self in a world of evil and later rediscovered her true identity and rise. Her life is a legend and many who knows about it would sympathize her journey in life and respect her courage and strength. This is the story of Mina, a god hidden from others for balancing the universe.. She has very high level as a cleric and some levels in Righteous Zealot class. The picture on top is the real mini while the second one showing Mina paying her last respect during the death of Takhisis.

Character Design Mina was an "extra" God of Light that if her existence was made known and put into effect, she would disrupt the balance between good and evil gods and that may stir up unwanted conflicts and unimaginable magnitude of troubles among gods. Therefore she was made human in an attempt to conceal her true identity. She was found on the shores by fishermen and later raised as a child in Citadel of Light as orphanage. Due to her brightness and boldness in asking questions, she was fast becoming the favorite to Goldmoon. Later she abruptly left them in search of god and found the “One God”, Krynn, which was actually later revealed as Takhisis, the evil God, who effectively poison her mind. Takhisis quickly made Mina his powerful dark paladin, leading his army with a trusted minotaur general called Galdar in an attempt to dominate the world.

Many heroes and powerful individuals fell to her charm and influence as she was exceptionally beautiful and elegant with a unique and outstanding persona. Making the list of admirers, even the Elf King, Silvanoshei has fallen in love to Mina too, such was her power of attraction. Later, Takhisis was defeated by Raistlin Majere and Tasslehoff Burrfoot where she was punished and had her godhood revoked and being made a mortal, which then killed by Silvanoshei. Much later, in the events of some unbelievable twist of fate, the Elf King was in turn killed by Mina..shake

After the demise of Takhisis, Mina serve another god, Chemosh, God of Death. She later met a monk and questions began to surface in Mina’s mind about her past and her true meaning in life. In one major event, she was found unconscious during one of her mission to raise the tower of Istar from the middle of the Blood Sea and during the gathering of gods, finally it was discovered and later revealed by Mantis God, Majere, that Mina was actually a lost God of Light, tricked into believing she was a mortal by Takhisis and served the dark side. Mina somehow overheard the conversation from the gods about her past and took it real hard. Conflicts started to evolve among gods trying to lure Mina into dark force while others try to stop such evil intention and this has come to a point where Mina finally decided not taking any side, neither the dark side nor the light, and became a force on her own. She eventually transformed into the God of Tears, where her main concern is the pain from grief and loss that humans suffer, regardless of good or evil alignment of people. Unlike other gods, she doesn’t have clerics that worship her, nor does she accepts any followers, in which she will personally interfere any matters when really necessary, instead of using third parties.

Mina’s story is quite touching and it’s full of drama. It makes sense to me that this character reflected a very strong side of a female character and yet, she was also flawed by her past and her true identity. I find it quite amusing and really like it… thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup

Equipment – She is using a powerful magical half plate armor, with a legendary mace called Mina’s Kiss! The mace can turn enemies that are killed by this weapon to become an undead, revived without a soul and serve Mina! She wears really authentic gloves and boots, with some cool looking necklace too.. laugh thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup

Rarity – I get only one of this mini out of 28 boxes of Angelfire expansion. I was really waiting to get this mini because I have read her story and really love to make her one of my collection. The moment I got it from the box, the feeling was absolutely sensational and no word may describe the level of satisfaction during that moment.. I was jumping and pumping my fist in the air out of excitement because I knew very well that to get this unique mini, it’s all down to luck.…just unbelievable.. shake thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup

Sculpture/Coloring – The design of the mini is very nice. She wears a black armor and if you pay more attention, you may even notice her armor is downright sexy … Her cloak was in black color with a nice red touch of design at the edge. Her helm is cool and truly making her so elegant and attractive. Simply awesome piece of work, looks simple but outstanding not without class.. zombie thumbsup thumbsupthumbsup

Pose – She looks so cool with her pose, holding down her deadly mace and seem to be inviting someone for a chat, just so relax.. But please don’t be fooled by her appearance, because if you read my review properly, she lead a team of army and I’m pretty sure she is darn deadly when it comes to battle and dealing pain to anyone tries to be funny to her…cool thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup

Usability – A good looking female mini is always a welcome. She is extremely useful not only that she can be used as any female cleric or any female non fighter class character, she is also most suitable for many female characters in RPG session.. She is one of the most important female character in my augmented mini board game system and she may use her Mina’s Kiss , the deadly mace to the level of violent…superb quality with great usability… wow thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup

Overall – This mini a top class product according to my standard, no doubt about it. She is only one of the extremely few, most useful female mini for me, and I don’t think it is an overstatement. Some female minis may look prettier or have excellent qualities in certain areas but none has the completeness and perfectness as Mina has it, period.

Next review, I will post the second part of Outstanding Uncommon Mini Review and as mentioned earlier, this time it consist of my favorite uncommon dwarfs, halflings, undeads, “see-through” and perhaps something extra too.. So, until the next review, have an enjoyable board game day…
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