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Subject: Ambush at New Trieste rss

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Giles Dorrington
United Kingdom
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
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The bitter street fighting in the ruins of New Trieste continued unabated; neither side willing to relinquish their hold on the city. Two New Anglican Confederation recon squads had penetrated deep into the city but were now short of ammunition and supplies. An armoured relief column had been dispatched but, unbeknown to them; an Outrim Coalition strike platoon had managed to get into position to ambush the relief column.

The Forces Involved.

The NAC forces involved consist of the two recon squads and the relief column comprising one supply vehicle, three APCs (each with one squad of line infantry), and a command team in a support APC. All of the NAC units are eight man squads with assault rifles, RPGs, light support weapons, and partial body armour; except the two recon squads who are equipped with advanced assault rifles but no body armour.

The OC force consists of two squads of strike infantry with advanced assault rifles, RPGs, and full body armour. A third squad includes two snipers. All the OC squads consist of six troopers. There is also a small HQ squad of three, with a heavy mortar.

The Battle:

As can be seen from the photo the NAC relief column is nearing the area where the recon squads are holding out, and the trap is about to be sprung.

The battle opens with the OC squads flanking the main road taking out the support APC at the head of the column and the APC at the tail. However, all the troops on board manage to bail out successfully but the squad at the tail end of the column immediately comes under fire from the OC squad occupying the factory at the eastern end of the battlefield.

The other NAC squads disembark and take cover in the buildings on either side of the road while the remaining APCs and the supply vehicle carry on westwards, out of harms way. One of the NAC squads threatens to cut off the retreat of the OC squad to the south of the road and comes under fire from them, suffering casualties. However, fire from the NAC squad to the north in turn causes casualties amongst the OC squad and in the confusion, the other OC squad, in the buildings to the north of the road, fails to activate. Meanwhile the NAC recon squads and surviving APCs move up in support.

Realising that they are in danger of being surrounded, the isolated OC squad make a break for it, but suffer more casualties from the NAC squad to the north. At the same time, the northern most NAC recon squad attempts to sneak round and infiltrate the building currently occupied by OC troops. Unfortunately, the OC squad spots them advancing in the open and inflicts heavy casualties, forcing them to withdraw, and afterwards begins to withdraw themselves.

By now the isolated OC squad is finally broken, as is the NAC squad that was blocking their way. However, the NAC APCs are now in position and long range covering fire from their HMGs, although intitially inaccurate, causes confusion amongst the remaining OC troops.

The retreating OC squad finally makes it back to their lines and into cover but, before they can bring their RPG to bear on the NAC APCs they begin to take casualties from the HMGs, including their RPG.

The OC commander now has no weapons capable of taking out the NAC APCs at long range, whereas their HMGs continue to be a threat. Recognising that his position is untenable, the OC commander orders a general retreat.


Although the OC force finally retreated and failed to stop the supply vehicle getting through, they destroyed two APCs, two regular squads, and inflicted heavy casualties upon one of the recon squads. In return they lost one of their own squads and suffered a few other casualties.


As this was my first full game using the Forge of War rules (my only previous game was in effect lining up a couple of squads to get used to the firing mechanic) this was still very much a learning experience. However, I found the game very easy to pick up and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to incorporate things like armoured vehicles and indirect fire. I was also impressed that the scenario worked out to be fairly well balanced in the end, which isn't always easy to do with a new set of rules

I guess my only reservation was that some weapons, notably the assault rifles, seemed almost too effective and that IMHO hard cover didn't offer enough protection. However, this may just be a reflection of the fact that the game featured lightly armoured troops, i.e. with a bit of body armour and not much else. Whatever, it's a very easy rules system to tinker with and tailor to your style of play.

For the next one I'll get the power armour and the tanks out devil
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