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The Price of Freedom: The American Civil War 1861-1865» Forums » Variants

Subject: Variant Modifiers rss

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John Griffey
United States
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Western Theater Winter & Summer Weather Modifiers.

-1 MA in Western Theater Northern home regions, and Kentucky regions, in Winter, which is Campaign Phases 3 & 4 of even numbered Turns (January, February, & March).

-1 MA in Western Theater Southern* home regions in Summer. Summer is Campaign Phases 2 & 3 of odd numbered turns (May 15 to August 15).

*Kentucky is not a Southern home region for purposes of this modifier, even if Kentucky is loyal to the South.

Reason: Western Theater regions are geographically huge. There should be some penalty for moving in Western Theater in the Midwest's brutal winters and the South's brutal summers. In historical fact, the brutal heat and drought in the Southwest in Summer 1862 was a major factor in the North's inability to follow up its victory at Shiloh. It's still hot from August 16 to September 30, but by then draft animals have become stronger from summer forage. In addition, June is usually the rainiest month across the South. For these two reasons, I prefer Phases 2 &3 over Phases 3 & 4 as the "Summer" months.

Withdrawal Before Battle Die Roll Modifiers (16.4)
-1 if army is 50% or more spent. (No change from original rule.)

+1 if withdrawing overland into a friendly controlled home region.
Reason: Withdrawal is easier in home country than in enemy country.

+MAM of the attacking army.

Reason: the MAM of the defending army should not be used. Hood (+1 MAM) was worse, not better at withdrawing than Joe Johnston (+0 MAM) or McClellan (-1 MAM). Aggressive commanders such as Hood, Lee and Grant were not any better at withdrawing than less aggressive commanders.

Interception Die Roll Modifiers
+ MAM of each army.
-1 if army is spent.
+1 if intercepting from a home Eastern Theater region to a home Eastern Theater region.

Reason: Eastern Theater regions are geographically much smaller than Western Theater regions. It should be difficult for armies to march around enemy armies in the Eastern Theater.

End Phase Campaign Attrition: Roll a Die, if DR > or Equal to 10, Remove a Corps.
+ Number of corps in region.
+X for region type:
----- +0 in friendly capital* region..
----- +1 in friendly resource region or enemy capital* region.
----- +2 in friendly non-resource region or enemy resource region.
----- +3 in enemy non-resource region.
+1 army is spent.
+1 unsupplied army (ignore if one USA corps in coastal region).
+1 Cavalry raid card played.

*Treat Philadelphia as a capital region for campaign attrition purposes.

Note: the DRMs above produce the same outcomes as the DRMs in the original rules, but I find it easier to compute DRMs when they're all positive, instead of a mix of positive and negative DRMs.

Example: Polk's army (1 corps = +1) is spent (+1) in Knoxville, a friendly non-resource region (+2). Polk's army is removed on a Campaign Attrition die roll of 6, because 6 +1 +1 +2 = 10.

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