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Subject: Letter from Art of L2 - Year in Review rss

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Leo Zappa
United States
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Posted over at Consimworld, but there's a fair number of wargamers over here that might be interested. This is a letter from publisher Art Lupinacci of L2 Design Group...

An excerpt from Art's letter:

Anyway, a year has gone by for me and I am going to quickly recap the year June 2009 to present).

a) I lost two relatives close and dear to me, one suddenly one of cancer b) my sister had her nasty divorce c) I have two serious business contracts that have developed into strong business entities and both require my attention d) my printer merged with 3 other ventures and moved to a bigger premise e) we currently run 2 households here, my own, and taking care of my father in law so he can remain in his. Try doing this.... see how it upsets your lifestyle. f) I am also involved in selling off his 40 year old Book Business g) I had a tax audit. Always fun.

Now, any one of these can cause delays. Put all this together and last year I bit off more than I could chew. My problems started June 1, 2009 when my mother in law became ill and passed away.

In hindsight, I should have taken a sabbatical and just stepped away for a year. This was probably a big mistake not doing so. My reasons for not are many and probably the dumbest is, "I CAN DO THIS!"

Oh well. Right now, to me, it is all water under the bridge. To those of you who are like Dan... ANGRY... and I am sure there are many of you.... I again apologize.

I thought I could handle everything. Problem was, every month or so, a new problem piled on. It has been a little over one year and I can't believe I got through it.

Regardless, I haven't lost interest in L2 Design Group. Let me make that perfectly clear. All that really happened was it kept slipping down the ladder of priority and at the end of a day, when I typically have all the energy in the world to do work until 2:00am, I had none and fell asleep. In bed, on the couch, at the computer...luckily, never behind the wheel.

Regardless, about a month ago, I told you I was back. I also said I would not be spending much time online. This is true and will continue for a bit. However, we have a minimum of 5 games that the artwork is almost completed and ready to submit to press and a large number of games still in development. I am not going to abandon any of these projects.

I have signed on a new game that will be released at WBC next year! This is a huge remake of an old, popular CLASSIC.

I have renegotiated new contracts and will be releasing more Jedko games and republishing The Russian Campaign in a 5th, Russia Besieged box format.

I have also set up new contracts with an engineering company to do our Mega line.

So, even thought it may seem to you that I am not around and doing nothing, it is far from the truth. I just can't cope withe work load from the past. That has changed because I don't have the ball'n'chain of my sisters problems hanging around my neck any more.

Lembit has been a source of support through all this and Robert has toiled away on various projects in the interim so that when my focus returned, we would be ready to pick up the pace.

Well, we are here. Probably a little late for many, but here I am.

Again, I am a phone call away and have always been.

416-236-7556 (Please don't call today, I am on a day off and going north with my family) Call Friday or Saturday if you want to throw a rotten tomato. You have the right.

I am sorry about Grand Fleet. However, I suspect that when you get it, you will forget about the grief it took to get there. The artwork is superb, Robert did a wonderful job on the counters and rules book and Lembit did some great development work on proofing on it.

I will put out the next game without a PRE-PUB. I will simply pay to print it and you can send in your payments and get the game immediately and we can start fresh from there.

I think sometimes we forget that, especially with wargames, those who publish these games are not huge corporate entities with a staff of employees, but often is a guy in his basement with a job. L2 has done some great things, and I'm looking foward to several of their games. Glad to see things are looking up.
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