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So we had a few games today. I thought they went kinda interestingly. Our games were 2pa without starting worlds. I got some new incite on certain strategies.

First of all I noticed that chasing after a prestige farmer is useless. I lost only once today and several of my victories afterwords my opponent admitted he had changed his play style to try to catch up to my prestige production which didn't work out very well.

I also got a chance to play Universal Peace institute twice when it was worth 11 and 9 points respectively. UPI always seemed like wheat Pan Galactic league wanted to be but never quite was. I always thought that PGL would be balanced if it had something to help it settle green worlds like how UPI gives -2 to regular worlds.

While on that subject Pan Galactic Mediator played out much better than I though it would. I had several games where I played it early for the prestige and later I got one of the many red -> cards there are now. Even the -1 military was rarely a hindrance.

Terraforming engineers showed hidden potential that I had never considered before. We were having an explore fight for a goal and were tied. With one settle action I put down a explore power and upgraded a world w/out one making me leader. Later we tied again when I removed an explore power (14 prestige federation capitol was just too good) but I still had the 5 points while he got only 3.

Probably our most interesting game started with me on the first turn drawing Alien Tech Institute off an explore where I already had A Roseta Stone. My first develop was the PG Moderator while my friend did research labs which I thought was weird. The very next turn we both seached for alien which honestly shocked me. I figured he must have Deserted alien world or alien cornucopia in his hand. After going past about 30-40 cards (why are they burried so deep?) and passing deserted alien world and about 5 other non yellow alien cards I hit departure point. Ugh I wasn't sure if I wanted a 9 cost world but I decided to keep it. He got the toy shop.

Upon playing ATI a few turns later my opponent lets out a big groan. Turns out he was playing alien to go along with the research labs. He is now +7ing almost every turn which he normally does so I don't take much notice but I know that he has to get alien cornucopia to stand even a chance at winning. Long story short we both end up playing a lot of alien cards. I get lucky and get the research team as well as a nice military (though I opt to settle some of the worlds with the team so the Pan galactic moderator gets me prestige). He succeds in finding the cornucopia.

On the last turn I plan to Settle settle cause I have the 6 non military halo alien as well as a 5 halo military and non military alien which will net me some nice points. He explores and develops which I'm sad about since I can't play any of the 6 devs in my hand but off the explore I get Interstellar Casus Belli. I almost over look it but I realize I can conquer some of his alien worlds worlds which is more net points than playing the worlds in my hand. In the end my tech institute is worth 20 points with 9 alien cards while his cornucopia is worth 12 with 6 alien cards. I end up winning by a decent margin thus ending the great alien war.
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