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Subject: The Second Doctor: Is That Dawn French? (6) rss

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Brian Dean
United States
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In his last adventure, the Doctor had successfully gathered a new Companion, a young scientist named Dorothy. The two of them had barely managed to defeat the Dalek plan to destroy time itself and now continued their travels in search of the Doctor’s missing granddaughter, Susan.

The Second Doctor
Brains 12, Brawn 4, Bravery 8
Aware, Charisma, Computers, Engineering, History, Running, Science, Thief
Equipment: TARDIS Key (e182)

Dorothy Malone McManus
Brains 8, Brawn 4, Bravery 7
Aware, Charisma, Engineering, Science
Personality: Appealing

Starting Luck: 8

Scaling: With 5 adventures behind him and 1 Companion by his side, the Doctor had to accept one element of scaling for this adventure. The roll indicated a Deadly Enemy, who would give a -1 DM when revealed.

With the -2 penalty imposed on setting the controls of the TARDIS in the 2nd Doctor’s era, he again failed to find the proper era of history. Instead, the pair reached the year 1962 and the TARDIS materialized in a quiet English village (a426) after an otherwise non-eventful voyage (no Vortex encounter this time). This Adventure location allows the Seek Information action using Charisma without first needing a Plot event, something they took immediate advantage of.

Turn 1: Seek Information (Charisma) – Stopping into the village pub, the pair began making discrete inquiries, trying to measure their surroundings and find out if anything might be amiss. It didn’t take long to find out something was indeed afoot: the pub was abuzz with discussion of various Missing Persons (e157) who had recently disappeared from the village. This gave a +1 DM and the ability to Investigate as a later Action. There would be a -1 penalty if any character were captured by the Enemy.

The event for the turn brought a Character encounter: a Priest (e072), who turned out to be a Priestess, entered the pub. It seemed appropriate that ‘Priestess’ for that time and place meant an Anglican Vicar, so that’s how I interpreted it in this case.

Wendy Pibury
Brains 5, Brawn 3, Bravery 6
Aware, Charisma, History, Running, Screamer
Personality: Curious

Having learned the value of Companions and finding her set of Traits a good compliment to the team, I decided to use the TARDIS key in an effort to recruit her for the team. This was successful, and she joined up. Her Bravery increased by 1 to 7 and 1 Luck was earned for the Doctor.

Her Brains roll for a Plot event was a failure, however. Apparently, although she was gravely concerned, Wendy knew no more than the travelers about what was going on.

Current DM: +1
Current Luck: 9

Turn 2: Investigate – Following up on the gossip overheard in the pub uncovered some more information but nothing critical. A +1 DM was earned but no specific event was triggered.

There was also no random event for this turn, making it a quiet one.

Current DM: +2
Current Luck: 9

Turn 3: Investigate – Continuing the search, the group roamed further afield. This time they struck paydirt: they discovered an Important Place (e082), which lead them to a Vital Weakness and another +2 DM. This also triggered a Goal event, which required revelation of the Enemy.

The Doctor had stumbled upon the Weeping Angels again, but perhaps this was no coincidence. The Goal was Escape Prison (e204), just as it had been during the previous encounter. Obviously, this group of Angels was trying to accomplish the same task as the earlier group – freeing some of their number from the temporal anomaly that seemed to have the TARDIS following its path along like a record needle in a groove.

The Goal gives a +2 DM for having Brains 25, Bravery 25, Charisma (3) and History (2). The group had the Brains down, and the Traits were also covered, but they were 3 short on the Bravery requirement at this point.

The Angels normally give a +1 DM but the scaling for this adventure counteracted that.

There was a random event this turn: in the middle of the Angels’ lair, the team discovered the remains of the one of missing people. A Brutal Death (e151) was indicated, but the roll to check for the Enemy’s presence was a failure. The Doctor also failed his Medicine roll so nothing useful was learned from the poor fellow’s remains.

Current DM: +4 (Goal 4)
Current Luck: 9

Turn 4: Plan (Bravery) – I wanted all the DM help I could get for the final confrontation, and there was plenty of time to spare, so the group did some planning for their final assault. Their initial efforts were only moderately successful: they earned a +1 to try again next turn.

This turn had no random event.

Current DM: +4 (Goal 4)
Current Luck: 9

Turn 5: Plan (Bravery) – The team continued to scout for weaknesses. Even with their bonus, they still couldn’t make any headway. In fact, there was no effect at all from this turn’s efforts.

During the scouting, Dorothy suddenly found herself in great danger. She managed to get herself stuck at the end of rope (e035), dangling in midair. Luckily, she was rescued by a young gentleman. Her Charisma roll, bolstered by her Appealing nature, was a success, and her rescuer joined the team as an Ally.

Sir Alistair Drake
Brains 5, Brawn 6, Bravery 5
Bureaucrat, Charisma, Marksman, History
Personality: Natural Leader

Sir Alistair did not bring any of his retainers with him, but his Bravery was enough to complete the Goal’s requirements. Another +2 DM for the team, and it was time to stop stalling and confront the Angels!

Current DM: +6 (Goal 4)
Current Luck: 9

Turn 6: Defeat Enemy - A roll of 6 plus the DM of 6 lead to a confrontation and another +1 DM. The battle was joined as the group burst in upon 2 Angels inside their isolated lair.

Weeping Angels
Brains 4, Brawn 8, Bravery 5

Wendy’s Screamer trait kicked in and she failed her Bravery roll, leaving her frozen in panic. This left only 2 characters with Aware, so the pair of Angels were not in their statue form.

The Doctor confronted them, attempting a Brains roll at -4 for their numbers. The initial roll was a failure, but a point of Luck was spent on a reroll. This time, it was a 7 – success! Their plans uncovered, the Angels retreated as the Doctor threatened to blow them up just as he had done with their kind in Scotland. After this, I imagine, he used his knowledge of the situation and some TARDIS technology to seal the temporal prison away for good. Victory!

Final: +3 Luck was earned for the Goal of 4 minus the Angel’s normal DM of 1. I assumed that the -1 DM from the scaling did not come into play here; the wording made it sound as if it were to be treated like an DM earned during play and not as a specific modification to the Enemy’s base value.

Wendy had already joined as a Companion, so I decided to spend the points in other ways. Dorothy learned Running under the tutelage of the others at a cost of 2 and I decided to make another Personality roll for Wendy at a cost of 3. She gained Adventurous, which matched her already existing Curious very well.

With 2 Companions a roll of 2 meant that, while somebody was apparently tempted, neither of the two left the TARDIS at this point.

Final Luck: +6

Notes: This was a short one. The dice just kept handing me DM bonuses, so there wasn’t as much of a feeling of achievement as I’ve gotten from most adventures. This is rather amusing since this time was the exact flipside of the first encounter with the Angels, where nothing went right at all!
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simon cogan
United Kingdom
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Those angels just keep coming back for more don't they?

Love your names for companions...
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