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Subject: Should I buy "If Wishes Were Fishes" rss

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Jesse Olivier
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If Wishes were Fishes is a game where players play as a fisherman. Everybody starts with single boat that allows them to catch and hold up to 2 fish. They use the fish to sell to the markets or even catch a fish that will grant them a special wish. Let’s take a look at the game.

1. Game-Play

In If wishes were fishes, your turn will consist of making a choice of one of three choices. There will be deck of fish/wish cards with four of them flipped up beside the deck. You can choose to either take one of the fish cards from the face up selection, paying one of your worms for each card that you have to travel. The closer cards in the deck (labeled the shallow end) are cheaper. for each one you go away from the deck will cost you one worm which you put on the cards for further incentive.
so you can 1. take the fish and put it in your boat. 2. take a fish and use the corresponding with on the card, or 3. sell one wish which you already own. The wishes cannot be saved however they there is a wish that gives you an extra boat for the game.
Now the part that you will be focusing on is selling fish to the market. There will be meeples that can be moved around to the different fish corresponding markets to increase the values of the market. there is one market for each kind of fish and has a set capacity that increases as others fill up as well has a set buying price of 2 gold per fish. the meeples moved around will increase the buying price of the market they are on.
the game ends when 4 markets close or the trash pile fills up (it fills if you sell fish to a market that is closed or if you remove other peoples fish to the pile through wishes)

2. Interactiveness

Although this games seems to be a pretty solo style of game; you can affect your opponent’s game play in quite a few ways. There is the obvious you can take the fish/wish they might need, you may be battling to fill up a market. This is important because when it is full the person with the majority of fish in it get a bigger bonus paid out. And the other substantial way you can affect others game is by using wishes. Moving meeples around so that they don't get a huge payout from one market as well as sending their fish to the trash pile. There are lots of opportunities for messing up their plans.

3. Game time

A game of If wishes were Fishes will take a little over a half an hour. If you are playing with more people, surprisingly the game will go faster because the markets will fill up faster. The game however is not that much faster.

4. Rules/difficulty

This game is absolutely a breeze to learn, both for your first time and teaching others. The rules are only 2 pages long with an extra page with an in depth description of each wish.
I have found that some younger players might be confused with some of the wish concepts and just collect fish and sell them normally, but this may have just been the people I was playing with

5. How well does it support different amounts of players

In my experience I have found that playing this game with 2 players is most enjoyable. It plays well with any number, but 2 or three is the best. If you want more battles for majority, then play with 3, but if you like a heads up feel then this game will be good for you

6. Components/Art

If I were to rate game solely on the components, If Wishes Were Fishes would be ranked in my top 5! The wooden meeples and fish are classic Rio Grande published pieces. Who can resist spilling these fishes out and seeing a wonderful fish rainbow! But the best part about this game is the currency. Everyone gets worms to buy the fish. These worms are made of rubber. There are three different models giving a little variety in the cash. the awesome part about them is they are stretchy beyond belief and they are super wiggly. It is just pure fun playing with them for both kids and adults alike
As for the art the pictures of the fish are pretty funny, there is a "swordfish", who is dressed like a warrior, a cat fish which just looks like a cat with fins among a few.

7. Fun-factor/ Who will like it?

This game is a light, filler type game. It contains an ok amount of strategy but there really isn’t much room for expanding your strategies. It is fun but may not be the game for you intense gaming group. I hold on to mine because it is a great game to play with younger players.

So that’s all for If Wishes Were Fishes. If you have any more questions about the game feel free to message me. I would be happy to answer them.

If this review has helped you in anyway, please consider donating some geek gold to the incentive of me making more reviews.

A new request in my reviews is would you please try to keep your posts about the game and the review? This review is written for those looking at getting the game and I would like to dedicate it to them. Please keep it clean. Good Luck gamers

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Andy Andersen
United States
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Just received this in the mail today. Thanks for the review.
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