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Madhujith Venkatakrishna
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I saw Tom Valsel's review and read a couple of reviews here and was intrigued more about this game. However I was a little apprehensive on some aspects and hence wanted to get your thoughts before making a buying decision.

- How well does this game play with 2?
- I heard Tom mention that there is a version 2.0 rules for this. How does this change the game? Better or for the worse?
- I own the following deep/strategy/economic games, so would this add value:
- Puerto Rico
- Caylus
- Through the Ages
- Imperial
- Steam
Macao, Notre Dame, Tigris & Euphrates, Agricola, Princes of Florence, Traders of Genoa, Race for the Galaxy, Powergrid & Powergrid: Factory Manager, Carson City etc. etc. Amongst others.

- How would you compare this in terms of depth/heaviness to say a Caylus or Imperial or TtA 9I know essentially they are different games, but general feeling of depth or light etc.)

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mark sellmeyer
United States
st louis
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I have only played the 2 player rules that are listed in the clouds of war expansion once. I usually play wealth of nations with 4 players. the only difference between the two is that with 2 players you have to buy and sell commodities to the market and not other players (taking out the trading aspect of the game). It was still a good game, tighter that usual, only 3 rounds vs the 5 in a usual game.

I have played most of the games you have listed. have not played through the ages but have played imperial and caylus many times. The learnability is about the same as those two games, but also has the nuances of experience that both other games offer.

wealth of nations is a very unique abstract ecomomic supply and demand game with the logistics and strategy of players competing for space on a central board.

my only concern with the base game is that over many plays the player who started with and kept control of the labor commodity had a bit of an advantage in the ability to control the end of the game, but this has not been the case with the new rules and added expansion pieces.
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