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Subject: Wail of the Banshee rss

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Mike Em
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(Credits roll across the screen, as a fierce thunderstorm rages in the background)

Host: Mike

Mike - Harlow Morgan
David - The Scarlet Shadow
Jason - Isabella Von Took
Lily - Brother Marcus
Villain - Banshee - Competitive mode.

in a Flying Frog Production...
Wail of the Banshee
(sfx: screen fades to black before showing an panaramic view of our heroes being relentless chased and beaten across the board.)

The morning found our heroes scattered across the land. They finally knew the assailant that had been terrifying Shadowbrook was an evil spirit. A Banshee whose scream could steal your life away. Harlow Morgan walked cautiusly into the church. Hearing a sound behind him, he slowly moved his hand down to the sabre he had carried since the night at the manor. He whirled around and raised his find Isabella Took standing behind him. "You," he snarled,"followed me here cause you can't find your own leads...typical."

The noblewoman strode briskly past him and into the vestibule. "To battle this spirit, our own faith must be strong. Where is Reverend Harding? I will not stand here with the likes of you!" She stormed off into another room. Harlow listened to the sound of her footsteps disappearing. He stood alone, thinking. Suddenly he looked up and saw bright light streaming through a stained glass window. A moment later, the light faded and it was as though nothing had happened. A sign, he thought and left the church, feeling his spirits raised.

Meanwhile the Scarlet Shadow and Brother Marcus searched the Echo Lake area for clues leading towards the Banshee. As Marcus scoured the Inn and bog, he heard the sounds of fighting from the nearby docks. Creeping through the bushes, he peeked out to see the Scarlet Shadow in a deadly battle with a barrow shade. Bastard's crazy, he thought and settle down to watch. A moment later, the barrow shade dissipated as the Shadow ran it through with his blade. Brother Marcus sat unobserved, quietly amazed as the Shadow stalked off towards the Olde Woods.

Back in town, Isabella and Harlow were deep in battle with a pair of cultists. Isabella fired her revolver into the face of hers and watched its head explode. She turned to help Morgan, but the cultist was long gone. Morgan lay at her feet in a pool of blood. She turned back towards the woman the cultists were chasing. "Lady Hanbrook" she gasped. "I did not expect to see you tonight."

Hanbrook looked guiltily away. "I have to be going. There's something I must discuss with the Magistrate." Isabella watched Lady Hanbrook stride away. Suspicious, she thought.

The next morning, Lady Hanbrook's body was found in front of the Town Hall. Isabella began investigating the Magistrate while the other heroes ventured about the countryside. As the day passed, their investigation yielded even more information. But eventually, the clouds moved in and darkness fell.

The banshee struck again. And again. Shadowbrook was a ghost town by morning. Harlow heard a rumor about the old Monastary grounds and set off, determined to beat the other adventurers. Upon arrival, the Monastary was eerily quiet. "Hello" he called down a dark hallway. He could hear something shuffling towards him. He quickly grabbed his weapons and stood ready for a fight. But it was a tiny old man who came around the corner, a shovel in one hand and burlap sack in the other. He was covered in dirt and looked to have not bathed in a long time. Harlow relaxed a little, while trying to hold his nose. "Has the banshee been here too?" he asked the old man.

The old man's mouth opened in a nauseuas grin. "She has m'lord! She has n'deed!" he laughed as he sprung at Harlow. Harlow tried to back awway but suddenly felt the shovel collide with the side of his head. Everything went black.

The next thing he knew, he was lying in front of the town hall. He quickly moved to Doctor Manning's office and found it empty. He walked outside to discover the inhabitants of Shadowbrook were gone. He found a note at the magistrate's office and quickly sped off to find the other adventurers.

As twilight in Shadowbrook approached, Marcus managed to track the Banshee to its lair at the Monastary. In the battle that followed, he greatly wounded the banshee before being killed. Isabella Von Took saw the brutally mangled body and wisely chose to run for her life. (Actually Jason and Lily had to leave the game at this point for Jason to get to work!)

The Scarlet Shadow and Harlow Morgan swore they'd stay till the end. The search for clues became desperate as their enemies closed in. Finally, they found their way to the monsters lair. Soon the banshee found them and killed both of them one at a time. In the following days, Shadowbrook was enveloped in the evil of the banshees power and none of its inhabitants were ever seen again.

Notes: This was a competitive game. All players had at least one previous game behind them when this took place. The events described in this account occured roughly one week before the events of "Attack of the Bog Fiend" a mixed co-op/competitive adventure that actually saw good triumph over evil. Check it out here.

Thanks for reading!
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