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Subject: A Tourists Guide to Mecansiburg - A Session Report for Newbs - Turn 3 rss

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Steven Chambers
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Friends, here we are at Turn 3 already. We're half way through the game! Time flies when you're having fun. But I know that you, my fickle corporate stock holders, care not a whiff for childish games, so I'll now present a run-down of the latest market trends, hostile take-overs and ensuing skulduggery:

The Special Victory card turned up is 'Criminal Crisis' (3 criminals + elite politician). RUR's wishing he had kept Ultra Vox and ditched Paula Ahnijiri. He has the elite politician and one criminal, Nihilista, but that's still 2 characters short and there are none showing on the board. Speaking of which...

ZONE 1 The Palace of Supreme Justice - The Reanimater, Herbert West (char - human scientist). Gotta love the nod to Lovecraft!

ZONE 2 Pharos Casino Complex - Vernonica Enter (char - human security officer and elite hacker)

ZONE 3 (Space Port) - Anja Ivanova (char - human scientist and technician)

ZONE 4 Central Station - Biolab (prop)

ZONE 5 Asimov's Grand Square - Carmen Cifuentes (char - elite politician)

ZONE 6 Robotown - Giaccomo (char - cyborg media star & executive businessman)

ZONE 7 Stygian Port - Politician (prop)

ZONE 8 Moreau Island - Oleg Shark (char - elite lawyer and executive businessman)

ZONE 9 Amphicircus - Androide 'Magnus' (prop - robot scientist)

Well, things are fairly straight forward for OMNI. He has a lead in VP's and lots of cash. He needs to improve his R&D (14) and Major Project (9) points if he wants to get building the really high VP MP's. The best ways to boost both would be by winning Herbert West (R&D 5, MP 2), Anja Ivanova (R&D 4, MP 2) and the Biolab (3 MP). That would bring his R&D up to 22 and MP to 15 - enough to buy any of the MP's. The problem (and it's no small matter) is that he places third this turn. BION and RUR are in almost the exact opposite situation. They have little money, but can potentially grab up two of the three cards OMNI wants. They're going to have to win a few of the other zones if they want to have any money at the end of the turn. This, however, shouldn't be difficult in a three player game. RUR has 18 R&D points and 9 MP points. BION has only 10 R&P points and 9 MP points. Let's begin.

Phase 1 - Deployment

BION - Silvana Jong to The Palace of Supreme Justice (why do I picture this as looking like a cross between the Fortress of Solitude and the Justice League Orbital Station?)
RUR - Guillermo Roxxum to the Space Port
OMNI - Seraphim to Central Station

BION - Angel Kirvin to Pharos Casino Complex
RUR - Paula Ahnijiri to Moreau Island (RUR needs the 10 euros)
OMNI - Pedro Escarpa to Asimov's Grand Square. OMNI's thinking maybe he'll avoid competing where there are already pawns and just focus on locking down a few. If those two want to fight him, so be it. Better yet, they may compete against each other. If he can grab Asimov's Grand Square, the 10 euros and extra card would come in handy, but winning Carmen Cifuentes would be icing on the cupcake - she has 3 MP. Grab the Amphicircus and
Androide 'Magnus' who has another 2 R&D. He'd be sitting at 16 R&D and 12 MP. If he wins the Biolab, and he's confident that he will, that's another 3 MP, which has him at 15 MP. He'd have enough to buy some of the 15 VP Major Projects. Maybe he doesn't need Herbert West or Anja Ivonova after all.

BION - Mile Kirvin to Robotown
RUR - Nihilista to the Stygian Port. The politician would add 2 MPs and give RUR a chance to sabotage one of OMNI's properties.
OMNI - Olinka Dante to the Amphicirus.

BION - Robodummy to the Palace of Supreme Justice
RUR - Kim Mae Wong to the Grand Plaza Azimov
OMNI - Edric to the Space Port

BION - Multiplug to Central Station - It was a touch choice deciding where to put him.
RUR - Karistina Lagos to the Space Port
OMNI - Caesar Dante to the Space Port (to throw his 3 support points behind Edric)

BION - Dale Snow to Central Station
RUR - Phalarinx to Grand Plaza Azimov
OMNI - Frederake c de Nocha to Central Station

RUR and OMNI still have their robodummies, but there is really no point in placing them.

Phase 2 - Resolution

ZONE 1 - The Palace of Supreme Justice - 5 Euros & Herbert West
Won by BION with Silvana Jong and the Robodummy. Kind of surprising there wasn't a fight over that guy. Into the roster he goes. +2 VP. BION originally wanted to send Dale Snow there so he could prosecute OMNI's corrupt politician, but as things developed he decided he'd rather have the BIOLAB.

ZONE 2 - Pharos Casino Complex - 5 euros & Vernonica Enter
Won by BION and Angel Kirvin. 7 random euros won. BION will take Veronica into position 6. +1 VP. He'll now attempt Seduction using Angel Kirvin, with OMNI's Seraphim as his target. OMNI's jaw drops. With two of BION's 4 spaces already resolved he may be able to bid very high. Seraphim is key to OMNI's plans this round, and his loss would jeopardize everything. He'll have to go big also and leave it to the random cards to decide. OMNI plays his 6. BION throws down his 5. He wants Seraphim but he'll also need money later. He's going to leave it to the fates. OMNI's up 1. And the random cards are.... BION 6 OMNI 2. Seraphim is made an offer he can't refuse and is put into position 7 (+2 VP for BION, -2 VP for OMNI). OMNI's plans are down the tubes.

ZONE 3 - Space Port - 5 Euros & Anja Ivanova
Guillermo Roxxum of RUR has the initiative, is designated leader and is supported by Karistina Lagos. RUR declares it will be a diplomatic conflict. OMNI declares Edric his team leader with Caesar Dante Dante Supporting (one peripheral is thrown in). RUR and OMNI both sit at 7, so it's down to the action cards and peripherals. RUR knows OMNI has already used his 6 card and can, at most, throw in his 5 card and 2 peripherals. RUR wants to win this one for sure, so he throws in his 5 and all three peripherals. OMNI knows that he's in
trouble and that if RUR wants to, he can outbid him. It's starting to dawn on OMNI that if he goes big and loses here, there's a good chance that BION and RUR will run the board on him. Anja Ivanova is a good character and RUR only has one other conflict on the board - with OMNI, later. OMNI figures RUR will try to outbid him and decides to throw away his 1 card. He'll lose the space port, but maybe will win the Biolab later. So, the space shuttle and Anja Ivanova go to RUR. Anja is put in position 4 (+1 VP).

ZONE 4 - Central Station - 5 Euros & Biolab
The pawn with the initiative here was Seraphim, now in BION's employ. The initiative thus passes to BION's Multiplug. Multiplug decides he's going to first try to assassinate Frederake c de Nocha of OMNI. This move could backfire, ending in Muliplugs death, but the opportunity to b#@tch-slap OMNI, either by killing his character or by simply draining his AC coffers, while taking little risk himself, is too much for BION to let pass by. BION figures he'll bid low, a 2, and count on luck. OMNI plays a 4. Random cards are BION 6, OMNI 8. Frederake lives. BION declares the space a combat challenge. Doh! He declares Dale Snow the leader, and Mulitplug copies his abilities (Dale has 3 Combat and 2 Support) against Frederake's 2 combat. OMNI sighs and throws in his lowest card - a 2. BION throws in his 2 AC and all three periferals, confident that OMNI can't beat 10 - which he can't. Frederake is dead and BION collects his 5 euros. OMNI's big plan had been to secure Central Station and hit BION and RUR with his two elite hackers. So much for that. BION pays for the Biolab immediately (+4 VP). Dale Snow will use his executive ability. He draws
a 1. Ah well. What's 1 euro more or less, eh? (For those of you who can't wait for the answer, skip to Phase 3)

ZONE 5 - Asimov's Grand Square - 10 Euros & Carmen Cifuentes
OMNI has the initiative with Pedro Escarpa. RUR's Kim Mae Wong and Phalarinx are there also. OMNI declares it will be a Diplomatic challenge. RUR says that he will attempt to assassinate Pedro with Kim Mae Wong. Can't we all just get along? There will be a -1 to Kims total as Pedro is a security officer. RUR will play a 4 AC. OMNI will play his 5. RUR's random card is a 2 OMNI's a 4. Pedro escapes death - shaken, but not stirred. So, OMNI has 3 Diplomacy points, will throw in his remaining 2 peripherals and play his 4 AC, giving him 9 points. RUR's lost track of what cards OMNI has left, but he definitely remembers that his 6 has been played. RUR has 4 diplomacy points and 1 in support, 5 total. He has no peripherals left but still holds his 6. If OMNI has a 4 or 5 left, he'll have 10. Sadly, RUR lays down his 6. He was hoping to hold onto that. Ah well. RUR takes the space, 10 euros (compensating him for the loss of his 6 AC) and Carmen Cifuentes. Carmen occupies space 8 (+3 VP). RUR then draws an Opp card. It is Terror!, a Crisis card. Hey, that may actually come in handy!

ZONE 6 - Robotown - Giaccomo
No contest. BION takes Giaccomo into hand.

ZONE 7 Stygian Port - 5 Euros & Politician
Alone in the location, Nihilista take the 5 euros, the politician card and the mini-sub (he'll be able to impress the ladies with the mini-sub and space shuttle: "So my pet, would you prefer to travel by sea or by air?"). He then targets OMNI's Cavorite. RUR plays a 2 AC. Really, this is more of a bluff to get OMNI to spend a little more money. OMNI uses his second 4 AC. RUR's random card is a 3. OMNI's is a 2. A close call but RUR fails to do any damage.

ZONE 8 - Moreau Island - 10 Euros & Oleg Shark
RUR takes the cake. He wins Oleg Shark, 10 euros and draws an Opp card. A Cavorite Refinery, is flipped, which he'll pay for put on the table (+2 VP).

ZONE 9 Amphicircus - Androide 'Magnus'
OMNI wins one here, not that it means much. He'll purchase Androide Magnus (+1 VP).

Phase 3: Final Phase

1/ Dismissals and Contracts - BION releases Veronica Enter and contracts Giaccomo (strictly for the 10 euros/turn Giaccomo generates). RUR, in a bid to keep his expenses under control, releases Kim Mae Wong and Carmen Cifuentes. He also drops from his hand the politician and Oleg Shark (-4 VP).OMNI will obviously be hanging on to his sole remaining staff member (Edric). He's silently cursing BION and his 'outsourcing' policy
that cost him two good agents - one dead, the other a traitor. But all's fair in love and corporate globalization. Of course, OMNI should know this better than others. As the leader in space travel, they tend to speak not in terms of globalization, but in 'solarization'.

2/ Income - BION collects 18 euros from his cards and 10 euros from Giaccomo. RUR collects 5 euros from his action cards and 5 from his Data card. OMNI collects 2 euros from his ACs and 5 from Edric.

3/ Payments - To maintain all their characters, BION pays 20 euros, RUR pays 15 and OMNI pays nothing (talk about low overhead!).

4/ Repairs - N/A

5/ Refreshing - N/A

6/ Major Projects -

BION has 17 R&D/15 MP/19 Euros - BION will invest in M Theory (-10 Euros/+10 VP). Despite having enough R&D/MP, he lacked 1 bloody euro, which would have been enough to buy him projects with 20 VP). Ay, there's the rub! Damn that Dale Snow and his poor executive business skills! For want of a nail...

RUR has 24 R&D/13 MP/20 Euros - He'll take the Antigravity (-10 Euros/+12 VP). He wants to keep some euros for next turn. It also has a 2 VP bonus per technician, of which RUR has 2.

OMNI has 12 R&D/9 MP/30 Euros - OMNI has enough money for any project but not the facilities or political clout necessary to secure even the least of them. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

7/ Recovery - N/A

8/ Next Turn Order - Same as this turn. OMNI would have liked nothing better than to have snatched back the initiative, but the competition on the board held his attention.

9/ Discards - RUR places the Terror! Crisis Card in Robotown. That card's worth another 10 VP and RUR just set himself up to have a great chance at taking it.

End of Turn Standings:

BION - 38 VP/17 R&D/15 MP/9 Euros
RUR - 40 VP/24 R&D/13 MP/10 Euros
OMNI - 38 VP/12 R&D/9 MP/30 Euros

End of Turn Thoughts:

It's neck and neck... and neck? OMNI may be out of the running. He'll have to ensure that he wins everything he sets his sights on next turn, and with only four agents he'll have problems. If he can secure a couple agents or properties with high R&D and MP points, his surplus of cash (3x more than either other corp) may tip the balance.

RUR had a windfall when he drew the Terror! card. He wisely placed it in Robotown where he will have a distinct advantage, even if BION places an agent there first. Those 10 extra VP would make a world of difference at this late stage.

BION has a 'wait and see what the cards bring' attitude right now. He's got the initiative next turn and a full complement of agents at his beck and call to place where he sees fit. He'll still be dispatching pawns long after OMNI (and RUR for that matter) are out of field agents, so he can dictate where all the major conflicts will be. The smart euros may be on BION. While on the topic of money, RUR and BION are lagging far behind OMNI in this regard and will have to ensure they win in at least two zones to have a chance to buy Major Projects at the end of the game. This should be easier for BION than for RUR, but in the end, it depends on what cards are turned up.

I expect competition to be fierce and cut-throat in the last turn as there is no clear front runner and all three are poised on the edge of victory! Join me, next week, for the games stunning conclusion! Same bat-time. Same bat-channel.
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Alec Chapman
United Kingdom
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Anyway, how's your sex life?
"She said the same thing about waffles."
I take my hat off to you, sir! These are getting even more entertaining as you go on!

I tip RUR for the victory now. That Terror card should seal the game up, unless they choke at the last moment!

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