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Sebastopol (Ballarat)
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That's Karl on the left. Eternity on the right.
I love Melissa, but don't tell her. It's a secret if she can find this. Shhhhh....
Scenario 5/44: 227th Brigade Takes Over – But Sir, our orders are to relieve, not capture.

June 26, 1944: Operation Epsom continues. Phase 1, codenamed Gout had the British advance on Cheux, St. Mauvieu and la Gaule.

Scenario 1/44: Cheux – Big Battle with lots of fun toys!
Scenario 2/44: St. Mauvieu – Big Toys, Lots of Men, and a Small Battlefield equals a Grand Title Bout!

Phase II, codenamed “Hangover” has the British sending their armour speeding through the ruins of Cheux to secure the crossings of the Odon River.

Scenario 4/44: The Odon Bridges – Down to the final minutes, and the winner is…

But, having never secured the hill south of Cheux, the 227th Brigade was sent to clear it up before it got too late.

British Objectives:
1. (Major) Control three objective hexes.
2. (Minor) Control two of three objective hexes.
German Objectives:
1. Stop the British AND
2. Inflict casualties.

Time = 5 hours. (20 turns)

Heavy rain obscures visibility and the terrain is soggy and not a place where you’d wear high heels.


Germans are spread thin across the front line with some reserves at the objectices (west/centre/east). They are a powerful force with good morale, but severely out numbered.

The British have waves of forces. With the 10th Highland Infantry in the west. 2nd Gordon Highlanders in the east with the 7th Seaforth Highlanders and remaining elements of the 23rd Hussars behind them (but with special rules impeding their advance)

Again, I placed “Wire” in Cheux to mark the town hexes where the roads are destroyed by artillery.


Germans set up too far to the north and the fighting begins immediately! The British armour inches forward through the sodden ground. Casualties in the first few minutes include:
British: 2 Achilles platoons, 2 Sherman platoons, half Stuart platoon
German: reduced Marder III platoon, 75mm AT battery.

The heavy rain intensifies the fog of war.


Second Gordon Highlanders begin to advance in the east while British armour exchanges fire with the Germans.

Platoons lost:
British: 2 Cromwells, 1 Firefly, half Sherman and some Grenadiers
German: StuGIII eliminated by Fireflies, StuGIII reduced by Churchills, PzIVH reduced by 17-pdr.


Heavy rain keeps the Tigers out of sight again (good thing for the British!). The armour battle continues with the German front line armour down to a single reduced PzIVH!

1845 - 1900

Visibility increases and the Tigers 88mm guns hammer into the advancing Shermans.

The reduced PzIVH is eliminated.

British foot is moving southwards in the east and west.

Churchills lead the British charge toward the AT Gun Batteries in the Centre.

1915 (visibility = 4)

The Grenadiers in the east are overrun as the Highland Light Infantry advances further in the west.

1930 (visibility = 9)

The rain eases slightly allowing the Tigers to spot the Churchills in the centre, reducing one platoon.

1945 (visibility = 5)

Two more Churchill platoons are reduced by Tigers.

In the northwest the Grenadiers are overpowered by the superior numbers of the Highlanders.

The 7th Seaforth Highlanders begin their charge in the east.

2000 (visibility = 5)

The Churchills take out the 75mm AT Gun but are hit once again by the Tigers to the south.

2015 - 2030 (visibility = 6-5)

Another quick Fog of War settles in, but not before the German105mm batteries are eliminated by British artillery.

Tigers reduce the last full strength platoon of Churchills.

2045 (evening, visibility = 8)

The rain eases up (to light rain) as the sun begins to set.

Tigers continue to pick off the Churchills as the Highlanders push down the west.

2100 (evening, visibility = 6)

With night falling, the British need to press on quickly.

The Highlanders assault the PzIVH platoons, eliminating 4 tanks! The German counter-attack demoralizes the British.

British infantry in the east begins to assault as well.

2115 (evening, visibility = 4)

PzIVH repel the British foot, but one platoon retreats to the south to regroup.

British artillery clears out the southeast near the objective.

The last central AT Gun Battery is finally overrun. The German front line is all but gone, but the German reserves firmly hold the objectives.

2130 (evening, visibility = 2)

German forces are dwindling but the British are too far from their objective! The reserve companies can’t advance any further in the east.

The limitation on the British reserves means that they are unlikely to get either the south or southeast objectives. Focus will be on the southwest objective.

2145 (night, visibility = 1)

Night has fallen, and visibility is minimal for the remainder of the battle.

British Starbursts begin to light up the night sky. The defenders are hit by artillery. The Germans are down to pocket resistance at the three objectives.


British move toward the southwest objective. Germans fall back under the darkness. The 7th is stranded in the dark (in the east) unable to advance further. The Gordon Highlanders have taken 17 step losses and have virtually no one left to take ground.


British attack at the SW objective but are repelled!


The 10th Highland infantry takes their 20th step loss!


In the dying minutes, the British assault reduces the PzIVH platoon, but they are just short in capturing the SW objective.



A good battle of outnumbered Germans needing to cause damage and fall back. The British got distracted in the east and failed to continue to push forward as they tried to mop up too much.

Scenario Rating: 3/5 – Good Delaying Action scenario. Victory Condition difficult, but probably not impossible for the British.

COMING SOON! – Scenario 6: Germans attempt a Counter-Attack.
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Drew Heath
United States
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I look at that first photo and just... shake

and yet the Germans won. Amazing.
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Sebastopol (Ballarat)
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That's Karl on the left. Eternity on the right.
I love Melissa, but don't tell her. It's a secret if she can find this. Shhhhh....
Shad wrote:
I look at that first photo and just... shake

and yet the Germans won. Amazing.

I think that one of the tricks with playing the British is that 1 Battalion and the Hussars are "reserves" and can't advance past row xx10.

So, THOSE need to be the front troops taking as much of the pounding as possible clearing a way for the 10th HI and 2nd GH to take the objectives.

The Tigers are also a significant problem...
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