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Subject: A much shorter solo session using my sole variant rss

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Robert Olesen
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This ss the second a solo session using my Dungeoneer Solo rules.The first one can be found here.

Note that several rules are different from the standard game, e.g. the way cards are drawn to and discarded from the player’s hand. It’s still a basic dungeon crawl, however, and flows similarly to the standard game.
I made two changes to my own rules:
I used Natural Movement and Restricted Movement from the Optional Rules (basically, you get 3 Movement each turn regardless of Speed, and can max move 3 spaces per turn).
I removed Plane Shifted and Dimensional Shift from the Peril cards. I wanted to try the sole game without their extreme randomness.

My solo rules can be found here.

The images may be pending approval at the time of writing.

I picked Kron Axereaver and started out with the following quests
Serak the Assassin (no specific room)
Slay Nard (Barracks)
Smoovs Riddle (Mirror Chamber
And the following cards: Ring of Arcana, Holier Lantern and Disarm Traps

Hero Turn 1
Level 1, Speed 2. Drew Outer Sanctum.
Went to the Grim Junction, Explored and found the Well of Healing, then went there.
Discarded Disarm Traps and drew Minor Healing.

6 Life, 3 Glory and 5 Peril. Drew Winker, using all my Peril.
The Winker picked a Magic attack (4 vs 0), and through sheer luck Kron managed a tie. The Winker is still there, however.

Hero Turn 2
Level 1, Speed 2. Drew a Grim Corner, placed “above” the Well.
Kron decides that he doesn’t have what it takes right now to kill the Winker, and attempts an escape (Speed Threat 5+). It fails. The Winker corners him and attacks (Melee this time) and wins. Kron suffers 2 wounds and 2 Peril, and plays Minor Healing.
Collected 1 Glory and 1 Peril from the Well, No need to discard, as Kron has 2 cards. Drew Repel.

5 Life, 3 Glory and 3 Peril. Drew the Crypt Ghost (3 Peril).
The Crypt Ghost attacks first (random selection) and misses (Phew). The Winker attacks with Magic and hits.

Hero Turn 3
Level 1, Speed 2. Drew the Library, which goes next to the Well.
Kron sees no other option than escaping, even though the addition of the Crypt Ghost worsened the chances. He rolls a 5 and succeeds (Speed Threat 6+). He moves to the Junction, Searches and find the Wooden Shield, plays it and uses the last move to Explore. Finds Throne of Tyranny above the Junction.
Discarded Ring of Arcana and drew Minor Teleport.

4 Life, 2 Glory and 3 Peril. Drew Poltergeist (4 Peril, thus discarded) so no battle this time.

Hero Turn 4
Level 1, Speed 2. Drew the Troll Bridge, which has the closest fit above the Throne of Tyranny.
Went through the Threshold to the Grim Intersection (avoiding the pit) and spent the last move playing Holi Lantern.
Drew Improved Aim.

4 Life, 1 Glory and 7 Peril. Drew Dark Templar (5 Peril with the Lantern) and Legion (discarded).
The Dark Templar attacks and inflicts a wound.

Hero Turn 5
Level 1, Speed 2. Drew Inner Sanctum.
Kron attacks the Dark Templar using Melee (1 vs 1) and wins, gaining 1 Glory. He then plays Improved Aim and tries to escape (Speed Threat 7+), which fails.
Gains 2 Glory and 3 Peril. Drew Spell focus.

3 Life, 2 Glory and 6 Peril. Drew Acid Bath, Poison Needles and Fumbler (discarded).
The traps cause 2 wounds so Kron is now down to 1 soblue

Hero Turn 6
Level 1, Speed 2. Drew Crypt.
Kron uses Minor Teleport to escape in the nick of time – to the Grim Fork. Spends two moves searching (Axe and Transference, keeps a move and discards Spell focus.

1 Life, 2 Glory and 6 Peril. Drew Crypt Bat and Death Shadow. The latter costs 5 + 1 for the Lantern, and is thus discarded.
The Bat attacks with Magic (+2 vs 0) and wins.


This is solid proof that my solo rules don’t always give you a win. It was a good, short game despite the loss.

After giving it some thought, I think my rules for attempting an escape should be revised to add +2 to the Threat for each action previously done in the same space in the same turn before the escape attempt (entering. searching, attacking, ...).
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