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Subject: Modifying game duration and influence of luck. rss

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T. H.
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Hello all,

I only recently bought "Viking Fury" (Fire&Axe 1st edition, for those who aren't aware of this), and with my first couple of games & victories under my belt, I would like to suggest some rules variants.
After reading through part of this forum, I am aware that some people already addressed the same parts of the rules with their own variant (house-) rules.
My ideas went in the same direction - although they aren't completely the same.

OK, here we go - let me know what you think about them.
(I'll leave my own comments in italics to explain why I came up with the relevant house rule.)

C. Setting up

C.1.V - Create the Saga Deck (variant).
Instead of removing three cards with every number of players, the number of removed cards per Era depends on the number of players:
5 players: remove 3 cards per Era
4 players: remove 4 cards per Era
3 players: remove 5 cards per Era

The number of total turns per player during the whole game seems to heavily depend on the number of cards in the Saga Deck. We even had the situation in a 3-player game that one of the players had only one cube left and there were no more goods in Scandinavia. She was VERY limited in her options during the last 3-4 rounds. OK, might have been a bit of non-optimal planning on her side... Still it felt wrong.

C.6.V - Starting equipment variant.
In addition to his longship, scoring marker, 15 cubes, and longship cards, each viking receives a number of "Fate Points" (use glas beads, coins, poker chips, or whatever ealse you have vailable).
Fate Points (FP) can be used to re-roll a die at a cost of 1 FP per re-rolled die.
The number of initial received FP depends on what the players agree upon.
The base number of FP is 1 per participating player. Multiply this number by 1,2, or even 3, depending on what your gaming group agrees upon.

Instead of giving a fixed amount of FP, I decided to make it dependant on the number of players participating in the game. The more opposing players, the more situations where a positive result of a die roll is important.

H. The three tasks

- Raiding/Settling variant
One or multiple selections from the options below would be possible:
- Use Fate Points as described above.
- When more than 3 vikings are on board of the longship, add +1 to each dice roll result (Bigger troups provide better chances of success.Initially, I thought about giving a bonus of +1 per viking after the thrid - but that would have been too much, especially with longships full of vikings.
- Instead of the two variants before, players can use a re-roll of one die per crewman after the third.

L. The final rounds
In order to allow all players the same number of turns per game, the two game end conditions (after revealing the last Era card) are slightly altered:
- The game ends immediately at the end of the last players turn (so before the next turn of the first player) after the last Saga is completed.
- The game can also end when three rounds of play have been completed after the last Saga card was revealed. The three rounds start counting with the next turn of the initial first player.

When using the "equal number of turns" variant, you might consider NOT to use any starting Victory Points when setting up the game (C.7.)

I hope you were able to get something usefull out of these variant rules.

Best Regards,

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Stefano Crespi
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I really appreciate the settling/raiding variant:
When more than 3 vikings are on board of the longship, add +1 to each dice roll result
This really adds a new startegy layer.

I don't like so much Fate Points, unless you could use them to reroll even opponent's die. ;-)

By the way I would like to know what you think about this other variant:
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Andy Pickard
United States
Kansas City
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I just got Viking Fury too, and am very anxious to play it. I really like your Saga card set-up variant.

Fate Points, (perhaps called something more Norse like "Norn Points" or "Loki Points") are an interesting idea, and might be good for a game with several new players.

Of your Raiding/Settling options, I like best the die re-roll option for crews of 4+ for it's simplicity and theme.

I will probably pass on the game end options until I have played a few times and see what I think.

Thanks for sharing these ideas.
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