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Subject: Playtest report: Fear the wrath of the cats in sweaters! rss

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H.C. O'Neill
United States
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Burning Water*
Atahualpa Blood of the Incas
Tongue Biter*

Picks at Flies
Gere Hunts the Hunters
King Albrecht

NOTE: this is a playtest report and involves cards that have not yet been released! They are currently available to beta test on Lackey. Install Lackey

Time for a rematch after that spanking I took last time. (see previous go round, where I was slaughtered 28 to 0 ) The kitties are back, and ANGRY. They brought new tricks.

Turn 1
King Albrecht gets mantle of El Dorado

Calamity* gets a Devilwhip.

Out comes a Redcap Raiding Party.

Calamity* and Al are Alphas. Calamity* reverses alpha order and attacks the Red Cap Raiding Party. Al steps in and plays Staredown.

He passes his action. Wuss. No fights for you!

I use Streamlining to strip out a few cards I won't be using (Civil Unrest* mostly, as I'm not playing against another Wyrm deck)

Turn 2
Picks goes rage crazy and drops Gunnar Draugerbane and Stoneheaded Mace* on Gere Hunts-the-Hunters... giving him 13 Rage. WEEE. Gere sneak attacks Atahualpa Blood-of-the-Incas. Atahualpa plays Faerie Lights* and Impala's Flight*.
Round 1. Gere plays Rent Assunder. Atahualpa plays Surprise Attack, thus cancelling the damage from Rent. beware the sharp claws of kittens!
Atahualpa plays Clawstorm*, draws 2 combat cards, plays 3. Uses Duck and Cover to avoid Gere's Heartbreaker and pokes him with a Harry* and a Searching for Weakness. Now Gere has her... Ata plays ANOTHER Clawstorm*. Holy crap.
King Albrecht plays Friends in High Places to end the combat before this gets messy.

Calamity* and Al go out again. Calamity* attacks Redcaps. Al steps in and plays True Fear. Hits her with a Vital Blow. She withdraws.

Al attacks Calamity*. True Fear. Vital Blow. Dead cat.

Atahualpha plays Night Terrors. Kitties howl outside Al's window so he'll get no redraw next turn. He KNEW he shouldn't have built his house over the old Pet Semetary...

Turn 3
I play Visit from White Father. Yeah, 2 more cards!

Out comes 2 more Redcaps. Picks finds nothing good with his Mantle.

I give Burning Water* Impala's Flight*.

Al and Tongue-Biter* are Alpha. Al attacks Tongue Biter! NO, NOT MY KITTEN! Friends in High Places saves Tongue Biter.


Turn 4
Burning Water* gets a Skin of the Hellbound. Cats shouldn't wear sweaters. It makes them ANGRY.

I also play an Elephant Graveyard*. Not really relevant here, but just in case...

Al finally found some useful stuff with that Mantle and plays Illgawansi BaKalahari. And a Stone Headed Mace*. Beause he needs 14 rage.

Albrehct attacks the Illgawansi. They dance back and forth and Al plays Thrall of the Wyrm, v2.* Draws 14 cards. Beats on it. Kills it and only takes 2 damage.

Sneaks Attacks Atahualpa. Ata plays Silent Stalking*. Al plays True Fear. Ata plays Thrall of the Wyrm. I draw 9 cards. Al plays Rent assunder, I play an Instictive Duck and Cover. They duke it out, claw to claw. RAR. Al dies just as Ata finally is hacked apart. They die at same time due to Impala's Flight* protecting Ata from Al's Fast Striking ability.

Burning Water* goes after a Red Cap Raiding Party. Manages to kill it while taking no damage. This leaves Picks with a problem... the other two will automatically attack. I may win.

Gere thus Sneak Attacks the other Illagwansi. Plays Thrall of the Wyrm, V2.* Narrowly kills it without dying.

Now to those Red Caps...
Red Cap #1 attacks... cannot even wound Burning Water* due to the Skin of the Hellbound. He kills it.
Red Cap #2 attacks... a repeat.

Burning Water* kills all 3 without ever going to Crinos! 27 VP right there! The Skin of the Hellbound made ALL the difference here because Picks had almost no cards that were not over Rage 6. Thus helpless against it. (see strategy article here on how to avoid this problem)

Final Score
Picks-At-Flies: 45 VP
Fenris: 36 VP (EDIT: 40. it was late, I was tired)

This is by far one of the highest scoring Rage games I've ever played. and BOTH sides were high scoring.

Picks drew Dogpile* several times, never used it. This card is currently looking like it may be axed due to being subpar.

Impala's Flight* made a world of difference against King Albrecht as it stops his fast striking. The wording is still a little squishy, so it will be adjusted to "opponents combat cards lose the fast Striking" keyword which means that Umbral Escape will resolve at normal speed vs Impala's Flight. sneaky!

Thrall V2* has some weird wording issues. It also makes dodges utterly useless. and suddenly you can bluff Heartbreaker. Um... this is probably going to be axed as weird and confusing.

Elephant Graveyard* may be powered up to allow you to fetch Victims. it was tested that way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in very beginning of Ahadi playtest that way, but was then cut back to Allies with some other wording tweaks. This seems to be TOO weak, so more tweaking.

I played Faerie Lights* and Silent Stalking*, but due to way combats played out, didn't work for me this time. I also drew Mousemaze*, but couldn't play it.

Hellcats characters seem to be working well. Picks had almost swapped in Shreds the Surface* into this deck, which would have been an interesting fight of Burning Water vs Shreds. Next time!
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Picks-at Flies
United Kingdom
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That would be *16* Rage for Gere - 8 + 1 from Fenris + 4 from Gunnar + 3 from mace. That's why he drew 16 cards for his frenzy - the entire combat deck. Also, Fenris had 40 points at the end of the game, all of which were scored in the last turn. It was a CRAZY game.

I did suffer twicely - once for not having tidied up the deck after last time and once for not allowing for Skin of the Hellbound in deck construction.

Also Impala's flight was very effective, but only because we tested it against the worse case scenario - but skin of the hellbound was better. It's worth keeping but it did lead to submit a Quest called Curiosity for a later set. Want to find out what it will do?
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