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Subject: Power Of The Day -- It rss

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Gerald Katz
United States
New York
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IT All/Expert

Alienates Player

You have the power to ostracize. At the start of the game, you designate one player to be "It". While that person is so designated, so long as you have your power no one may voluntarily ally with him or voluntarily invite him to ally, everyone who is asked must attempt to ally against him, no one may make a deal with him, no one may play Reinforcements on his side, and if an Artifact, Flare, or Technology allows a player to freely choose a target to harm, the designated player must be chosen. You may remove the "It" designation at any time but may not designate a new "It" until the start of your next turn. "It" becomes "not-It" by winning an encounter against another player. The losing main player in that encounter then becomes "It". A Cosmic Zap removes the "It" designation from a player during that encounter.

History: Of all the diseases, viruses, bacteria, and plagues in the universe, the dreaded "It" is the most feared of all. One alien race has proven immune yet are able carriers who purposely infect all they encounter. They view themselves as the cure of an infected universe.

Do Not Use In A 3-Player Game
Do Not Use With Centaur Or Conservative


Wild: As soon as you get this card discard your hand and lose your next turn. If you can only play one Flare this encounter, you still play this card even if you already played a Flare. Give this card to It if in the game; otherwise discard it with your hand.

Super: When a player loses his "It" status by winning the encounter, you may have him keep the "It" status.

Commentary: This is a rules power from Matt Stone's set, a power whose sole purpose is to be annoying. I originally was not going to include this power in my set because when I first learned it, I found it a nuisance, not the good annoying. However, after creating Centaur, a power where you cannot be targeted, and Conservative, a power that chooses targeting, I did want to create a power that forces someone to be the target. I remembered Matt's IT power; hence, I put it into my set.

To be "It" is definitely not a good thing to be. IT could be sadistic and make sure one player is "It" for most of the game as possible, usually a player with the strongest powers. As for what is "harmful" in terms of Artifacts and Flares should be obvious, but the general rule is that it is an effect that you play on someone else to cause a loss of something. If Wrack is designated "It" he can still offer deals, but his opponent is forced to not accept it with all the consequences there of for him and Wrack. The same is true for Diplomat, Empath, and other deal-related powers. The Wild IT Flare is a "bad" Flare for when that particular term is mentioned.

I've played with IT in a game once in Matt Stone's set. I was continuously designated It. Even after winning the challenge the IT player would make me It immediately at the start of his next turn. He did it because he was absolutely incensed I had the audacity to have the Wrack power. It was not a fun game for me. At least if I "just knew" I would lose the challenge anyway I could force my opponent to lose bases since he couldn't accept my torture offer. Use IT at your own risk. I'm ok with the power when the It designation moves around, but if IT targets one player continuously it could ruin the game.

Gerald Katz
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