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So onto the last of my solo run throughs with each hero, using recommended powers ... the Rogue. Let's call her Kat.

This was a great example of how the playing Environment can shape your tactics, and also of the remarkable flexibility of the rogue.

First off, I saw Snipe Shot (+2 to attack roll if critter is 1 tile away), and ran a run and gun strategy for the first few turns. Worked well.

Then, holy Bat Swarms, KAPOW!! Those blinking bats were getting in the way of all Kat's shots, causing her to reroll every ranged attack and take the lowest attack roll. Stuff that, thought Kat. Back to the trusty dagger in the back.

Turns out that Kat is no Rogue, rather, she is an Assassin. The Sneak Attack + Deft Strike combo gave her +11 to hit and 2 HP damage. Nice. It would have been ever better as a Sneak Attack + Snipe Shot combo (+13, 2 HP) if it hadn't been for those batty bats in the Environment.

As if Strahd had known that a thief was on the prowl, I had my first encounter with Traps. Very nasty, but Kat was able to disable a crossbow trap and an alarm in quick succession. Mind you, it was as well she had a Potion of Dragon's Breath, as there was a Trap, a Skellie and a Wolf all on her tile. Only for a momnet though!

Once again, Strahd was too slow and Kat made it out in one piece, though having used two surges and with only 3 HP left.

Thoughts after this one...

Encounters are nasty nasty nasty. Particular environments and traps are really bad news.

There is more than one way to play each hero, even with the same starting powers, so that bodes well for future replayability.



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