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Subject: They can do that? - PaF vs RLF rss

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Picks-at Flies
United Kingdom
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:: Picks-at-Flies: Board Meetings from Hell
Barnaby Shadrack

:: Rage-Like-Fire: Leech Hunters
Scar Throat Leech-Killer
Sister Judith Paws-of-Light

Turn 1
Rage gave Picks a 9 card hand with a mutual Visit from the White Father, which gave him a New Moon to stop any frenzy shenanigans. Meanwhile two Self-Serving Giovanni entered the hunting grounds. In the Moot phase, a Town Meeting was called, demonstrating that Barnaby really could Work the System even without any results. Later on, Stalks-Death attacked the easy prey of a Giovanni, who managed to dodge almost everything coming at him (even when Standing Like a Fool). Hunts-at-Night finished the vampire off to stop an easy kill, taking nothing he couldn't regenerate next turn.

At the end of turn, PaF in true Wyrm fashion ditched a sizeable portion of his deck with Streamlining, dropping the Lord Choke from his hand into play.

Turn 2
Stalks acquired an Anubis Stone, a Ravnos Vampire appeared and Stalks sneak attacked the other Giovanni with Scar-Throat. Unfortunately, even with -2 Rage, PaF's Board Meeting deck was mostly Rage 2 or less combat cards anyway and so Rage-like-Fire's hand of bluffs never worked, and then an Overextended Attack put Scar-Throat in the morgue. Barnaby took a Spiral Boomerang from Hunts.

That moot phase, another Town Meeting appeared while Barnaby and Hunts both were given Acting Chairmanship of Pentex subsiaries, Barnaby called for an Aggressive Agenda and did some Industrial Espionage to recover a Working the System discarded last turn. The Espionage goes to the victory pile due to Lord Choke.

Barnaby - In the Public Eye and Sister Judith were alphas, Judith's Lord of the Jungle on Blossom cancelled by Friends in the right places. Barnaby attacked Judith as he must, and after some sparring sent her into the Umbra with the boomerang. 2 more VP from In the Public Eye and 2 from Aggressive Agenda.

Turn 3
Stalks, all alone, got a reassuring visit from the White Father, giving him some Streamlining, a Helios Bauble and finally a Fang Necklace to shift him to Crinos. As Barnaby's team lay out another stream of Board Meetings, Stalks sneak attacks a Giovanni who, after the bauble, slips into the Umbra. How, we don't know. Unopposed, the board meetings pass and that's another 5 victory points.

Come the combat phase, Stalks takes some wounds while killing the Ravnos. Barnaby, once more in the Public Eye and with an Aggressive Agenda, charges in... and almost kills the large werewolf. What's going on? Unfortunately he runs out of ammo for his submachine gun and heads for the next best thing - another Spiral Boomerang. That's another 4 points from Aggressive Agenda and the quest.

Turn 4
With no opposition and almost out of deck, Barnaby's team claim 6 easy victory points with A Satisfied Ego on Working the System, and the final In the Public Eye (Sister Judith returns from her sojourn in the Umbra, but not in time to be made Alpha.)

Picks-at-Flies: 22
Rage-Like-Fire: 6

Poor Rage - he discarded Battle Song the turn before it would have let him kill the Giovanni, Scar Throat died before he either killed vampire or got points for his Talebearer's Quest and Sister Judith before she could recruit the Caern of Bygone Visions to bring all those useful fetishes out. However, the biggest problem was that my deck was an evil number designed to show how mean Barnaby got with Board Meetings. Sorry Rage, next time I really will play a more fun deck.

I used to play this deck with Murgatroyd instead of Hunts-by-Night, so she could recover the incredibly overpowered Spiral Boomerangs. This version gives me the ability to play A Satisfied Ego - another 6 points - and has resilience against pack decks. It's also, I noticed, a bit more aggressive than my previous build.
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H.C. O'Neill
United States
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I played vs this deck of Rage's the other day and he had much the same can't get to Crinos issue. At least this time he found the Anubis stone!
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