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Subject: The Captain & The Witch - Pulp Fantasy Style rss

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In the rules for Magic Realm, or perhaps within an interview w/ Richard Hamblen I read somewhere online, it is mentioned that the play of the game is to be much like creating a pulp fantasy novel as you play. I decided to keep this spirit in mind while playing the game, taking time after each turn to "write out" what had happened as if it were a story, deciphering the "gamey" bits (numbers, chits, dice rolls, etc) into what exactly they meant narratively. The result is what follows. NOTE: I will go more into game details (rules etc) after the narrative; however, I will alert you that I tend to favor the notorious 1st edition rules. My reasons are numerous which I will go into detail in postscript*, but mostly I like its brevity, and once familiar w/ it, it is easy to find what you need.

I began by randomly drawing two characters. The Captain & the Witch. Neither of which I have played w/ before. Playing w/ 4 Victory Points, I chose the following Victory Conditions for each: Captain = 2 Great Treasures, 10 Fame & 30 Gold. The Witch = 4 Usable Spells & 40 Notoriety (starting w/ spells BLEND INTO BACK, POWER OF THE PIT & GUIDE SPIDER OR OCTOPUS). One month game time, playing w/ Weather chits, each character entering from a different side of the Realm, each w/ 10 gold, their first action a Move onto the board.


The Captain enters into Evil Valley, crosses a bridge. He has heard stories of two ghosts that guard the Realm around here, and so decides as the day begins to peter out, to move into the mangled trees about & find a place to hide. He then alerts his short sword, ready for nightfall.

The Witch moves into the Realm by way of Awful Valley, hiding immediately, she sees the House where Soldiers are milling about, Soldiers that are generally unfriendly toward her kind. She moves by the House unseen, across a bridge, & then settles down off behind some stones & trees to the west. Her raccoon familiar had moved ahead, peering, had noticed no hidden enemies about & then met back w/ Witch by nightfall.

As night falls, as the tale told, two ghosts appeared hovering over the crossroads in Evil Valley. The Captain readies for attack from his hiding place. He charges, but the ghosts float up just in time. He misses. He turns as both ghosts sweep down and manages to swing side-to-side & heavily slice down one of the ghosts as it tries to dodge - the other ghost however comes crashing, clawing into his breastplate, knocking him back a bit - the ghost then goes into a rage, howling... The Captain, a bit rattled, decides to flee until a bit fatigued, toward Woods he can see in the distance.

The Witch and raccoon enjoy a relatively peaceful night in the Awful Valley. No monsters anywhere.

DAY 2:

Captain awakens @ eastern edge of Evil Valley & moves into Linden Woods in early morning, traveling through the woods eastward all day, hiding @ twilight within the trees, making an unassuming camp.

As the sun rises, the Witch is already beginning her plans for a day of Grey Magic. All day she is @ it, & in the late afternoon, she casts an enchantment which instantly transforms the green Evil Valley into a greyish wasteland - even the House in the distance looks different and grey. So dazed after the day of magic, the Witch's fires & whatnot, are all still going as night falls & she is unable to hide. Her raccoon familiar had set out in the morning westward, up the Cliff, peering around all day but finding nothing.

Linden Woods feel dank in the night, but nothing stirs. The Captain gets good rest.

As night settles, the Witch notices that the Patrol is now lolling around the House in the far distance, coming & going. She outs out her fires & readies herself to move the next day...

DAY 3:

The Witch sets out @ daybreak, slowly up the Cliff. Just as she gets up to the clearing, her raccoon familiar arrives, informing her that down the way, further up the Cliff, it has glimpsed some evidence of what could be the Lost Castle. The Witch quickly finds a hiding spot in the rocks & she rests a bit to store back up her magic, the raccoon sleeping @ her side.

The Captain sets out eastward through Linden Woods, & by noon is entering into the Bad Valley, then a bit later sees the Guard house in the distance, approaches & greets them. They have heard of him & his journeys & welcome him as a friend, everyone is jovial. Soon he is asking them what items they have for trade/sale, etc. First they show him a bustard sword which he is interested in, but they ask way too much for it. Next he tries to purchase a Map of Ruins, but again, though a price not quite as outrageous as the sword, it is still a bit out of the Captain's price range. Looking around, he considered hiring the 3 great swordsmen of the Guard, but seeing them now, joking w/ one another about gold, he knows they will be too expensive. The Captain retires @ twilight to the guest room of the Guard house.

Wind whips through the Cliff all night, howling against the rocks... The Witch dreams of searching the Lost Castle on the morrow.

Captain gets good sleep in the Guard house.

DAY 4:

Early rise for the Witch, searching Cliff for signs of the Lost Castle. After nothing, the raccoon leads her to a glimpse of something that looks like it may be close to the Shrine. The Witch has heard about the Shrine & ancient runes that are carved about it. Locating nothing more, in the late afternoon the Witch hides in the rocks & settles for the night, planning to further the search tomorrow.

A bit bummed by the unhelpful Guard & their haughty prices, the Captain rolls out of the Guard house & heads east into the Ruins, nears a mouth of a cave late in the day, tucks back in some rocks surrounding the clearing, hiding...

At night the sound of Giant Bats crosses over the Cliff & where the Witch is hidden, but they are heading elsewhere.

Again, another monsterless night for the Captain.

DAY 5:

The Witch awakens, searching, & within no time locates the Shrine. She begins reading the runes, & soon has freed a SMALL BLESSING spell - she keeps reading, trying to note the spell to memory, but losing track finds herself wandering to a different section which ends up being a CURSE. DISGUST. She cackles as she cares nothing for Fame. In late afternoon, tired, she hides - Raccoon arrives back informing her that it thinks the Hoard may be in the next clearing.

Still a bit discouraged by the Guard & how he could probably use that Map of Ruins about now, the Captain moves southeast into Dark Valley, then east toward the Cliff in the distance. The night creeps up on him & he isnt able to find a hideworthy spot in time. He alerts his sword.

Deep in the night, a crazy flapping noise, a massive Winged Demon arrives @ the Shrine, lurking... The Witch watches it from her hiding place.

The Captain, uneasily watches his clearing as the night passes, ready for any wandering creepers. Before he knows it, the sun begins to rise...

DAY 6:

The Witch awakens & begins her magic ritual, brewing Black Magic, & by afternoon is readying her POWER OF THE PIT spell in case the Winged Demon locates her in the night. Getting a bit carried away, the Witch loses track of time & cannot get hidden, put out her fires, etc before night arrives. Her familiar is still in the next clearing, still nothing further on the location of the Hoard.

The Captain moves east into clearing down below the Cliff & spends the day searching around side of Cliff. He locates nothing, walks into trees late in day & hides.

As night falls, the Winged Demon flaps down into the clearing where the Witch has just put out her fire. The Witch, at the ready, almost as if having lured the Demon, instantly casts POWER OF THE PIT for a BLIGHT result. The Winged Demon screams as it falls into an oozing crack that appears in the ground, gone... Relieved, the W turns & sits on a rock, but then, to her dismay, 3 Giant Bats wing down on her as she tries to dodge them. They each hit w/ claws, one after the other, sweeping around - the Witch writhes back, 3 wounds deep... She swings her arms & long dagger-like nails side-to-side @ the Bats, but misses as they come back down, smashing, just as the Witch ducks, she is hit by each, again... This time the 3 Giant Bats spread out & all come down, only one hitting this time, the Witch crying out, w/ only a smidgen of movement in her. The raccoon shivers in the distance, watching from the rocks. Again the Witch ducks down, this time taking a slash & a bite, 2 wounds, & promptly passes out, barely alive. The Bats circle around & perch up, waiting for any movement from the Witch.

The Captain has another uneventful night as far as monsters go. Gets some good rest.

DAY 7:

The next morning the Witch comes to, barely able to move... She stays prone, resting all day, then dragging herself into a hiding place in the rocks. The raccoon returns to the other clearing & glimpses the Hoard.

Captain awakens & begins searching the clearing once more, sensing something about, & by midday he finds the Statue & loots it, finding the Toadstool Ring, something he figures that he can sell for gold, since he has little use for magic. In late afternoon he hides back in the trees.

The raccoon scurries as a Giant moves into the clearing, looking around, then sitting on some rocks. The Witch, in the next clearing over, sees the 3 Giant Bats silhoutted by the moon, up on the Cliff above her. She rests, falling back asleep, missing her raccoon.

The Captain rests peacefully in the trees again, with no creatures stirring within the clearing.


As the Captain rises on the 8th day, he sees that the weather is extra fine. He feels hopeful & starts right into searching/looting where he found the Toadstool Ring the day previous. After an unsuccessful morning, in the afternoon the Captain extracts the Blasted Jewel. So excited is he, staring @ the Jewel & attempting to carry it away into the trees, he loses track of time & is unable to hide before night falls - ultimately leaving the Jewel in the clearing, he alerts his short sword.

The Witch grumbles, realizing her healing will take days. She rests all day & eventually hides again in a new formation of rocks. Her raccoon familiar spends the day trying to find the Hoard, but is unsuccessful. However, it does locate a Secret Passage* that runs south down through the Cliff.

Captain, though ready in the clearing, is blessed w/ another monsterless night, eventually falling asleep.

Familiar sees Flying Dragon swoop down onto peaks of Cliff, can also see a fire burning in the rocks a ways away where the Giant has returned & is eating.

DAY 9:

More resting for the Witch, beginning to feel a bit better, only 3 wounds left, still a bit fatigued. She hides in a new spot in late afternoon. Her familiar moves through the Secret Passage which leads down below, to the southside of the Cliff. The raccoon moves into a clearing & then goes SW staying in the shadow of the Cliff, soon coming right upon, and finding, the Statue.

It's a rough day for the Captain. He loots all day around the Statue but finds nothing. Also, the weight of the Blasted Jewel has him irritated, as he is beginning to realize he will not be able to leave w/ it. It is just too heavy. Then, curious, having a hard time leaving it behind, he tried Reading the Runes on the Jewel. This ends up a bad idea as he finds himself CURSED when doing so. DISGUST (worthless Fame). Though feeling weird, & regretting his curiosity regarding the Jewel, the Captain is able to hide again in the trees before night falls. He alerts his weapon.

Uneventful night for the Witch, though she can hear Bats flying about overhead.

The Captain watches the clearing from his hiding place & well into the night, an Imp appears, dancing a strange dance around the Statue. The Captain becomes angry, somewhat enraged by what he is watching. He decides to dart from the trees, mounting a surprise attack on the Imp w/ his alerted short sword. He scales a bit of the Cliff bottom, then jumps down @ the Imp, smashing down w/ his sword. But he misses as the Imp dodges easily & then charges - and as the Captain swings side-to-side w/ his arm, missing the Imp once more, the Imp begins to glow, & then light a flash of lightning, before the Captain knows it, a wave of ILL HEALTH comes over him. The Captain feels as if he may puke, but he musters up his energy to continue the battle - the Captain thrusts ahead w/ alerted sword but misses as Imp dodges once more, then the Imp swings his arms crashing into the Captain's shield, damaging it & then the Imp's other arm hits causing a wound. The Captain swings his arms @ the Imp close by, side-to-side, but again, misses. The Imp glows & flashes again & the Captain feels some type of magic wave through his body as he cant get out of the way in time - his Gold has instantly transformed into ASHES. A bit overwhelmed, the Captain rages, alerting his short sword, lifting it up w/ a cry, he thrusts it @ the Imp - and finally, the Captain prevails as the Imp charges @ the wrong time, directly into the Captain's blade - the Imp is punctured through the chest & falls, dead.

DAY 10:

The Captain rises early, leaving behind the heavy Blast Jewel. Once away from it & out of the clearing, he feels a bit relieved to be rid of it & its weird magic. He moves southwest, back into the Dark Valley, having seen the Chapel down below, he plans to find a route there. By afternoon he moves northwest into the Ruins & camps again @ the mouth of the cave as he had a few nights previous. Arriving late, he is unable to hide, though he alerts his short sword.

The Witch rests all day - wounds are now all healed, though she remains pretty fatigued - she notices that the Scholar has been snooping around the clearing, having not noticed him before. She hides in the afternoon, unnoticed. Her familiar moves back through the Secret Passage up onto the Cliff.

Captain expects some action around the mouth of the cave, but as the night passes, nothing stirs. He falls asleep for a bit.

Witch sleeps most of the night, occasionally awakened by the flapping of Bats overhead.

DAY 11:

The Captain rises & ventures into the cave & it takes him most of the day to find a way out. He hides as he gets out, just outside of the clearing in the middle of the Ruins.

Another day of full rest for the Witch, regaining her strength & magic. The raccoon arrives back late in the day & communicates all that it has seen: Secret Passage, Statue location, clearing w/ Blasted Jewel, mentions the battle between the Captain & the Imp, etc.

Captain enjoys a peaceful night of rest within his hiding place in the Ruins.

Witch sleeps well, glad to have the raccoon back. Bats flutter overhead occasionally.

DAY 12:

Witch again rests all day, ending the day almost as good as new. She hides just before dark.

The Captain moves through the Ruins to the northeast, into the Border Land. He tries to hide outside of a cave entrance but cant find a good spot before night. He alerts his sword.

Witch & familiar have an uneventful evening, though the familiar thinks it hears another Giant moving through the rocks & over to the other clearing where the Hoard is.

As night falls, a putrid smell begins to emit from the cave, then 2 Trolls appear, running from the cave into the clearing, coming closer to the Captain. Not one to flee from battle, the Captain swings side-to-side as the Trolls approach, however, he misses both as one charges & the other ducks - the Captain then charges them, one Troll smashes but misses, the other Troll thrusts & crashes into the Captain's shield, destroying it... It also gets a good swing in @ the Captain, causing a wound. The Captain decides to flee, running toward the cave where he hopes he can hide...

DAY 13:

The Captain moves into the cave & by afternoon has found an exit, coming out into a clearing in the northeast side of the Border Land. He tried to hide before dark, but cannot find a good spot.

The Witch has her final day of rest, regaining the last of her magic, healthy & rested by the end of the day. She hides once more, thinking of her plans for tomorrow.

Night falls & just as the Captain is about to nod off, he hears a faint fluttering. It grows louder, and then next thing he knows 2 Flying Dragons are coming down @ him in the clearing. The Captain jumps up & runs like hell to the southeast, fleeing.

Ultimately, it is a peaceful night on the Cliff for the Witch & her raccoon.

DAY 14:

At daybreak, the Captain moves south through the Border Land & into Dark Valley, down to where the Chapel is. The Captain is met there by the knights of the Order. They are Neutral toward him, seeming somewhat suspicious. Full of curses, the Captain finds a secluded area & prays. Soon, as the sun drops, all 3 curses are miraculously removed, & the Captain is thankful & overjoyed as his fame, health & gold return. He returns to where he remembers the leader of the Order to be & sells him the Toadstool Ring for 9 gold.

The Witch awakens, fully rested & healthy, feeling the Grey Magic all about. It seems like her kind of day, a reward for her efforts. She begins the day brewing up magic, late morning she prepares some Black Magic, then casts BLEND INTO BACK for use tomorrow if necessary. The Witch then seeks out the Scholar, who is found lurking around the Shrine. She speaks w/ him about the Shrine & the runes & he shows her his goods for trading. Seeing the Flowers of Rest, she can sense the Gold Magic clashing w/ her Black. The Scholar also has two potions. The Draught of Speed & the Poultice of Health. He agrees to sell the Witch the Poultice of Health for 8 gold. The Witch returns to her hiding place as night approaches.

The Captain sleeps peacefully inside of the Chapel.

The Witch again hears Bats circling overhead all night.


Meeting w/ the leader of the Order first thing in the morning, the Captain feels a bit weaponly inferior as he has to admit to the leader that though their cache of weapons is quite impressive - as are the warhorses out back - they are just too Heavy for him to wield, and the horses too expensive. The leader nods, understanding. He then takes the Captain to a chest & opens it. Inside are Quick Boots & a Shielded Lantern. Both are for sale. Overexcited, the Captain reaches for the Boots, to feel them. The lid of the chest shuts loudly. "No deal!" says the leader. A bit later, after wandering the Chapel some, the Captain asks the leader to show him the Boots again, though again the leader does not feel comfortable selling them to the Captain. "No deal, Captain... Perhaps you should stay & worship w/ us a while to make yourself worthy." The Captain feels like a total outsider. Around midday he has a discussion w/ a knight, telling him of his journey in the Realm so far, how he knew the location of Dragons that the knight could slay. The knight seems amused, if not curious. The Captain tries to hire him. Liking the Captain enough, the knight offers his services for 14 days for 24 gold. The Captain pulls out his pouch & counts his gold. He is 5 short. "Perhaps another time," says the knight, & walks out of the room. The Captain retires to his pallet @ back of the Chapel & rests for the remainder of the day, his wounds healing, though he remains a bit fatigued.

The Witch awakens & enjoys a morning of magical preparation, ultimately preparing some Black Magic in case needed in the evening - she then heads back over to the Shrine & spends the afternoon Reading Runes she'd yet to get to before being waylaid by Giant Bats. She becomes giddy as she Frees an ASK DEMON spell - she keeps on @ the Runes, but then suddenly stops - sensing her measly gold transformed into ASHES. She grumbles off, away from the Shrine & fades into the looming darkness, hiding.
Early morning, on Witch's orders, the raccoon returns to the clearing to the northwest & peers all day hoping to find the Hoard, but does not.

The Captain sleeps the night away @ the Chapel uneventfully.

The Witch sleeps soundly on the Cliff, stillness, moonlight on the rocks.

DAY 16:

Having dreamt of himself wearing the Quick Boots, the Captain decides to basically repeat the previous day. He finds the leader of the Order & asks to see the Boots again... "No deal!" says the Captain, a bit irritated. "What about the Shielded Lantern?" asks the Captain. "No deal on that either," says the leader, walking away. The Captain is not sure why the leader will not work w/ him. He finds the knight from the day before & asks again about hiring him. This time the knight blows him off, not interested in his tales @ all. The Captain, distraught, returns to his room & rests the remainder of the day, bringing himself back to full health.

The Witch awakens & begins brewing magic, preparing Black Magic by midday around the Shrine, she then recites the freed ASK DEMON spell from the Shrine, casting it... A cloud appears & from the dirt rises a strange being, smoke curling from eyes & ears... "Is the Lost City located in the Caves?" the Witch yells to the demon. "Noooooo!!!!" screams the demon as it begins melting back into the dirt. "Drat," says the Witch, grumbling to herself. She spends the remainder of the day trying to learn the ASK DEMON spell from the runes, but she is still unsuccessful. Tired, she hides before nightfall.

The Captain has another restful night @ the Chapel.

It is a clear night on the Cliff, uneventful, not even the flutter of Bats.

DAY 17:

The Witch is up early, having decided to spend the entire day trying to learn ASK DEMON, first curiously reading around it becoming CURSED by ILL HEALTH. She has no luck until early afternoon, finally setting the spell to memory. Ecstatic, she works on hiding for the night, successful just before sundown. Meanwhile, her raccoon familiar is unsuccessful in finding the Hoard in the next clearing over.

Back to full health, waking w/ confidence, the Captain returns to the leader of the Order hoping to obtain one of the items from the chest. The leader is aggravated to see the Captain again "lusting after the boots" the leader says, there may be TROUBLE, the leader Blocks the Captain. "Get out of here!" the leader yells.

The Witch sleeps peacefully once more, clear moonlight, silence, the wind through the Cliff.

As nightfalls, the leader has summoned the rest of the Order into the room. They surround the Captain. "None of us want to make any deals w/ you," says the leader. "You have cleansed & rested yourself here, now be gone from us." They all walk out together as if they expect him gone if they return. The Captain goes back to his pallet in back of the Chapel & sulks, sleeping the night away.

DAY 18:

Relieved to have put both spells to memory, the Witch decides to spend one last day @ the Shrine for looting. In the late afternoon, just as the day seems wasted, the Witch locates a bundle under some rocks. It turns out to be the Cloak of Mist. The Witch cackles @ her good fortune. "Just what I neeeeeed," she says to herself. She hides & awaits the night, tempted to loot the Shrine once more tomorrow before leaving the clearing. Her familiar still has not been able to find the Hoard.

The Captain thinks everything over before leaving in the morning. Though it seems crazy, he also knows that he needs help. Either by item or an adventuring companion. He ponders the mission of heading to the fabled Cavern. The Shielded Lantern would be most handy there. With confidence, he searches out the leader of the Order one last time & approaching him, asks about the Lantern, telling of his fresh quest. The leader shakes his head as the Captain nears, "No deal, Captain." The Captain repeats his new mission & the leader actually listens. "Look," the leader says, "I'll sell you the Shielded Lantern for 36 gold." "But I dont have that kind of gold," says the Captain. "What about what I do have," the Captain continues. "No deal," says the leader, "Now be gone from here." Once again, the Captain feels dscouraged, & thinking what the Hell, he searches out the knight. The knight is also a bit annoyed @ the Captain's appearance & immediately emotes his disinterest, however, as he listens to the Captain's spiel, he changes heart somewhat & offers his services once again for 24 gold. "But I only have..." "24, take it or leave it," says the knight.

The Witch sleeps peacefully on the Cliff.

As night falls, in his room in the back of the Chapel, the Captain has an idea, holding his helmet. If he sold his helmet, he could possibly hire the knight. That is, if the knight were as cordial tomorrow. He's been offered the same terms twice now. The Captain walks out & finds the leader & sells his helmet for 5 gold. He then returns to his pallet & sleeps the night away.

DAY 19:

Though the Captain starts the day w/ high hopes, it ends up being quite the bummer day. The knight is no longer interested in the Captain's quest, & when the Captain pushes it, reminding the knight of the previous offers he has made, the knight raises up & unsheathes his bustard sword. The Captain backs down & loses 5 Fame. The knight, possibly feeling as if he'd over done it, feeling sorry for the Captain, says he will join the Captain afterall, but it will cost the Captain 32 gold versus 24. Distraught, the Captain leaves the room. "Another day wasted," he says, shaking his head.

The Witch spends the morning searching for more loot around the Shrine but finds nothing. At noon she heads west, climbing to the next clearing of the Cliff. Trying to hide, she has a bit of trouble, but then slips on the Cloak of Mist & fades into the scenery. Her raccoon familiar finds her just before sundown & communicates that it still hasnt found the Hoard. "Tomorrow," the Witch says, petting the raccoon.

The Captain knows this will be his final night @ the Chapel. Though he was pleased to have all of the CURSES removed, he cant help but feel a bit betrayed by the Order. He begins to doubt his quest, wondering if it isnt simply a selfish pursuit after all. He dreams that night of himself in the Cavern finding treasures, using the Shielded Lantern & wearing the Quick Boots.

The Witch has trouble sleeping due to the 2 Giants nearby grumbling around their fire all night & at one point, the loud rush of a Flying Dragon seems so near it has the Witch feeling around her, making certain that the Cloak of Mist is still covering her.

DAY 20:

At sunrise, the Witch & her raccoon start searching for the Hoard in earnest & lo & behold, within an hour, the Witch has found it - she begins looting & before long is pulling out what looks to be an ancient text of some sort. It's the Black Book! The Witch cries w/ glee waving it for her familiar to see... By afternoon she has found the Golden Crown, however it is too Heavy for her to pull out, so she leaves it. In the late afternoon, the Witch cackles w/ joy as she lifts out the Glowing Gem, which emits VII magic. Gathering her finds, she & the raccoon hide before sundown, back in the rocks.

It is a bit discouraging as the Captain leaves the Chapel @ dawn, his loneliness feeling amplified. He travels north through the Dark Valley, from where he came, & by midday is crossing back into the Border Land, traveling north until reaching the clearing where the Flying Dragons had been - he tries his best to find a hiding spot before nightfall, but cannot...

The Witch spends another night of sleepless fidgeting w/ the Giants & a Tremendous Flying Dragon presences felt - however w/ another day of looting the Hoard on the horizon she remains in good spirits.

Sure enough, just as night falls, the 2 Flying Dragons whip out into the clearing, as if they had been waiting for the Captain's return. The Captain flees to the south, running as hard as he can, until a bit fatigued, finding a place near the road to hold out for the rest of the night.

DAY 21:

At dawn the Captain enters a cave from the road & by midday finds a western exit, back up into the Border Land & then travels through some trees, finds the entrance to the Cavern. The Captain enters the Cavern cave & immediately tries to hide as darkness falls, but cannot see all that well to do so...

Giddy as a child, the Witch & her raccoon return to the Hoard @ dawn & begin looting. First she finds the Sacred Grail, but like the Golden Crown the previous day, it is a bit Heavy, so she tosses it aside, feeling its White Magic - the rest of the day doesnt fare so well w/ the looting - as the sun begins to drop, the Witch has found nothing more - grumbling, she & her raccoon hide before nightfall.

The Captain hears some far off pattering. It is growing louder. He then sees a group of 6 axe-toting Goblins growing near - the Captain runs as fast as he can, deeper into the Cavern until feeling fatigued. He rests the night propped against a wet cave wall.

A poor day of looting & another bad night of sleep (due to Giants & Dragon), the Witch is beginning to think about the Secret Passage through the Cliffs that the raccoon found.


The Captain has now moved into the heart of the Cavern, his eyes somewhat adjusted to the darkness, he spends the day searching for a Secret Passage but doesnt find anything - again, he tries to hide, but cannot...

The Witch awakens groggily, still in a bit of a foul mood, she & her raccoon begin looting the Hoard again, & within minutes the Witch has found the Lucky Charm. The day goes by like a dream as she then goes on to find the Vial of Healing & then the Good Book. The abundance of White Magic in the clearing has her thinking about the SMALL BLESSING spell she learned but thought she would never use. She feels peaceful as the night approaches, her raccoon licks her scuffed hands. She pulls the Cloak of Mist over them as the sun dies.

The Captain can hear the pattering again as night falls, coming closer. Again he runs away as fast as he can until fatigued. Worried that he may be running out of steam, the Captain finally reclines against a wall, hoping to get out of the Cavern soon.

An extra peaceful night of sleep for the Witch within the comfort of her Cloak, barely aware of the surrounding monsters, the whispering breeze through the Cliff, lulling her to sleep.

DAY 23:

The Captain, w/ legs exhausted, pushes on through the Cavern until midday when he sees the light, the southern exit. He climbs out into the wonderful daytime, finding himself in the north section of the Ruins - soon the sun begins to drop & he hides.

Still feeling @ peace, the Witch awakens & w/ her raccoon, begins the morning focusing on magics around the abandoned Sacred Grail. The Witch waves the Good Book over it & then in a slow mellow chant casts SMALL BLESSING. "I wish for strength!" she cries. A power wells up inside of her. She feels truly blessed, already feeling a bit sorry for whatever creature shall feel her next blow. She & her raccoon spend the remainder of the day looting the Hoard one last time. The Witch locates the Gloves of Strength. "This can be no coincidence," the Witch says to the raccoon. "Today I have been doubly blessed in my wish. We shall set out through your Secret Passage tomorrow." The Witch packs all of her finds & they hide for the night.

During the night, from his hiding place, the Captain watches as a group of 6 Goblins w/ spears moves into the clearing for the night. Considering, he does not sleep too well, deciding it best to keep an eye on them.

All night long the howling of wolves travels w/ the wind from the west as the Witch & the raccoon sleep. The nearby Giants & the occasional flapping of a Dragon do not phase them now.

DAY 24:

The Witch & raccoon set out @ sunrise, the raccoon leading west through the Secret Passage, downward & off of the Cliff, they turn southwest & by midday are arriving @ the location of the Statue, the raccoon jumping all about it. The Witch spends the remainder of the day Reading the Runes about the Statue, first reading a CURSE (ASHES), but then excitedly, she reads & learns CONTROL BATS. "If only I 'd known this spell two weeks ago," she mumbles to the raccoon. She can feel the magic in the clearing, exuding from the Blasted Jewel. She takes a good look @ it before covering her & the raccoon w/ the Cloak of Mist for the night.

The Captain spends the day traveling west through the Ruins, eventually entering Pine Woods. He decides to try & hide in the afternoon but cant find a good spot. He ends up giving up & resting his feet for a bit, then alerts his short sword as night comes.

The Witch & raccoon sleep peacefully down below the Cliff.

Alert most of the night, the Captain notices a Large Campfire off to the West. He cannot be certain, but listening intently, he thinks he can make out the language & carousing of the Bashkars, his sworn enemies. "This quest isnt going quite as I'd planned," thinks the Captain, laying in a ditch, trying to get some sleep.

DAY 25:

The Witch begins @ sun-up, Reading Runes @ the Statue - again she starts out by reading the ASHES CURSE, but then soon after she frees a BAD LUCK spell & is able to learn it by early afternoon. She then tries to loot the Statue, but finds nothing. Collecting her things, she hides before sundown.

Not wishing to run into a pack of Bashkars, the Captain sets out south @ dawn, out of the Pine Woods & into the Bad Valley, crossing west toward the High Pass. He spends the remainder of the morning & early afternoon climbing up to the Pass, then tired, spends extra time finding a good spot to hide for the night.

The Witch & raccoon sleep well. An uneventful night.

During the night, the Captain can hear the Roar of a Tremendous Dragon further up the Pass... From where he is, in the moonlight, he can see entrances to a cave down below on each side of the High Pass. This may be the Lost City! he thinks.

DAY 26:

At dawn, the Captain travels back east, down the High Pass, back into Bad Valley & up into Pine Woods to the clearing he stayed a few nights before. He first rests on arriving, his feet much better now & then spends extra time hiding, but still, w/ extra time, he is unable to hide before nightfall.

In the morning, the Witch decides to sit back & study the Black Book, finally. She first reads a DISGUST CURSE, wading into the first pages... She then frees & learns ABSORB ESSENCE, however she then reads on & casts another CURSE, this time it is a SQUEAK curse; she decides to keep on reading & next frees the PENTANGLE spell. She tries to hide for the night, but the SQUEAK curse prevents her, a loud squeak following her everywhere as she steps...

Alas, it is not the Captain's month. After he cannot hide, & darkness falls, he hears some voices, & soon comes to realize he is surrounded by Bashkars. The leader parades around the Captain, belittling him, the others laugh @ the Captain's expense. The Captain loses more FAME, but ultimately, they leave him be after mocking him.

The Witch gets extremely lucky over night as no monsters nearby seem to hear her squeaking, or if they do, pay it no mind.

DAY 27:

The Witch spends all morning into early afternoon brewing up & preparing two doses of Black Magic. She then decides to study the Blasted Jewel, its magical magnetism finally pulling her in. She finds the Runes upon it familiar, & then realizes it is the POWER OF THE PIT spell she already knows. In late day, just before sundown, she studies the Statue a bit more, finally memorizing the PENTANGLE spell. Still unable to hide, the Witch waits on the ready w/ her magic.

A bit demoralized from last night's roasting, the Captain sets out west through Pine Woods in the morning, working around the Bashkars' Large Campfire, moving back below the High Pass, entering the cave he spotted a few nights ago. In the cave he tries to hide before night, but cannot.

Another lucky, monsterless night for the Witch, though she doesnt much relax.

Soon an echoing Roar comes from further within the cave, & soon something wobbles into the Captain's clearing. A good ole Dragon. Figuring it has come to this, the Captain stands his ground, says what the Hell, & thrusts ahead @ the Dragon, missing... The Dragon changes tactics, ducks, then smashes down @ the Captain who dodges to the side, escaping the Dragons claw. The Captain then swings his short sword up & alert, swinging side-to-side, the Dragon tries to dodge but the Captain's sword slices right into its neck w/ a Heavy blow that ends the Dragon's life. Its eyes roll back in its head & it thuds over w/ a splatter. The Captain is elated, a rush coming through him. He hopes things are looking up for his quest now... His confidence now back after the Order & the Bashkars.

DAY 28:

Feeling the Gold Magic about as the sun rises, the Witch gets right into brewing magic, & by late afternoon has prepared two helpings of Black Magic as well as prepared a V magic spell for instant casting... Just before nightfall, she studies the Black Book one more time, but again, simply spends her time reading through a spell she already knows (GUIDE SPIDERS OR OCTOPUS).

The Captain moves south down the cave into a clearing where he believes he has indeed found possible signs of the Lost City. A place he had always dreamt of finding. The fame & treasures it would bring him! However, after a full afternoon of searching, he doesnt even get a Glimpse.

As night falls, a loud Roar is heard from the Cliff, & seems to moving through the Secret Passage, echoing; then the Witch sees a Giant moving into her clearing from the east. Seeing the Witch, the Giant lets out another roar & runs @ her... but then suddenly, as the Witch waves her hands in the moonlight, a flash of Black Magic rips through the night as the Witch casts ABSORB ESSENCE. Instantly, she disappears & the Giant stops cold in the clearing. The Giant starts to laugh & eyes the Blasted Jewel. It walks over to the Jewel & picks it up easily, as if an acorn. He holds it high & begins roaring & laughing. Soon the raccoon comes out & begins scurrying around the Giant, excited, realizing that the Giant is actually now the Witch.

Not bothering to hide ends up a bad move for the Captain, as from the darkness a Tremendous Troll comes running @ him, smashing down, the Captain swings & dodges the Troll, they both miss... The Captain turns, now alerting up his short sword, swinging side-to-side just as the Troll tries to dodge, moving right into the Captain's blade. The Heavy blow slices into the Troll's guts & it flounders a bit, then topples, all limbs akimbo. Looking around, as if the Lost City would suddenly appear to him now, the captain can feel his FAME growing about the land. Just wait until they hear about this, he thinks.


The Captain, though ending on a high note, doesnt quite cut it. He finds NO Great Treasures, and though he scrapes by w/ 10 Fame, he is still a bit short of gold: 24 vs. 30 goal.

The Witch on the otherhand pulls a Victory last minute. She records her 4 Usable Spells (and then some) quite easily, however, the Notoriety goal is met @ the last minute when now a Giant, she is able to retain the Blasted Jewel. This brings her from 33 Notoriety to 48, passing her goal of 40.

But anyway, Magic Realm is more about the "getting there" than it is the result.

*Technically, per the 1st edition rules, the Witch's familiar should not have been able to find a Secret Passage, as a familiar is only able to use the PEER Table. Somehow, in the thick of playing the game, I referenced the wrong table. This brings me to an important point regarding Magic Realm. You cant let yourself get lost in the rules. I have found that every time I play, there are always a few slight things (like the above) that get by w/o my catching it. For instance, late in the game, I also realized I hadnt been returning the wandering monsters to the Appearance Chart. So while I try my best to follow the rules the best I can, I dont let the rules get in the way of having a good time w/ the game. Clearly, the more you play this game, the better it gets.

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