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Subject: 3 Way Rivalry fest of DEATH rss

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H.C. O'Neill
United States
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Mafka: First Team 21

Shad: Shreds-the-Surface
Old Storm Chaser

Fenris: Mr Iguana
Fangthane Bloodjaw

Not as detailed a report as usual as I'm writing it up after the fact.

This game went loooooooooooooooooong, around 8 turns.

Turn 1
I drop a Nemesis on TF and Roars-like-Thunder. to make them Rivals. Shreds the Surface sneak attacks Mr Iguana and easily kills him. My combat deck is loaded down with defense. About half is defense... I drew none of them.
Crud. The one character I needed to keep at least one turn, gone before the resource phase even starts.

I continue poking at First Team attempting to kill them off. I had a Boardmeeting deck... and lost my big voter before he could DO anything. I could have won my boardmeetings that first turn... if I'd still had Iguana. 15 vs 20 votes, just ain't gonna work.

NONE of the first team die the entire game, meaning there's no way for me to make up the vote deficit. !@#$%^& I spend the game using Dark Fungus on my own deck to keep sending Boardmeetings to the bottom, hoping some of the first team will get killed. Didn't I have Streamlining in this deck for just this eventuality? I FINALLY drew it the last turn... when I had 5 cards left in my deck. @#$%^((&*^^^

Mostly I spend the game slowing down Shad and Mafka. Neither wants to go directly after each other, but as all 3 Nemesis come out, this becomes harder to avoid. I also have the Kinfolk Small Town Cop out and lock up various characters repeatedly.

Out comes Friends in High Places on all sides and Lost in the Jungle. Even though Shreds technically has 2 Alpha actions due to a Pentex Refinery being out he can never get into combat with it. For added hahas, when he attacks it at one point, I drop Benefactor's Boon on it (intended for Mr Iguana) to give it 18 health. mwahahaha.

Hunts-at-Night got taken out by a combo of True Fear followed up by a Head Wound. I had 4 Instinctive combat actions in that deck, so statistically I should have always had ONE in hand. I had none at that point.

Round and round we go, combats getting canceled left and right or having target bravely run away. CURSES. It's a slow grind towards Victory. Shreds has a run at the First Team enemy 5 times, slowly trying to whittle it down...but either has his combats canceled or it sends him packing everytime with Submission Hold, Run Like Hell, etc. It ends the game with 1 Health left, TAUNTING him.

Mafka's been slowly whittling away at Victims, but is not having much luck as he;s getting hit with same pile up of combat enders. He's also stuck using Ragnor as Alpha because TF and Sybil now all have Rivalries with Shad's preferred Alphas. So keeps having to go last.

Mafka finally decides my combat deck is mighty annoying and is the major reason killing Prey is so damn hard and jumps wounded Kabula with the entire team. (shreds had just wounded her) She only had 1 health left, so avoiding the entire team just wasn't going to happen.

Final tally

Mafka: 20 Honest Senator, Movie Star X2, Kabula
Shad: 13 Mr Iguana, Hunts-at-Night
Fenris: 7 Cultist X2, Kinfolk Small Town Cop, Entrapment
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