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Subject: Solo Variant Available? rss

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Matt Strange
Dingley Village
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Hello Geeks,

I am extremely interested in any Solo variants that may be floating around on the web. Has anyone had an opportunity to create a single player campaign? is it possible?

Any comments welcome.

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Ian McCarthy
United States
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Hello, seems like there aren't many solo gamers playing this game. There are many choices and strategies to take and a big part of the fun is seeing what your opponent can come up with. After all, many of the command cards are just Order 2 or 3 units, perhaps with stipulations, like of the same rank, i.e. color. I can't really see how this system would facilitate satisfying solo play.

Of course, I don't play board games solo, so I may not understand the question fully.
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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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BoW is not a great choice for Solo,of course you can just set up
& play both sides.The Games Victory conditions give you a framework
on what each side needs to do to win.

Real Solo where you reduce one side to an AI & play against a system,
would require a ton of rules in BoW & probably impossible due
to the many choices the game has available.

That said here's my system,a lot of it deals with setting up
the Skirmish Game as the Battle Plan Games are set in stone.
It's main Solo mechanic is in part D.Which mandates what type
of orders are used.Other than that your playing each side to
best accomplish it's victory conditions.

BoW Option-Solo modifications:

Roll d6 to determine type of Battle:

1-4=Skirmish-Randomly select a Skirmish Card(see Skirmish)

5-6=Battle Plan-Draw a chit with # & then match to
the # on the Battle plan(See Battle Plan)


A.Leader Selection

1.Used Random Selection -Select eligible Leaders
as per BoW Skirmish Cards.Assign each possible
Leader a die & roll to select.

2.Leaders cannot be killed in Raids-if eliminated
from BoW Game are assumed to have escaped.

B.Momentum-Choose Randomly by rolling d6 for each side.
High Roll gets unless Battle Plan or Skirmish specifies

Commander Modification

Subtract lower Commander rating from higher
Commander.Difference is used as a + modifier on above
d6 roll for the higher rated commander..


1.Each Round roll d6:

Odd=Use Order Token
Even =Use Leader Card

2.Leader Cards are Placed Face Down
& drawn Randomly from top of the Deck.

3.If Leader Cards can not be used as
Command Tokens used up or Order Tokens
used up & die roll calls for their use-That
House must PASS.

E.Terrain Placement-For each Terrain Tile)

1.To get Latitude:

a.Board A-divide 15 across Tiles into 3 groups of 5
starting at Sides Left Board Edge.Then Roll d6:

1-2=1st Group, 3-4=2nd Group,5-6=3rd Group
Then roll d6 to get exact hex location.

b.Board B-Roll die 10 to get exact hex location.

2.To get Longitude:Board A & B Roll the die type that matches
the # of hexes given for Terrain Tile placement on
the Skirmish Card.If an exact match not possible use
the next highest die & re roll the N/A#(ie:Tiles within
7 hexes of players board edge-use d8 & re roll #8.)
Note #1 is the first full hex on the sides Board Edge
and the #'s go up.

3.Match the Longitude column with Latitude Hex & place
the Tile.

4.Duplicate Rolls-using the placed tile as a center roll d6
& place the duplicate as per The Directional Compass
given on the Board Map.Duplicate Duplicates re roll
until you get a free hex via the Directional Compass.

F.Unit/Commander Placement

1.Place Units first-use the same method as above for
Terrain Tile Placement except place a Unit instead.

2.Placement order-Mounted,Infantry,Archers.If more
than 1 type of a group exist(ie:Lannister Hvy Inf &
Spear Inf)the order doesn't matter but place all of
one type before placing the next type.

3.Commanders are placed last using the BoW Skirmish
rules.Place so that they have the max.possible Units
in their CnC ZoC.

4.The Side with Momentum now may reposition any 2
Troop Units to another legal location within the Skirmish
Troop set up criteria.(This represents the Attacker
concentration of his forces or the Defenders being
aware of the enemy forces & being prepared.)


A.Set up Units & Terrain per the Plan

B.Orders see D.above.

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Rob Lyon
United States
San Juan Islands
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Old Dwarf,

Are you currently running any solo games utilizing this system?

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