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Subject: Vortex Collection for trade rss

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Steve Willson
United States
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I'm looking to trade all my Vortex stuff in one deal, check my wants and send me an offer. Here's what I have:

9 copies of the rules

A ziplock bag full of Essence, Energy, and Wound Counters (many, many more than a basic game would require)

11 Vortex tiles

434 tiles, listed in detail below, with Events and Relics noted by color

Battle Husk x2
Chitarra Seeders x6
Chitonok x18
Daemon Horde x17
Gallag D'rel
Gallag K'rol x4
Kaltalas Slug x3
Kaltarren Scourge x3
Kaltarren Womb x4
Klatu Crawler x9
Lake of Fire x36
Soul Captor x2
Talvallas Berserker
Thlartaras Tangler
Thlotas Worm Tower
Tower of Torment x2
Verada Strker x3
Womb Guardian

Battle Rage x2
Draconoid Battlelord x4
Draconoid Berserkers x3
Draconoid Shardlord x4
Draconoid Trooper x11
Dnakas Sentries x3
Elder Wizard x2
Fiery Peaks x23
Fiery Siege
Hatchlings x4
Nkai Temple
Nkalla Pillager x7
Nkalla Viper x11
Priestess of Nkai x2
Tkaras Firelord
Tkaras Scouts x3
Valley of the Bones x3

Bloodwood Predators x2
Bone Lich x2
Fallen Soldiers
Fetid Swamp x3
Grave Robbers x3
Graveyard Ghouls x2
Iron Skull
Necropolis x8
Plague Witch
Prying Eyes x2
Ritual Chamber
Shadow Wings x5
Skeletal Horde x3
Slave Pack x2
The Risen x3

Anika Bloodfish x2
Coral Scout x3
Dova Letha
Dova Magma x3
Galtheas Guard x2
Guardian of the Stone x4
Hunting Grounds x3
Iktheas Devourer
Lotoa Forest x5
Nakara Terror
Razorfins x2
Shallow Hunters
Sharaka x3
Speaker for the Stone x2
Thakarrea Siren
The Dova's Voice x2
The Dova's Wrath x2
Therokyus Leviathan x2

Aeronavy Captain
Black Wind Ruins x3
Compression Cannon
Dive Troopers x3
Dominion Bombers x2
Dominion Charger x2
Dominion Skyhold x5
Dominion Skyport
Ebon Hand x3
Emergency Deployment
Experimental Steam Drive
Hadrian Aeroguard x3
Hadrian Family Guard x2
Hadrian Princess x4
Tharacite Miner
Tharacite Mines x4

Dodge x3
Forest Patrol
Forest Raptor x3
Kalasso Juggernaut
Karlyxis Cavalry x3
Karlyxis Guard Beast
Kogorox Ravager
Leech Hound x2
Moor Stag x3
Raxys Hunting Party x3
Raxys Warriors x2
Raxys Wildlings x2
Roaring Falls
Sacred Grove x8
Sallicus Deathwasps x2
Sallicus Hive x2
Sotosso Vine Beast
Talux Caverns
Vortex Portal x2
Xixies x5

Academy of the Arcane x3
Cloud Runner x3
Council Member
Defense Shield
Eyes of the Academy
Guard Hall x3
Iron Commander x3
Iron Enforcer
Iron Guard
Iron Guard Infiltrator x3
Meditation Circle
Metro Protector x3
Plasma Laboratory x3
Plasma Servant x2
Power-Gem Courier
Secret Acquisition
Street Patrol x4

Birthing Chamber x4
Celestial City x3
Eternal Throng x3
Inspired Artisan x3
Lorian Battlewing x2
Lorian Channeler x2
Loriel Cathedral x3
Loriel General
Nagadiel Battlewing x2
Othiel Terminator x4
River of Life x2
Sky Path
Wings of Ascension
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Andrew Brannan
United States
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Check your messages. I've got some things you may or may not be interested in.
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