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Glenn McMaster
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Here's some variant ideas.

Walled Cities

These rules make the conquest of walled cities more important to victory.

1. To control a province you must control all walled cities in it. In the event that one player has the majority of PC markers in a province but the other controls a walled city there, neither player counts the province for political control.
2. If the Carthagian player controls both the province of Massila and the city of Massila, he receives each turn one additional CU at the city of Massila or with any general in the province.
3. When Massila becomes Carthagian controlled, thereafter the province becomes politically significant and the control of it counts for a political point (Section 18).

Tribes and Tribal Spaces.

Late in the war the Gaulic provinces were subject to Carthagian attempts at influence against Rome.

1. When you subjugate a green tribal space the tribal counter is not removed. Instead, after placing your PC you may carry it off with one of your generals as if it were another of your CU’s, and you may thereafter use it in battle or to absorb attrition losses.
2. The blue spaces need not be subjugated for a Carthagian general to move the tribes, but Carthage does not receive an extra battle card if fighting in a tribal space when the tribal counter is not present.
3. If you lose a battle all participating tribal CU’s are immediately displaced. These losses are in addition to your battle and retreat losses.
4. Whether lost in battle or by attrition, displaced tribes return to their home space during the reinforcement phase of the next turn and may again be carried off by one of your generals.
5. When a tribal space providing a CU is subjugated by the opponent, it’s tribal counter does not return to play after being displaced. It is instead removed from the game.
6. Tribal CU’s can be used to cover your losses when you win the battle.
7. A tribal CU defending its native space is not displaced if you lose a battle there. It remains in the space (even if the rest of your army retreats elsewhere) and your opponent must besiege it to destroy it. Your general and one additional CU may choose to remain with the besieged tribe, as if it were a walled city.

Naval Evacuations

The current rules do not reflect the ability of invading armies to avoid destruction by hasty retreats back to their fleets.

1. A Roman army losing a battle in a coastal space may retreat to a friendly port by making an additional retreat roll, if it is not the year of the Carthagian Naval Victory.
2. Roll for retreat and apply losses. Then,to evacuate by sea, roll for retreat again using the retreat table column which reflects the reduced size of your army, and apply losses again.
3. A Carthagian army may make a naval evacuation only during a year of the Carthagian Naval Victory.

Hasdrubal’s Special Ability:

Hasdrubal's crossing of the Alps was far less dramatic than Hannibal's.

May cross mountain passes without making an attrition roll.

New Events Cards

Fortified Base(2): Your losing general can stop his retreat on the first opposing space he enters.

Leader Captured(3): The opposing general just displaced is removed from the game.

Leader Escapes Captivity(1): A leader that has been removed from the game immediately returns to play in your capital city.

Heroic Cavalry Action(2): Re-roll the retreat roll just made.

Extended Campaign Season (3): Both players immediately draw three more operations cards. Reshuffle the deck if necessary.

Spy in Enemy Camp: (New wording for the current card). The opposing player randomly reveals half of their operations hand, not half of their battle hand.

False Intelligence(1): You may immediately move the army your opponent is attacking up to two spaces from its current location to an empty or friendly controlled space that your opponent did not move through during his current turn. You may even cross a straight or a mountain pass or move through a group of opposing CU’s.Play as an opposing army enters the space your general occupies. The general may not have attempted an interception or a retreat at any point in your opponent’s move.

Hanno Serves Abroad(2): Hanno may leave Africa. The Roman player may use this card to immediately cause the Carthagian player to return Hanno to a port in Africa, and/or to compel him to remain in Africa.

Fabius Serves Abroad(2): Fabius may leave Italy, even if returning to service after being dismissed with this ability earlier. The Carthagian player may use this card to immediately cause the Roman player to return Fabius to a port in Italy, and/or to compel him to remain in Italy.

Breakout(3): You may use this card to move up to four spaces a general and his CU's currently under siege.

Cavalry(1): Place your cavalry CU with any general if not already in play. You many only have one cavalry CU in play at any time.
1. It adds ‘+1’ to any retreat roll your opponent makes and subtracts one from any retreat roll you make. Cavalry can move 5 spaces.
2. It must be eliminated on an ‘E’ result if you do not lose an elephant. A cavalry CU is never eliminated unless an ‘E’ result is not rolled, even if it is the sole surviving CU.
3. It costs an opposing general without cavalry an additional movement point to enter a space containing your cavalry CU.
4. Cavalry cannot be overrun if it can retreat to an adjacent space (even enemy controlled) not occupied by an enemy CU.
5. It must be present in the same province as the activating general to be moved with him, but it does not have to be in the general’s space. It does count towards his 10 CU limit even if not directly stacked with him.
6. During movement cavalry never has to join with the general and the moving player may advance his cavalry and his general through their moves in any order he wishes. (for example, you may move your cavalry 5 spaces to a potential intercept space, and then move your general into that space, etc).

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John Carter
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I have put together a "Hannibal II" Variant including 8 new cards:

To address the following:

1) It makes the cities more important.

2) Allows the Romans to campaign more easily in Spain and not get shut out

3) Grants the Carthaginians some limited add'l options in North Italy

4) Provides one minor leader for both sides

If interested please e-mail me at:
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