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Here is a scenario I've been working on for a while...
short and simple, with a twist. I tried to clarify
everything, but if there are any questions feel free
to ask. I'll be submitting a doc file you can download
as well. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.


"Two heroes seeking a cure; one is cursed, the other pure."
Allisa has fallen under the curse of Lycanthropy. Her and a companion
seek out The Silver Mirror in Castle Ravenloft, hoping to lift
the curse forever.

Goal: For Allisa to recover the Mirror from the Arcane Circle and escape
Castle Ravenloft.
Number of Heroes: Allisa and one other hero. Note: Due to special
rules concerning Lycanthropy, this scenario may work best as a solo
experience. Alternatively, a second player may choose to control Allisa
in both her normal and werewolf form.

Special components in this adventure:
The Arcane Circle dungeon tile, the Mirror token, Alarm Encounter
card, Alarm marker, Sun token, Time Track (either on Adventure Book page 3 or
printed from the files section) and the Werewolf Villain card and figure. If the
Silver Dagger has been removed from your Treasure deck, put it back in.

Place the Start Tile on the table and set the 2 heroes in a square
adjacent to the stairway. Set aside the Alarm Encounter card, Alarm
token, and Mirror token, they will come into play later. Set the
Arcane Circle tile aside and shuffle the remaining Dungeon Tile stack.
Take 3 tiles from the stack and shuffle them with the Arcane Circle tile.
Then, without looking, place the shuffled cards back into the Dungeon Tile
stack after the 8th tile, so that the Arcane Circle tile will appear somewhere
randomly between the 9th and 12th tile drawn.
Shuffle the Treasure, Monster, and Encounter decks thoroughly before play.
Place the Sun token in the first space of the Time Track.

Each time a tile with a black triangle is placed by a hero during the Exploration Phase,
move the Sun token one spot to the right on the Time Track. Once the Sun token is in
the final space, replace Allisa's figure and card with those of the Werewolf. She will
activate on the remaining player's Villain Phase as normal for a Villain. When reduced
to 1 HP or below, the Werewolf changes back to Allisa (with the same number of
Hit Points she had before transforming). Every time the Werewolf returns, it
once again has its full Hit Points. While Allisa is a Werewolf, each time a tile with
a white triangle is placed, move the Sun token back one space on the Time Track. Do
not advance it for black triangle tiles drawn while she is a Werewolf. If the Sun Token
returns to the starting space, Allisa changes back to her normal form with the same
hit points she had before transforming. Monster cards belonging to Allisa belong to
the Hero companion while she is in Werewolf form, to be returned once she has
become human again.

Allisa may be able to complete this adventure even if the other Hero has fallen
and there are no Healing Surges left. If that happens, all monsters under control
of the fallen Hero will be under Allisa's control and belong to her. (See Defeat)

During their Hero Phase, the active Hero may take as many "free actions" as
they want. This does not deduct from their movement or attacks.

Wolves never target Allisa unless she has the Mirror token. They will ignore her
even if adjacent. Treat the other Hero as the "nearest Hero" for their tactics. Once
Allisa has the Mirror token, Wolves will target her normally.

Arcane Circle tile: When the Arcane Circle tile is placed, do the following:
Place the Mirror token on the bone pile in the center of the circle.

Do not draw a Monster card or place a Monster onto the Arcane Circle tile
when it is first placed.

A Hero who ends his or her movement next to or on the square containing the
Mirror may pick it up. Give the Mirror token to that Hero.
Once the Mirror token has been taken, read the final text, then play the Alarm
Encounter card, followed by placing the Alarm token on the Arcane Circle tile.

If Allisa is not the Hero who took the Mirror, it must be given to her as a free action by
an adjacent Hero. From that point on, Allisa no longer turns into the Werewolf. If she
is the Werewolf while another Hero has the Mirror, she changes back imediately when
adjacent to that Hero (doing no damage from any intended attack).

In the event that Allisa's companion has 0 HP with no healing surges left while carrying
the Mirror, she must move adjacent to the fallen figure and take the Mirror as a free action
before attempting to leave the dungeon. If she becomes the Werewolf before gaining the
Mirror in this situation, the Players lose the adventure. (See Defeat)

Victory: The Players win this adventure if Allisa has the Mirror token and escapes
back to the Stairs on the Start Tile.

Defeat: The Heroes lose this adventure if Allisa has 0 Hit Points at the start of her Hero Phase
and there are no Healing Surges left, or, if Allisa's companion has 0 Hit Points at the start of
his or her Hero Phase and there are no Healing Surges left while Allisa is in the form of
the Werewolf.

When you start the adventure read:
The fog rolled into the forest like slow death. The moon was full in the clear sky,
and evil stalked the darkness. Allisa would never forget that night; the night she
became cursed. Though she had killed the Werewolf, it's laughter as it lay dying
haunted her dreams. It had passed it's curse on to her, and the Transformations were
becoming more frequent. An old priest thought that an almost forgotten legend might hold the
cure. Looking at your reflection in the magical Silver Mirror, it is said, would return you to
your true self no matter what curse or enchantment you are under. The Silver Mirror... long
locked in the depths of Castle Ravenloft. With a true friend by her side, Allisa prepares for
a journey. One which will either end in redemption, death...or worse.

When the Arcane Circle tile is revealed, read:
The light of the Arcane Circle is unmistakable, it's cool blue radiance filling the room and
seeming to keep evil at bay. There in the center of the circle is what you came for, an ornate
mirror of gleaming silver. It is archaic beyond belief, from a time long forgotten. Taking the Mirror
and looking into it's surface, you feel your true self revealed. Suddenly the light of the Arcane Circle
begins to fade. A cold sensation fills your heart as somewhere, a mystic alarm begins to shriek.
You have what you came for, now it is time to beat a hasty retreat out of this dungeon and
back to the sunlit lands.

Alternate set-up
The Time Track method guarantees Allisa will become the Werewolf at least once per game.
If this is too difficult or seems too mechanical, consider using this alternate system instead.
This was the original system I had intended to use, but found Environment Encounters were
extremely rare, appearing only once during 5 play tests.
Each time an Environment Encounter card is drawn by any hero, discard it.
Instead, replace Allisa with the Werewolf Villain figure. She will activate on the
remaining player's Villain Phase as normal for a Villain. When reduced to
1 HP or below, the Werewolf changes back to Allisa (with the same number of
Hit Points she had before transforming). Every time the Werewolf returns, it
once again has its full Hit Points. Environment Encounters can't be cancelled
using Experience Points or by any other means. Environment Encounters drawn
while Allisa is a Werewolf are shuffled back into the Encounters deck.
Environment Encounters drawn after Allisa has the Mirror play normally, she does
not turn into the Werewolf.

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Mike Clarke
Port Coquitlam
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Great little adventure but I think you're right when you say it's probably a solo mission.

Given that the werewolf already has well defined tactics, she doesn't really need a player when she turns.

I like the idea of the sun track rather than the environment cards because they're just too chancy. Some games you only get one. Other games you get several.

It looks like a fairly creative and fun scenario. I've added it to my Castle Ravenloft folder.

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