Tobias Mrosek
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So, after my wrong play of the last few solosessions of the first Adventure "Escape the Tomb" from Castle Ravenloft i stepped in the boots of Allisa the Ranger and fought my way through the crypt.

Heropowercards: Careful Attack, Hunter´s Shot, Bounding Attack, Unbalancing Parry (Suggestion from Adventure Book)

After woken up with a huge headache, Allisa tried to get a glimps of her surroundings. How long has she been lying here unconscious beside this coffin covered with old marks. A man with a long cape had suprised her in the streets while she was looking for an inn to get a rest after her four day walk through the forests of old. He got her by suprise. She would have seen him coming weren´t it for her excausted travel.

The ranger shook the thoughts of her mind and pushed herself up.
She must find a way out of this tomb, who knows how long she has been lying here and when the sun will set, everything will be worse than ever.

She stumbled across the floortiles and heard a growning sound approaching from behind her. She couldn´t reach her bow fast enough before the rotting creature attacked her with a slam. While the zombie embraced her she sliced him in half and pushed the remaining upperpart behind her. Those undead never learn, she told to herself.

A few steps further she noticed webs all over the place. Seems that spiders are still getting enough food in crypts as well. With a fast trick she evaded the shoot web from the spider at the corner and answered its try with an aimed shot with her arrow. The spider impaled at the wall shrieked as it´s life slipped away.

Allisa heard a distand sound of water flowing. That familiar sound of nature gave her the will to push even further through the darkness which was still trapping her below ground.

A few rats were slain as she approached the well. Suddenly a crackling sound made her nervous. To late for her senses to make her body act. A loose flagstone she stepped onto sprung a trap. Fire from small holes into the walls burnt her cape and nearly also her flesh. Only with luck she survived this evil attack. Pull yourself together, she said, i will not die in this godforsaken tomb.

bruised and covered in smoke she enterd the next room. The air was quite and no movement could be seen. But Allisa´s mind told her, that there was something lurking in the dark. She could saw her own breath in this cold champer. At that time she realised a sudden movement in the air and the appearing face of a haunted soul made her spine shiver. She could not react as fast as the cold hand touched her at her heart. Ice and frost stroked through her whole body as she shook the creature off.

At the distance she could hear the sound of stone scrapping on stone.

She was running know. running in fright that this could be really her last hours. All the moanings, the crawling, the shrieking drove her mad.
Was that all in her mind or did those creatures of the night really hunting her down. I can´t look back know, she told herself, i need to push forward. I must get out of this trapped place so deep in the cold earth...

A smile on her face could bee seen as she ran across the corner and behold a great stairwell into the light. In her mind she could feel the warm sun again, smelled the fresh air of the forest...


Her eyes went black as she felt two sudden stitches right at her neck. She was turned around by her chaser and the last thing she could remember
was the cold feeling of her body sucked dry by the same man that brought her into his lair....

casulties so far: Immeril, Arjhan, Allisa more to follow?devil

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