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Subject: Drunter und Drüber - A Board Game Odyssey review rss

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Tom P
United Kingdom
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Do not shed tears over throws of the past, roll again!
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I've been tracking my game purchases in this geeklist, but as the posts seem to be more like 'impression reviews', it makes sense to post them as such, too.

I'm a sucker for tile-laying games and I like interesting/ridiculous themes, so I was keen to try this out at London on Board when it made an appearance. It was relatively cheap, too, so I thought I may as well get it...

First impressions: Well, initially I was quite excited about my new purchase, but I took it on holiday with me hoping to get a few plays in when disaster struck: I took off the shrink wrap and pulled off the box lid only to discover a tile was missing cry

Fortunately I had other games with me, but it was still a bummer. However, the people at Hans im Glück were very nice and promised to send me a replacement, which duly came...only to turn out to be the wrong tile. A few reminders later and I received not only the correct replacement tile but also a bag of meeple sweets!

Nom nom nom nom...

Anyway, after that I did get to play again and noticed that the new tile had a distinctly different feel to it - I obviously have an old version as most of the tiles are quite flimsy and feel like they might not withstand a lot of plays, whereas the new one feels much thicker and sturdier. Hey-ho, you get what you pay for I guess, I'll just have to be gentle on it!

First play: 07.04.10. First play was at a London on Board 'SdJ winners' night. I was pipped to first by 1 point, which was frustrating, but it can be a tight game and I enjoyed the combination of bluffing and tactical tile manoeuvring in trying to save your highest-scoring buildings. The voting system for covering toilets was a nice touch

Ongoing play: Played this recently with my sister and her husband: I'm not sure it will work quite so well with 2 players as the bluffing and ganging up aspect would be lost; perhaps it would become a little more strategic though so it might work in that sense, but I enjoyed trying to influence the other two into messing up each other's chances while attempting to keep mine safe. It didn't always work (what goes around comes around), but we had a blast.

My sister got quite upset when we figured out her colour in the first game, which gave it away somewhat, but soon learned from that mistake! Overall they both really enjoyed it, and I think this will be a hit with the rest of the family, too.

In sum: A great little tile-laying game with some nice tactical elements. You'll never succeed in avoiding all of your buildings being built over so the challenge is to make sure you have just more than your opponents. The voting system is a nice touch with more tactical thinking for when to use which card.

Most quoted: "JEEIIN!"
Seldom seen: 5-point building scores.

Postscript: I rate this game 7.5/10. I suppose I should knock some points off for the flimsy components, but really I'm rating the game in terms of how much I enjoy playing it - I'm sure the new version with the terrible name will be top-notch. As a tile-laying game, I think it's really quite good - there are enough different elements to keep it interesting even though the gameplay itself is very simple. There is even a variant included which I haven't yet tried as I need to get the cards translated! All in all, a good addition for me.
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Lest we Forget
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"nom nom nom nom..."

Edit - too many noms
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tom moughan
United States
New York
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ahh....I love the smell of a stack of sketchily placed animals in the morning!
meeple sweets! lucky bastard. They appear as chewy flimsy as the tiles you are describing ; D

edit: crap typing
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