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Subject: Umbra Stargazers vs Hellcats rss

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H.C. O'Neill
United States
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Morihei High Mountain
Antonine teardrop
Howard Koar

Scaterrer of Bones*
The Huntress*
Burning Water*

NOTE: This is a playtest game using cards that are not yet released. Cards marked with a * are playtest cards. Please visit the rage forum for information on the upcoming Hellcats set.

Turn 1
Wolfboy plays Etherial Wind

I swear to Wolfboy I DID shuffle. it's in the log!

Wolfboy plays Akashic Brother. I play Apophis Pipeline Protestors

Morehei and the The Huntress* are Alpha. Moreihei attacks The Huntress* and Frenzies.

Moreihei Evades and Strikes. I Fetal Position. I Clawstorm* and whip out Harry* X3. He plays passive Aggression to turn one back on me, but gets hit with two of them. I Clawstorm* AGAIN and whip out a Duck and Cover, Searching for weakness, and a Vicious Assault* vs a leaping Rake. One of his little Stargazer pals plays Distractions to cancel Duck and Cover and kill me. BOOOOOO. Cause I had Clawstorm* #3 in my hand...

Turn 2
Morihei regens a Harry*

I giver Scatterer of Bones* a Skin of the Hellbound. Out come the Foreign Aid Workers*.

Wolfboy plays a Carpet Snake to send the Akashic Brother to the Umbra. He also plays Caern of the Snow Leopard. His entire pack then goes to hide in Umbra during Umbra phase.

Morihei and Scatterer of Bones* are Alpha. Morihei passes. Scatter* attacks the Protestors*. Wolfoy gives them Kailindo with Etherial Wind. THEY ARE NINJA PROTESTORS. I play Harry*. They Feint... they dump a useless Redirected Attack. I use Gaia's Will Corrupted to unmercifully squish them.

I give Burning Water* an Impala's Flight*. Oh, how I would have liked to go up against the Akashic with that...

Turn 3
Morihei regenerates a Harry*.

I play Yunwi'i'got'too'many'sylables'and'apostraphes. Wolfboy plays two Morizokis. Wolfboy sends Carpet Snake to the Umbra.

Morihei and Burning Water* are Alphas.

Morihei attacks a Morozhki. it plays Surprise Attack, he plays Redirected Attack so it pokes itself. He plays Flicker and avoids its Vital Blow. Repeat. It plays Searching for Weakness which he avoids with Leaping rake. Squish.

Burning Water* attacks Yunwi. Wolfboy gives her Kailindo with Ethereal Wind. She plays Evade and Strike vs Duck and Cover. I play Clawstorm* and hit with a Surprise Attack (which I just drew) and a Harry*, block with fetal Position. It dumps a Frenzy as a fake card. I Frenzy just to get to Crinos, then finish it off with a Vicious Assault*.

Antonine plays Geas to make Morihei attack the other Morozhki. He frenzies. Bum Rush brings in rest of pack to deliver a Nerve Cluster, Head Wound and a Redirected Attack turns Morizhki's action back on it. (I think. Morozhki targeted the Akashic, whie Antoinine played the Redirected. goddamn I hate redirects in pack combat... and I have a headache. I'm operating on about half brain power) Moriehi plays Leaping Rake next round to finish it off.

Fenris: 10
Wolfboy: 24

This was really an excuse to use a bunch of the high priority "dear lord, please test these cards!" cards in Hellcats.

Scatterer* and Burning Water* seem fine. The Huntress* also seemed fine. If it weren't for that darn Distractions, I had that extra Clawstorm and the damage in my hand to not jsut kill Morihei, but Hack Him Apart as well to end the frenzy... curse.
Didn't try her out with the Ahroun stuff. she should probably be tried in a deck with The Darkness.*

I drew Mousemaze* but did not have chance to use it. Played Foreign Aide Workers*, but they didn't have any effect.

I also did not manage to set up Searching for Weakness followed by Vicious Assault*. Wasn't my primary aim, but with the Morozhki at 7 rage, it was very tempting to try but was holding Searching back to still have something to play if I got nailed with Nerve Cluster.

Next time I should have a The Darkness and Huntress Deck to try out...
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