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Subject: A Rose By Any Name-Campaign 1 rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Woe to those who must govern this Realm in these times. Though I be Chancellor
of England, my wish at this pointe be to return to my dear Bishopric in Winchester
& die full of years in bed.

I commit pen to paper now so that if our Gracious Lord & Savior does not grant my wish,
Then at least some record of my times and trials exist, so that I might be judged fairly for my actions.

Henry, by Grace of God my Sovereign and to whom I owe my Office these past four years,
Is now mindless. His periods of sanity grow less and less and even then he tends not so
much to his Kingship. in truth we are governed by Queen Margaret and her favorites and
the country knows increasing unrest.

Ludford Bridge settled nothing, Duke Richard & Warwick along with other York leaders
Are in exile but they wax in strength and support. Queen Margaret will make no accommodation
with York as she is determined to preserve her son’s Edwards succession rights. So
understandable for a mother but it bodes not well for England. I fear much blood will
be spilled before York and Lancaster claims be settled.

Penned this February, 1460A.D

William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England..

God preserve us,what I for long dreaded has come to pass.
Mercenaries in the pay of Warwick from Calais & Burgundy
seized Newcastle an act of piracy.

The King or more likely Queen Margaret responded post
haste & through treaty with the King James a Scottish Army
was dispatched along with Clifford to Northumbria.

Percy at Umbria & Buckingham at Warwick were also mobilized.

The mercenaries were brought to battle & the Burgundians
were destroyed & the Calais men forced to retreat back to
Warwick greatly reduced.The valiant Clifford & the Scots
suffered but little.

It is too early to tell if this was an isolated raid or the start
of a York invasion.The treaty with Scotland & the reports of
their Forces plundering Northumbria have not set well
here in London but for now the King prevails.

Penned this June,1460 AD
William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England

It's War!Queen Margaret has called up the Lancaster
supporters to occupy areas with heavy York sympathy.
Beaumont was sent to East Anglica to disrupt Suffolk
& Norfolk holdings and Wilkshire to Oxford .

Stanly is raised in Lancaster and Rivers in Leicester.

The York forces in Calais Warwick,Kent,Salisbury,& March
landed in East Anglica & upon this news the Salisbury
Garrison declared for York.

The Battle of Bury St.Edmuns saw Beaumont destroyed
by March & establishment of a strong York foothold
in East Anglica.

King Henry is now isolated in London,as our forces
are scattered & Warwick combined Army is within
striking distance.

I prey for deliverance.

Penned this July, 1460A.D

William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England

A Vengeful God has answered prayers a Plague has broken
out in East Anglica & all the York forces there have been

Still the York forces grow,the Norwich Levies have been
mobilized to help offset the Plague losses.In the West The
Duke of Norfolk has raised the York standard in Caernavon.
Rebels have also massed in Chester under the White Rose.

We have a reprieve but I fear our King is still in danger
in London,our Armies must consolidate or be destroyed piecemeal.

Penned this August, 1460A.D

William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England..

Our forces are beginning to organize,Buckingham has joined
the King in London & South Yorks has been raised with
Schewbury troops & The Archbishop of York Forces.

Word has come that Rutland supported by the Irish have
landed in Chester and that rebels have flocked to him.
The Archbishop of Canterbury has raised his forces
to support his York kinsmen.We are now threatened
by York in both the West & East.

Penned this September 1460A.D

William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England..

I feel the whole country is a march,the winds of war blow
toward some great conflagration.

The York forces in the East have mustered into Essex,
Warwick,March,Salisbury,Kent forces are now poised
against the King in London.

The King refuses to leave London & instead Somerset
has been summoned to join him.The Bristol Levies
have been raised & in Pembroke the Welsh Mercenaries
have joined Earl Pembroke to prevent The York western
forces from joining up with their Eastern Army.

Penned this October, 1460A.D

William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England..

The colds came early this year,as if God stretched out his hand
over England and said enough.I fear it is merely a temporary
lull that awaits only the first thaw to break forth bloody hell.

Penned this Winter, 1460/61A.D

William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England

An early thaw and Rutland,the Irish & Rebels forced
march moved to Oxford & attacked Wiltshire,our forces
responded by sending Buckingham,Oxford & the Bristol
Levies to support Wiltshire in holding Oxford for Lancaster.

The Battle of Oxford was fearsome,Wiltshire forces
were destroyed ,Bristol Levies & Buckingham were
sorely handled but Rutland was badly damaged & the
Irish wiped out.Still we were forced to cede Oxford to York.
Yet their forces were much diminished and I think they
be little help to Warwick.

Penned this February, 1461A.D

William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England

Matters now come to ahead,Richard Duke of York has
left Ireland and has landed in Caernarvon joining with Norfolk.
In East Anglica, Suffolk has joined the York forces &
a massive Bombard has been obtained.

To contest the York threat in the west Pembroke & the
Welsh Mercenaries sought out York and Norfolk.

The resulting Battle of Harlech was a disaster as both
Pembroke & the Welsh were slaughtered.

There seems to be no end to this misery,the Nobles
on both sides are tired,the cost of maintaining the Armies
is diminishing their estates.

This cannot go on,I have suggested a truce by which
we might end this bloody,costly war.The Queen will
not yield her sons inheritance but perhaps York will
be content with lesser arrangements.

Penned this March, 1461A.D

William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England..

It is done,the Realm is again at peace.It is not over only
postponed.Richard of York & the York Leaders will go
back into exile but the Nobles who supported him are
pardoned and allowed to retain their estates.

The King has prevailed (though I doubt he knows or cares)
but dissatisfaction with the Queen and plundering in the North by
her allies the Scots daily sows more dissatisfaction.

The York Forces now have a stronger foothold in the
country than they had before the war.Blood will come
again until this matter between York and Lancaster
can be resolved.

Penned this May, 1461A.D

William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England

(For the Record Lancaster 11 and York 8-OD )

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Jim O'Neill (Established 1949)
Graduate of Barlinnie
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VENI, VIDI, VISA - my reaction on entering my FLGS.
Like a good red wine, I improve with age... and being laid.

That piece of writing was


Est. 1949

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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I really enjoyed the game (even though I lost)
can't wait for the 2nd Campaign.

First Games can be a series of rule checks but,
Richard III Rules were clear & we had no problems.
well I did let York get away with a Crown bonus,
but when I checked back the die rolls were so high it
didn't matter.

We also played an illegal 8th turn,I was writing everything
down in a notebook for the session report & when
I turned a page I mis numbered the turn.I discovered
this when getting the session report together.So
we had to drop that turn & conclude the Game at the
7th turn,thus eliminating our big battle for London.
This actually worked out well for me as I lost 3 Blocks
in that battle.The score was 11 Lancaster-5 York but
now it became 11 Lancaster -8 York.Plus I got 3 Nobles
back on the Board for the reset after the Political Turn.

My original plan was to throw all the Calais Blocks into
Middlesex & try a quick take out of Henry.When I
drew my 1st Card it was Piracy which made that plan
impossible.I decided instead to invade the Northumbria
with the idea of building up a base in the North or at least
drawing my opponent North.I figured I was fairly safe
as the only enemy Block which could reach me was
Clifford.The Calais & Burgundy Blocks packed a punch
so I wasn't considering my opponent risking it.Alas
I forgot about The Scots(sorry Jim) and so Clifford
& The Scots cleaned my clock(Calais Mercenaries retreated
with 1 Strength left).

The next turn rather than risk a direct attack on Middlesex
& the King I landed Warwick & the Calais exiles in E.Anglica
taking out a Rose Noble.My new plan was to descend on
Middlesex with 4 Blocks,then Lancaster drew his 1
Event Card -Plague & my 4 Blocks weren't so fierce anymore.

My plans now devolved into trying to pick off Rose Nobles.
I figured I was doing good until just before the last turn
I did the math & realized my opponent simply out
recruited me(he did a clever bit by occupying my
Shield Areas).

So I'm hoping for Revenge in the 2nd Campaign,I did
take out 3 Rose Nobles so we'll see if this helps me
in the next Game.


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Nicklas Roman
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Great writing.

My original plan was to throw all the Calais Blocks into
Middlesex & try a quick take out of Henry.When I
drew my 1st Card it was Piracy which made that plan

Erm, you do realise that you draw your entire hand and choose what cards to play in a turn? It's a pretty big deal on strategy in the game!

If you did have piracy as a first card I recommend attacking Pembroke with the pretender and irish.

It's a great game, and holds up well over repeated plays. Hope you have a lot of fun with it!
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Chris Mikols
United States
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(4 years later)

Yes piracy with the pretender and Irish merc is a great move on Pembroke. If you can eliminate him it really shortens the map for you and you can focus all your attention elsewhere and not worry about Wales. (I don't chase down heirs, only nobles interest me)
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