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Subject: What cards to hold? (plus general strategies) rss

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Life lesson: Hamsters are NOT diswasher safe.
There are 10 types of people-- those who understand binary, and those who don't.
After you see the initial spread of cards, and you can't see anything to do, how do you "create" tricks for yourself?

First of all, if you have two of the same-numbered card, hold onto the club version of it (should you have that) and play the other one face up first. That way your opponent doesn't get a club if he can snag it up in a different multi-card grab before you can take it.

I like to play the same card face up, when there are three same-numbered cards in play: say there's a 7 face up on your turn and you have two 7s in your hand. Play a 7 face up instead of taking the other one. It throws your opponent off a bit, but if they can't do anything with one 7, they won't be able to do anything with two of them, either (this tends to work best with cards valued about 6 and higher, and especially with face cards, however).
What it also does is make the other player to "play to you"; that is, they could be forced to play a card that they don't want to play, while you can collect one of your 7s (in this case) at any time this round.

One thing that you don't want to do is to play a 10 up or any card up that will combine with another to add up to ten, especially if the 10 of diamonds is still unplayed.
So if there's a 6 on the table then you might want to hold on to your 4 until the last card.

You definitely want to hang on to any 2 until you're forced to play it. There's nothing worse than putting down the 2 of diamonds and have someone play their 2 of clubs on it.

Smaller cards can be dangerous to play down since they combine with others to make big card values. If there are no cards (or maybe one) face up, then a small card should be safer.

Choose a combination that takes a club and/or small cards off of the table, if you have the chance: if you can take a 1-3-4 with your 8, do that instead of a single matching 8, or a 1-7 combo, for instance. If the 1-7 includes a club, though, think about taking that instead, unless you are behind on cards taken or way ahead on clubs taken (so far).

On the fifth (the last) deal of the cards each round, if you are the dealer and you have a pair in your hand (or the last of a matching face card that is face up-- face cards are reasonably easy to keep track of in your memory--then hold the pair or face card until the last play(s) and you will get all of the untaken tricks. It helps for "most cards".
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