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Subject: A bad dream rss

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Gerit Driessen
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In war preparation is everything, so we start with laying a minefield in The narrows. Our allies are reinforcing the Eastern Theater and the 2nd Battle of Ypres is a victory It means a first boost to morale. Meanwhile the mine laying continues (both minefields in place by the end of turn 2).

While we manage the fronts at the borders of our Empire the Western Theater is getting valuable resources, or so we are told. Jihad is declared in turn 5 and Yildiz and Dardanos are built in a hurry. Building up our defence system and letting our allies doing the same has priority.

The arrival of Maude in turn 7 is bad news. Our forces don’t seem to get any grip on his advances. And he is not the only problem: Dashkov and Murray do their part to drain our offensive power, and the Arab Revolt in turn 11 introduces Hussein. When Italy joins the war two turns later we can celebrate a victory, and our people are happy (national will is +3). Still we cannot stop Maude in his tracks, though we have proven that he is not invincible.

Enver goes to the front, only to find Dashkov safely in his "5" space. We can keep the English generals at bay, and do not worry too much about Hussein or the landings in Salonika. All goes well.

Then the expected invasion in The Narrows is a fact. We see battle ensue with confidence in our heart; all defences are in place, and Sedulbahir is intact. We can await the good news in the quiet of our Imperial garden. However, when the news comes, it is not good. The British have forced the strait and with a British Fortitude of +1 it is a crushing defeat in turn 18!


But what if that was only a bad dream and the Turks had won? With a national will of +3 and never needing allied help, for the sake of getting to know the game better what would have been possible? Let’s go back to the Imperial Garden. The messenger this time has a smile on his face: Ottoman victory at The Narrows!

In turn 19, the pipeline in the Sinai is build and we have to deal with Murray. The Yildirim are formed. This is just as well because now we have an answer to Maude. Nicholas takes the helm in the Caucasus which makes that front harder to control. Sarrail is much easier to beat, but victory is never certain!

The Kaiserschlacht begins in turn 24. It seems this gives us strength: both Nicholas as Maude are fought back. A victory in Jutland the previous turn and a first victory in the Kaiserschlacht gives us a morale of +4. The Western Theater is supplied with extra troops and another victory is gained.

Allenby takes over from Murray. We fight back Nicholas and Sarrail, while there is news of a stalemate in the Kaiserschlacht. National will is at an all-time high of +5!

But war is unforgiving and the war weariness that sets in has it’s reflection on our good people. Especially now Hussein has taken Jerusalem and our German allies lose an important battle in the Kaiserschlacht. Moral is +3 in turn 26.

Things don’t look up: defeat after defeat in the Kaiserschlacht, Dunsterforce that burns two valuable actions (but rather that than a collapse of morale), a failed coup in India, the demise of our brave Yildirim and Hussein that walks into Adana.

There is talk of one Lawrence, an English officer, that stirs up the Arabs (turn 31). It is said that he is a clever leader of men but we drive him out of Damascus, all the way to Tafilah. The Kaiserschlacht does not show a clear winner of loser, but the Hoffmann Offensive is a win for the Central Powers. Beating back Lawrence, Allenby and Nicholas in turn 33 restores our morale to +3.

One turn later Yudenich enters as general. After the advance of Maude and Lawrence we concentrate on Lawrence, but this guy is better than we at first suspected and we are defeated twice. How fortunate that there is a Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in turn 36! We need all the actions we can get, and sometimes even that is not enough - in turn 37 we burn 3 actions against Allenby, and when the dust clouds lie down, he has not moved one inch!! Due to a double vicory (Vittorio Venito and Kaiserschlacht) our moral rises to +6. Nice.

In turn 39 our nightmare featuring Allenby comes to a climax: seven times we march up against him, and seven times we return with bloody faces. This is not a human!

The Gallipoli landings take place and at last we defeat Allenby. And now we’re at it, we also throw Maude as well.

Brusilov is a victory for our allies. Our people are confident (national will +4) and so are we. But this Lawrence fellow is in Adana and we have only one action to do anything about it. We blow it. And our German friends’ resources are drained by their efforts to defeat Allenby, a bit earlier... On top of that they lose the U-Boat Campaign.

What more is to be said? It is turn 42. Lawrence takes Constantinople, Maude and Allenby take Mosul and Adana respectively. We will have to negotiate our way out of this strategic stalemate...

This is the best result that I have had so far. It sure isn’t easy to work your way through all cards - though Darin has proven it is possible! So I’m not unhappy with 6 cards to go and a national will of +4. Even though I sneaked my way out of the disaster of The Narrows.

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