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Played a couple quick tactical battles in "US Navy Plan Orange" last week.

Battle Scenario 1
Josh (ptper on BGG) played the Japanese, and I played the US.

This was mostly uninteresting due to a rather unbalanced scenario setup. The Japanese fleet starts with a heavy cruiser, 4 light cruisers, and 10 destroyers. The US starts with a light cruiser and 5 destroyers (although these destroyers pack QUITE a punsh in torpedoes). In a straight gun duel, the US player clearly cannot win - but that's not a problem. Or...SHOULDN'T be. The US player only needs to escape.

The problem is that setup mechanic of rolling 1 6-sided die to determine which of the 6 maps sides your fleet is coming in on and which of the 6 sides it needs to exit from. Clearly, the intent was to have the fleets steam parallel courses, or courses not even near each other, etc - all of which would enable the US player to win. As we rolled the incoming and outgoing hex sides, the fleets happenened to roll out EXACTLY perpendicular courses, intersecting in the middle of the board.

It was quite a rout, I managed to bang up one of his cruisers somewhat with my destroyers...but that was about all. All US warships sunk, although the transports got away (not that it counted for victory conditions - although, in retrospect, it probably should have).

Battle Scenario 4
The second session we played was using a scenario downloaded from Avalanche Press's site - "Battle Scenario 4: Deliveries".

This scenario was much more balanced - US with 3 light cruisers and 6 destroyers vs Japanese forces with 4 light cruisers and 6 destroyers. The US destroyers had a SUBSTANTIAL advantage in torpedoes over the Japanese and the US cruisers outgunned the Japanese, but the Japanese ships outnumbered the Americans and had more hull strength individually.

The scenario victory conditions were...somewhat...ambigious. It basically boiled this down to a straight shooting match - whoever disengaged with the most victory points (gained by sinking ships) wins.

Due to the previous game session, where my destroyers were used to no effect, Josh (ptper) decided to pull his destroyers off of the main force and have them vacate the board. The idea being that if his fleet only matched mine in capability (and we both basically sank each other's entire fleets), his escaped destroyers would allow him the win.

Unfortunately, my destroyers worked pretty well in this game, and in their opening volley of torpedoes, sank one of his cruisers. From there, the game ending was fairly predictable as he tried to get his cruisers off the board shooting back at me, and I kept banging away at them in pursuit. Net result was a pair of crippled cruisers on my side, and a pair of sunk and crippled cruisers on his side.
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