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I played for the first time yesterday and found some odd moments that I couldn't find the answers for online or in the rules.

So bit of a background for my game. May 13 0 casualties for UK, support at 8/8. 0 ships in defense zone (they were getting rid of nukes...) and subs in each patrol sector. Carrier group in port. Carrier group deploys to Coastal zone, Battle group already in Search. The two groups manage to evade my sub screens and don't find any subs. Then they absolutely bum-rush me. Carrier group and Battle group both find the Task Force. Carrier automatically goes to 12. Battle group managed to find 12 as well. Battle group kills off a handful of support ships and manages to damage the Invincible. This is where I have questions.

1) When does the Invincible get put onto the calender as it is damaged?
2) Can the Invincible fight back? in both battles?
3) Can I scramble Harriers for either the combat of the Battle group or the Carrier groups planes?
4) How do I resolve the 2 subsequent combats (i.e. together, separately, TF gets to fight back once, for both???)

I included the Invincible for the remainder of the fight with both the Battle group and the Carrier group planes. But as soon as the battle was over placed it on the calender for repairs. Luckily, no raids that day.

Then (as if to add insult to my injuries) I drew a ceasefire event card. Which I accepted as my Domestic support was dangerously low. Now to clarify; I assume I cannot turn over SitRep cards or it will "violate" the cease-fire. I know I can't draw Event Cards but I can still play ones in front of me (Correct?). Specifically, the "we need a win" card, which implies I go off to retake South Georgia. Is that allowed?

Did I do something wrong?

Feedback is much appreciated. (For the record, even though I got completely destroyed, the game was a lot of fun).
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I'll try to get a shot at your questions, let's see if I can help you out with a couple of em!

Take my answers with a grain of salt. Althou I have managed to solve all the game-related questions I had with my own games, my play count only total three fully played runs, and a 4th which was interrupted half way. Anyways:

- 1) The "ship placed on calender" thing you're referring to was the result of one of the three enemy task forces (i think the patrol one) It happens when a certain number was rolled. So in the first place, the scenario you describe, this wouldn't have been the case.
The question now arises what happens with the planes in air ... which I have no answer for at the top of my head right now

- 2) I'm not 100% on this one. But if I'm correct, when the Task force is attacked by naval enemy forces, no planes are scrambled. Enemy vessels simply roll through your lines. If in the end some fighting capable ship still stands, it can hit on the enemy once. Since Carriers have no battle capability, even if they survive, they wouldn't attack (So yeah, when that happens you're usually pretty .. f*cked )

- 3) No, see above.

- 4) They (both) hit you, you hit them back, in that order.

The Cease-fire story is also a bit of a mystery for me, so I'll let that one for others to answer.

Happy gaming.
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Gerry Smit
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Section 17.0 is pretty clear on ceasefire:

As a result of some Event Cards, a temporary Ceasefire may be imposed during the game.
A Ceasefire halts almost all military operations for the period over which it is observed. The
Ceasefire’s duration will be expressed as a certain number of days, and the first day of the ceasefire
is counted from the moment the Event card bringing the Ceasefire into effect is played.
Example: An Event Card is played on the 5 May Turn resulting in the introduction of a two-day
Ceasefire. This means the Ceasefire will be observed for the rest of the 5 May Turn, and the whole
of the 6 May Turn.
Only a few actions are performed during Ceasefire Turns, as shown in the abbreviated Ceasefire
Sequence of Play [21.2]. They are:
a) Turn Marker. The Turn Marker is advanced as normal. This may work for or against the Task
Force, depending on the prevailing military situation.
b) International & Domestic Opinion adjustment. The introduction of the Ceasefire usually results
in a shift in Domestic and/or International Opinion. This is reflected as normal on the WOD.
c) Argentine San Carlos Deployment. Argentine Troops will continue to reinforce their positions
under cover of the Ceasefire.
d) Argentine Naval Deployment rolls for Task Groups off-Board (but NOT in Puerto Belgrano or at
Sea) are made normally. Argentine Task Groups and Submarines in the Ready for War Box are also
advanced normally.
e) Sea Harriers in ‘Flown’ and ‘Re-arming’ boxes are advanced normally.
f) British reinforcements are placed normally.

I don't see how you get to deal with crisis cards on the table. Based on the above, you cannot. I could see a case-by-case basis, if some face up cards did not involve the Argies, but instead dealt with Spain, or Italian banks, what would the ceasefire care? Alternatively, the Argie 707 snooping around is a great case where it WOULD violate the ceasefire. Anyway, the above Turn Sequence clearly has no "deal with face up crises", so no crises.
21.2 Ceasfire Turn ORder wrote:

21.2 Ceasefire Sequence Of Play
a) Advance Turn Marker [A]
b) Adjust International & Domestic Opinion (if called for by the current or any on-Board
Event Cards). Note: If the current Ceasefire lasts for more than one turn, no new Events
are drawn while this Ceasefire is in effect.
c) Argentine San Carlos Deployment [P]
d) Argentine Naval Deployment rolls for Surface Groups off-Board [F]
(but NOT in Puerto Belgrano or at Sea)
e) Sea Harriers in ‘Flown’ and ‘Re-arming’ boxes are advanced normally [T]
f) British reinforcements are placed normally [E]
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Joseph Cesare
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You do not play/resolve any on board event cards during the ceasefire. However, according to 21.2.b, if an on board card causes a loss of opinion, like the #6 "TORY MEMBERS NERVOUS" event card, you apply the loss.

#35 "GIBRALTAR SABOTAGE" is another on board event that is still in effect during a ceasefire. When reinforcements arrive you will still roll for reinforcements.

You cannot play #10 "SOUTH GEORGIA: We Need a Success" during a ceasefire.
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