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Santa Claus vs. The Easter Bunny

A tactical game for 2 players.

So Santa and the Easter Bunny were sitting down in a cafe, drinking lattes, and Santa casually mentions that Christmas is more exciting that Easter. To which the Easter Bunny says that Easter brings more joy and happiness than Christmas. Santa, slightly miffed, says "Oh, I doubt that!". The Easter Bunny suggests "Perhaps a friendly contest is in order then. Let's see who can bring the most happiness, joy, and excitement to the children this year!". Santa chugs his latte and says to the Easter Bunny: "Bring it!!!" And the game was on!

Components: 5 Santa starting cards
5 Easter Bunny starting cards
29 Happiness, Joy, Excitement, and Special cards

The Goal of the Game
To gain more cards than your opponent. Cards are the equivalent of points in this game.

Set Up
Give Santa his starting cards. These go into Santa's hand. Give the Easter Bunny his starting cards These go into the Easter Bunny's hand. Shuffle the remaining 29 cards and place them in a pile with the event side up. Each card has a event that specifies what Santa and the Easter Bunny are competing for: Happiness, Joy, Excitement, or Special conditions. Each event will indicate what the special conditions are for the current contest.

How to Play the Game
There are three phases to each round:
a) Setup
b) Contest
c) Reward and Clean up

A) Set up
Take the top card off the draw pile and place it in the Current Event/ Discard pile so that the event is visible. Take the next two cards on the draw pile and flip them so that the Excitement, Joy, and Happiness values are visible. The player that wins the current contest will pick one of these cards and add it to their personal discard pile. There should now be a Draw pile, a Current Event/Discard pile, and two reward cards at the center of the table. (The draw pile will also reveal what the next contest will be. So plan ahead.)

B) Contest
Read the current event and perform any special conditions written on the card. Once that is done, each player will usually compete to play the highest Happiness, Joy, or Excitement value from the cards in their hand. Note that a few event cards will change these rules. In order to compete, each player will usually play a single card from their hand with the event side up unless the event says otherwise. When both players have committed to the card(s) that they want to play, they flip the cards so that the values become visible. Whoever played the highest value wins the current contest. If there is a tie for the value, then each player plays a second card from their hand (again with the event side up).

Special notes:
1. If at any time a player is required to play a card and has no cards in his or her hand, they immediately draw their entire personal discard deck into their hand.

2. Each event card that has Joy as its event will have a high Joy value on the opposite side of the card. Each event card that has Excitement as its event will have a high Excitement value on the opposite side of the card. Each event card that has Happiness as its event will have a high Happiness value on the opposite side of the card. This means that if a single player grabs a lot of high value Joy cards, the events requiring high Joy values will become fewer.

3. Santa's starting cards are higher in Joy. The Easter Bunny's starting cards are higher in Happiness.

C) Reward and Clean up
The player who wins the contest chooses one of the reward cards offered and places it in his/her personal discard pile. This card is now his for the rest of the game. The card that he/she doesn't choose goes into the Current Event/Discard pile so that the event is facing up. Note that this is not the next event. Next each player takes all cards that were played in the contest and puts them into each persons personal discard pile.

Game End
On the last three rounds, there will not be enough cards to refill during the set up phase. To accommodate for this, the event card in the third last round will be the same for the last three rounds. Because of this, each player should note what the event is on the forth last round and plan ahead. The reward for each of these rounds will be the remaining cards. In the final round, the reward is the event card itself.
Once all of the cards are played, each player counts their cards. The player with the most cards wins the game.

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