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Subject: So simple, yet so addictive. rss

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Freddy Dekker
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This game I bought for my youngest for his birthday.

From the pictures it looked like a pleasantly colorful game and I love wooden components as they give a game a feel of quality, I think.
The only thing that worried me, was the fact it looked very simple.
Would this game not be so simple we’d all soon get bored with it?

So, yesterday, the day of the grand unwrapping and during the opening of the box, and examination of the components, I had a quick glance over the rule sheet. Yeah no book with this one, just a single double sided sheet of information is all you need.
And I actually was able to explain how the game was played, while the components were still being taken from the box. Now how often will a game be that easy to explain.
It immediately got us all into a gaming mood and we all wanted to try this game NOW!.
It really sounded like fun.

So I set up the board, colors were selected, tracks piled up, cards thrown on the table.
No you don’t shuffle them, you simply throw them face down and have everybody pick the 5 cards he/she wants.
I like that as it means that even the smallest can ‘deal’ the cards.
Usually it is up to me, being the only one skilled enough shuffling cards in a way that doesn’t make them fly all over the room at one point, to shuffle and deal.

Set up is a matter of minutes, but than trouble started.
Where are all these towns. Especially my wife manages to get lost on this map, rather than focus on the matching colors she actually goes and reads the names.
But that is just a matter of getting used to.
During our first game however, finding the locations took more time than the whole set up.

My youngest, the birthday boy, found it especially hard to keep track of where the cities where he had to travel to.
He focuses on that one city that is in easy reach and than forgets where the others were.
So I fixed that for him by putting tracks upright on the locations. They will actually stay erect like that and never did one fall over.
Someone did a really good job at making them blocks.

Of course this meant that everybody knew where his cities were, but that didn’t really influence the game.
We all were to busy laying track to our cities and there is always that one that is on the other side of the world, and it enabled us to help him out a bit, not that he really needed it.

Although the locations are supposed to be secret, we find it does not spoil the fun if you actually do know where others have to go.
We are even considering finding some colorful objects, any kind of meeple will do if it’s the right color, which can be used by ever one to place on their locations. This will make the game just that bit easier for little children, especially as some names are not that easy to read.
Try thessaloniky when your 8 years old. Hm, I actually may have miss spelled that myself.

We really love this game and our only regret was the length of the score track.
You just need one unlucky player, and the game will be over before you know it.
So we think that could have been a bit longer. But on the other hand, ‘re-setting’ the game is a matter of seconds and we were off on our 2nd game in no time.
With one player ending up with two bad scores, 7, this game was over even quicker and our youngest player actually managed to win it.

Well fancy that.
This is a game where kids can beat parents…. Well both of ours won one game and trust me, we did not let them win.

The game looks very simple.
I'd even say it IS very simple, but don't be fooled into thinking there is no challenge in this. At times it can be a really delightfull puzzle, making you think real hard, asto how to get from one place to the other, without making the lives of others too easy or indeed your own too difficult.

This very easy game might be used as a filler between more lengthy games.
But be warned as we find it very addictive, so you may end up playing this over and over again.
The time set for this is 30 minutes, but we enjoy it so much we would love to play it longer.

Transworld, with a much longer score track?... Sounds good to us.
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Carl Johan Ragnarsson
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sagitar wrote:
The time set for this is 30 minutes, but we enjoy it so much we would love to play it longer.

Transworld, with a much longer score track?... Sounds good to us.

Well, I guess you should try Transamerica also. Making the game longer does not make that much sense to me - better then play one more time. Making the board much bigger would probably not make it better either. It is what it is, a simple and rather nice game.

And remember that the time set is for one game, not more. It does not mean that you can only play for 30 minutes

There are many games where people will ask for a replay, and in this case, this is usually better than making the single games longer. With some experience, the regular game should definitely take no more than 30 minutes.
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Bruce Murphy
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Restarting the game is an excellent idea because it's very possible to fall behind with an unlucky card draw (and uncooperative opponents). This gives you the chance to reset scores and try again rather than continue to struggle to catch up.

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