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John Peterson
United States
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This year at StellarCon I volunteered to run a pair of Hybrid missions, so I got my stuff at my table at 3:00 and waited for people to show up. I mistakenly made small talk with a passerby who proceeded to tell me that the game he was looking for on an adjacent table wasn’t there and he was waiting around, then told me about being a sufferer of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to his childhood and an abusive father, and then shared many of his therapist’s advice on why he’s all messed up. I don’t remember exactly how I extricated myself from the situation, but needless to say, I got away.

My table was approached by two girls who were probably in the 11-13 year old range, but they showed interest, gave them a crash course in the basics, and set up the first adventure in the hybrid rulebook. I was a little concerned by the chance they wouldn’t grasp the concept very well or play particularly aggressively….but little did I know. These girls were BRUTAL. No quarter given! Anyway, here’s the summary….

The Alchemists of Dirz chose, with there 5 figure limit and 6 rank total, 2 Pests of Flesh (1 rank total), 2 Hybrids (2 rank totals), and an Aberration (3 rank total). The Griffins, with their 5 figure limit and 5 rank total, chose 3 Purifiers (3 rank total) and a Seneschal (2 rank total). The scenario is a pretty straight-forward last man standing style game. The Dirz player sent her Pests of Flesh (POF’s) first, with a movement action mode down the main hallway first. She sent one to activate an event counter and the other to sacrifice itself for the cause. The Purifiers led the way into the Lab and one picked off a POF heading for an Event Tile. The lead Purifier activated the event tile, which turned out to be a trap. The Purifier avoided the damage, but otherwise wasted an activation. POF #2 promptly entered base contact and blew itself up, wounding the lead Purifier. The Hybrids came next, followed by the Aberration while the remaining Purifiers and Seneschal took up a position near the entrance to await the onslaught.

The Hybrid entered close combat with the Purifier inflicting a wound. The Aberration closed with the Purifier and killed him in one blow. At that point, the Dirz player sent one Hybrid after that event counter that POF couldn’t get to. Due to range considerations (and a well-founded fear of the Aberration), the Seneschals and Purifiers ventilated the Hybrid, taking him out of the game. The Aberration advanced and killed a second Purifier. The Hybrid made it to the Event Counter and successfully scored a new Event Card for her side.

At this point, it was the Dirz’s remaining forces – one Hybrid and one Aberration, against a Purifier and Seneschal. The Seneschal took up a position in a room unreachable by the Aberration while the Purifier hid on the other side of the hallway in an effort to get to the Hybrid and make it 2 on 1. Unfortunately, the Dirz player used her cards very wisely and pummeled the Purifier with great rolls plus getting a critical hit made the odds 2:1 in the other side’s favor. At this point, it was looking pretty grim for the lone remaining Griffin, and the player recognized that.

In a last ditch effort to pull the game from the teeth of defeat, the Griffin player played some Event cards to increase both her hit chances and increase the number of wounds per hit (Shooting Mode, Level 6 inflicts 2 wounds). Unfortunately, the Dirz player still had some Event Cards left an foiled the Griffin’s cards by playing her event cards in turn, reducing the Seneschal back down to its current Natural Value (1, due to wounds) and the Seneschal easily missed hitting the Aberration. At that point, the Aberration moved in for the kill, finishing off the Seneschal and keeping the secrets of the lab safe.
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