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Subject: A Crazy Possession Game rss

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Bob Johnson
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...but then again, that seems to be the way Possession goes.

Cards in supply: Apprentice, Colony, Golem, Market, Masquerade, Mine, Mint, Nobles, Platinum, Possession, Potion, Throne Room, and Warehouse

I open with a Masquerade/Silver, as it is the only trasher (besides Mint) and I'm hoping it will slow him down a bit while speeding me up. In retrospect buying Masquerade in a Possession game is not that smart. My opponent (who I believe posts here and also later said this was his first game with Possession) goes Silver/Silver and then buys an Apprentice on turn 3. That's great for me as I know its super powerful for me if I manage to possess him (I can trash a high cost card and draw ridiculous amounts of his deck).

Turn 4 he buys a potion, I assume to go straight for Golems and then Possession if he gets a lucky draw, I opt to attempt to build up my deck with money so I can get to Possession first, using Masquerade and buying Gold and a Nobles and then a potion. Looking back I probably built up too much before I got my potion. He gets a Golem, and then a Masquerade and Mine. I get a Platinum and the first Possession, but he immediately answers with his own Possession the next turn. I buy a Province.

He possesses me first, buying a Province. I buy another Possession, and draw a Masquerade. He possesses me again, using my Masquerade to draw my Possession (damn!) and then send my Province over to him (oops!) AND buys a Colony with my money! I possess him and get... a silver. There are some standard back and forth Possessions, and he's clearly got the game under control... until I Possess him, and Masquerade his only Possession over to me!

Now I'm the only one with Possession, and his Apprentice and Masquerade buys really come back to haunt him, as I use them against him to "trash" his provinces, drawing 8 cards, then using Masquerade to send me his Colonies, and buying Colonies with his money. Quite a comeback from him owning me with the first 3 possessions (I actually jokingly conceded defeat in the chat at that point), down about 30 at that point, I won 102-38.

Overall clearly a very sloppy game all around, but that seems to happen a lot when Possession is on the board, you get a bit antsy and concise strategies fail to form in your head as the cards start flying around. Obviously neither of us should have bought Masquerade (I managed to luck out) and it definitely seems to be a huge mistake to get Apprentice but it's easy not to see that the first few times you play with Possession.

Here is the full log (note that it does not show what cards were passed with Masquerade, which is a huge part of this game):

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