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Subject: Hero strategy for "We've got to go back!" rss

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Spencer Myers
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Good day, eh?

So I'm fiddling with this scenario to get an idea of how to set it up as a hero player before playing it with friends next weekend. I played through a couple of times solitaire with the same characters and board layout, but with different tactics and starting cards to see which worked better. this is what I gleaned from the experience:

The strategy here on this enlarged board layout seems to be mobility and looking for the biocanisters, not necessarily sitting and searching for hero cards the way you normally would, which is why you get to choose 6 cards, or randomly draw 12 at the beginning to outfit the heroes.

That in mind, I chose the Sheriff and Rachelle, since they automatically start with a revolver each, and Rachelle also has the flashlight. Also used Johnny, with his blitz and win fights on tie ability. And rounded the group off with Amanda and her ability to hide, plus give an extra dice roll to any of the guys in her space.

I went with the 6 card choice both times. First time around I maxed out on shotguns and hand weapons. Worked so-so, but not well enough to win the scenario. Brute force alone didn't do it. The zombies were still able to overwhelm the heroes in the narrow choke points on this map, weapons ran out of ammo or were broken, or I just plain rolled poorly at the wrong time.

Second time around I actually found it was much better to use 2 fire extinguishers, the "Laying down the Law" remains-in-play event, Chainsaw, Cleaver and Garden shears.

Character loadout as follows:

Sheriff: Revolver, Cleaver (insta-kill on '6') and Laying down the law (+1 to ranged attack and extra fight dice; also it's Remains in Play on a Law Enforcement hero).

Rachelle: Revolver, flashlight and fire extinguisher.

Johnny: Chainsaw (extra fight dice, plus kill any Z beaten in fight).

Amanda: Garden shears (insta-kill on '6' plus extra fight dice) and fire extinguisher.

I discovered that the fire extinguishers are worth their weigh in gold in this scenario! The map is very choke-pointy and both times the canister carriers blasted 5 or 6 zombies out of their way after being swarmed and cut off.

Sheriff with the Laying down law was a force to be reckoned with and hit every time he fired his revolver. He actually shot every zombie in range and didn't lose a fight.

Amanda was useful as a runner, carrying one of the cannisters to the truck. She was able to hide most of the time and fought well with the shears when necessary.

Johnny did very well blitzing through multiple zombie squares with the chainsaw! He once killed 4 zombies in two squares as he ran through.

However, later on he rolled poorly in one fight with a large mob and soon got turned into a zombie hero after Feeling kinda strange.
This was my fault for rushing him around alone like that through a huge swarm, although he did cut a path for Rachele to run the second canister before he turned. (Rachelle shot Johnny through the head to kill him off as she ran past, which was sadly ironic.)

Rachelle did alright, though not quite as good a shot as the sheriff. Her revolver was still a nice asset, especially since it didn't count against the initial 6 card limit. And the flashlight might have been worthwhile, since a couple of Lights out were played on buildings, but ultimately dind't need to go through those.

Depending how the situation is at the beginning of the game you'll want to either keep all together, or split into pairs. If the search counters are in buildings that are relatively close together you can get away with all 4 running as a group and hitting them one at a time.

If the search counters are more spread out it might be wiser to split into pairs and go to either side. This also might keep the zombies split into two groups too.

So that's that for today. Will be interesting to see how this works against real zombie opponent.

Anyone else have thoughts about this one they'd like to share?
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Zombie Slayer
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This is a pretty easy scenario for the heroes, and when we played this, we picked heroes randomly, but chose the 12-cards option, and stomped the zombies. From what I can tell, you are using the Advanced Deck + GH, a deck configuration that is ridiculously hero-biased. By choosing the 12-card option, you are likely to get a good assortment of items as well as a couple of townsfolk cancels/Just a Scratch/heroic cards/etc.
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